theory of parallel/distributed computing web technologies load balancing big data neural networks heterogeneous computing wireless networks and protocols algorithms and applications mobile computing cloud computing ip/atm networks reliability and fault-tolerance peer to peer networks networking and architectures distributedandparallelsystem d distributed computing algorithms interconnection networks atm networks security highly-patterned development environment distributed systems cloud programming code-level design patterns distributed and parallel systems cuda optimization simulation manet distributed system adaptive control robust control instrumentation automatic control quantum computing problem solving scientific computing communications distributed data and knowledge based systems networking grid computing task assignment heterogeneous cloud storage cyber physical systems visualization dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (dvfs) quality of service (qos) virtualized data centers (vdcs) virtual machine (vm) software systems and technologies parallelizing compilers language land mobile satellite service markov chain land mobile satellite channel high performance linpack performance evaluation single board computers simultaneous multithreading write buffer parallel programming parallel algorithms and their implementation resource allocation and management qos computing mechatronics industrial automation fuzzy logic control components hardware natural language processing memory system machine learning ai in network distributedandparallelsystem mapreduce int in-network data aggregation in-network computing in-network caching  bioinformatics modeling and simulation database applications and data mining image processing and computer graphics optical computing  wireless networks and mobile computing pervasive computing multimedia systems iot. secure smart home intrusion detection system anomaly detection system computer networks parallel/distributed architectures real time adaptive energy-scheduling (rtaes) compliers and operating systems formal methods and programming languages sid & ef-tree virus fuzzy routing protocols wireless network data dissemination high-dimension machine learning high-frequency machine learning machine learning for big data line of sight. knowledge management competitive advantage data analytics decision making. scene text text extraction stroke feature transform (sft) stroke width transform (swt). text region pthreads energy consumption high performance computing multi-core many-core openmp efl barriers to technology call group mutual exclusion cluster tree network & partial flooding. resource management multithreaded resource control. single-node multi-gpu progressive mesh lattice boltzmann method parallel computing. ascending sequence non-square determinant parallel algorithm network tomography gpu computing mpi multi gpu porn video filtering image processing parallel data structures scheduling task mapping and job scheduling super computing gps nlp parallel systems network management application measurements data network slicing monitoring system architecture monitoring system software defined network optimal control broadcasting virtual reality modeling computational sciences register renaming physical register file participatory game game theory access points wi-fi network li-fi network hybrid local networks yarn hadoop cluster server communication systems network based systems sensors vlsi open-source platform software microcontroller arduino space applications mathematical computer modelling health applications mathematical control theory automation intelligent control process control and instrument compiler architectures information extraction text mining information retrieval machine translation linguistic resources ontology morphology phonology hybrid computational methods hardware and os issues social media latex myhubin system mining data analysis multimedia trust in online environments myown computing frequency distributed and parallel syste biological/molecular computing database applications and data image processing and computer personal computing distributed data and knowledge network routing and communicat task mapping and job schedulin resource allocation and manage parallel algorithms and their theory of parallel/distributed data plan cloak-reduce. dht data plane • neural networks • heterogeneous computing • pervasive computing • personal computing • super computing • image processing and computer graphics speech processing signal processing • network routing and communication algorithms • task mapping and job scheduling • resource allocation and management • parallel algorithms and their implementation • theory of parallel/distributed computing trust in technology trust smart agriculture adoption internet of things task scheduling algorithm failure recovery mechanism cloud environment lstm dynamic scheduling task decomposition high-volatility traffic anomaly detection line of sight software systems authentication protocol database security markov models ieee 802.16 networks automatic repeat request (arq) adaptive modulation and coding (amc) cyber trust  optical computing parallel internet computing scheduling modeling and simulation reusability compliers and operating systems reliability data mining application data mining system architecture communication parallel/distributed computing low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (leach) p base station (bs) cluster heads (ch) data aggregation wireless sensor network (wsn) mobile agent. distributed mobile multimedia systems p2p e-learning distributed multimedia systems congestion control scheme congestion avoidance loss differentiation algorithms network routing and communication algorithms pre-scanning. handover ieee 802.11 multiple sequence alignment. phylogenetic tree operational taxonomic unit pair wise alignment netfilter snooping linux kernel routing daemon netlink aodv iot cloud erbium doped fiber amplifier (edfa) bit error rate (ber) four wave mixing (fwm) dense wavelength division multiplexing (dwdm) cyber trust and security computer networks & communications theory of parallel / distributed computing bioinformatics optical networks frequency analysis control flow graph deadlock parallel compilers automated verification random numbers z4 sequence linear complexity random sequence matrix recurrence relation precedence qualnet umts gateway (message hub) forward multiple messages mobile agent server mobile agent client resource allocation services broadband networks auctions retransmission. adopted packet proximity list timeslot preventive route updation. global positioning system gps geographic location routing zone alternate node shared tree multicasting ad-hoc networks interactive zoo guide pda (personal digital assistant) global positioning system (gps) industry projects theory of parallel/distributed computing parallel mobile wimax. handoff • discrete algorithms and discrete modeling • communication network architectures and design • multi-hop communication. security triad cctv oil pipelines nigeria niger delta region wireless sensor network wsn multithreading. lock-free programming real time adaptive energy-scheduling (rtaes). dictionary order. software systems and technologies: tools and environments for software development component-based and oo technology parallel processing electronic health records aneka informatica data integration biological neural network. programming performance analysis parallel computing dictionary order delay correlation measurement passive realization. security requirements frequent itemsets mining association rules mining scalability parallel data mining sla. context-aware computing context management attacks smart-phones static analysis dynamic analysis. malware data mining. content based analysis cloud computing. voice/speaker recognition authentication one time password (otp) anti phishing im service g eographic p osition hi erarchical a ssisted r outing p rotocol routing protocol reactive p roactive h ybrid spectrum estimation radio access technique groups (ratgs) international mobile telecommunications (imt) s pectrum management source location sturdy cryptography algorithmic rule consecutive hypothesis testing nuisance parameters privacy anonymity average task waiting time dynamic multilevel priority (dmp) end - to - end delay lock - free programming multit hreading hando ver delay paging group lma database lookup method mbs zone parametric threshold implicati on derivational approach. traffic prediction wormhole google app engine clo ud computing cloud sql multi tenant aes page recommendations web usage mining domain knowledge histories ranking cross layer optimization reliable multicat routing wmn confidant core ocean. local scheduling implicit coscheduling explicit coscheduling communication aware scheduling multiple-chip multiprocessor (m-cmp) tiled architecture. chip multiprocessor (cmp) sensor network los obstruction multi path effect. intrusion detection human-elephant conflict cscf sip ims node parallel algorithms medical image classification svm rvm elm elliptic curve crypto processor(eccp). elliptic curve cryptography (ecc) field programmable gate array(fpga) ita congestion control self similarity kalman filter opportunistic communication mobile technology. social networks wireless communication perceived quality qoe quality metrics. rreq (route request message) request_set rrep load balancing routing protocol monitoring distributed and scalable job processing pessimistic processing optimistic processing client/server concurrent processing availability replication validated real time middle ware for distributed cy networks & data communications "computer networks wireless networks paper submission design & communication" mobile networks next generation networks & communications wireless internet network security
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