genetic algorithm machine learning security problem solving computational science computer architecture optimization support vector machine network analysis software engineering video streams video segmentation algorithms and simulations scientific computing modeling association rules decreasing of dimensions of transistor cryptography particle swarm optimization segmentation wireless sensor network algorithms large scale scientific instruments low-correlation data frequent itemsets high performance computing software faults software testing software quality software metrics video summarization probability fruit recognition h−matrix. asynchronous nonstationary linear complementarity problem averaging factor classification floating factor classification. slow learner prediction data classification information retrieval recommender systems analytical approach for modelling nonnegative matrix factorization feature extraction augmented reality sentiment analysis opinion mining analytical approach to model technological process cluster shadow detection background subtraction background removal cuckoo optimization algorithm (coa) modelling uncertainty pervasive computing labview neural networks wsn data cleaning artificial intelligence expert systems nsga-ii coverage natural language processing hidden markov model random forest meta-heuristic algorithm data mining manet reliability routing linguistic resources chunking/shallow parsing information technology trust management • knowledge-based systems formal methods visual software computer science • quality management testing • web engineering decision making • search engines privacy • managing software projects • languages • multimedia software process programming i/o memory system virtual reality visualization visual computer learning methods and analysis text mining • machine translation factorial experiments computer experiments parameterized complexity robustness average case complexity partition-sort video copy retrieval multimedia fingerprinting content-based fingerprinting video copy detection hyperchaotic chen system hyperchaotic systems hybrid synchronization hyperchaos sliding mode control social tags hosvd tensors • network analysis • machine learning • scientific computing supervised learning age classification active learning entropy change algorithm computational complexity information entropy adaptive mutation non-revisiting function optimization moore-spiegel system nonlinear control act system chaos synchronization adaptive control hardware and os issues compiler architectures and computation models computational sciences technology digital record ecr supports. supports machine vision dcnn bits qkd photons and qubits quantum cryptography phase detection awareness natural disaster geolocation social media unauthorized device. insider scenario insider threat suspect image regularization image compression ransac snr blending entropy rc6 data collection a* heuristic search wsns gateway sub-cluster orphan nodes o-leach leach ch’ betweenness routing local search health monitoring cfd. cross- ignition heat flux liquid fuel multi- burners one maxproblem quantum evolution algorithm knapsack problem. multiplicative update function ibk heart disease rbf network naive bayes adaboostm1 nnge bagging web page search engine world wide web web mining page ranking. reverberation echo stereo panning noise filtration audio effects musical signal processing png arrangement fractals jpeg formulation gif formulation mse psnr wavelets binary tournament selection. roulette wheel selection steganography peak signal-to- noise ratio (psnr). canny edge detection sobel edge detection mean square error (mse) kc1. ann cocomo sa anfis inhomogenous doping of channel field-effect heterotransistor approximation algorithm approximation ratio np-hard. bin packing problem time delay double inverted pendulum bat algorithm stability region head (rh) mobile agent (ma) mobile network station (mns) fixed network station (fns) network station (ns) mobile node (mn) pearson correlation coefficient collaborative filtering content-based filtering location-based recommender crowding distance pareto-optimal solution task scheduling bi-objective independent task. cryptography algorithms. routing overhead routing protocols packet delivery ratio multiclass binary automatic diagnosis coronary heart disease hand geometry identification indexing palm print binning zbca. sleep deprivation attack intrusion detection system and compression ratio lz77 reference base non-repetition redundancy optimized exact repeat dna data tree induction data preprocessing data integration data quality optimization. data envelopment analysis (dea) multi-objective decision making (modm) web page clustering. entity name resolution personal name disambiguation lattices hash algorithm dna detecting k-mer index index model transistor-transistor logic optimization of manufacturing forced convection. homotopy perturbation method successive linearization method (slm) intelligent agents multi-agent system knowledge discovery nonlinear effect boost converter chaos bifurcation singular value decomposition deep learning regularization feature subset selection gradient vector flow active contour knowledge based constraints tumor detection graph cut method hepatic tumor multi layer perceptron. naïve bayes maximum entropy network on chip angle routing adaptive routing algorithm average delay concurrency control mobile database mobile transaction reference architecture mobile host public key cryptography parallel implementation. rsa algorithm lad tree classifier rep tree classifier. proficiency comparison credit risk forecast cseam model multimodal authentication. pca by svd lu factorization feature selection exponential kronecker product (ekp) tracking. artoolkit sdk ar sdk’s wikitude sdk metaio sdk vuforia sdk d’fusion sdk blob analysis sign board classification gaussian mixture model partial least squares support vector machine. mild cognitive impairment alzheimer’s disease forgery detection forgery image source identification tamper detection spoof attacks. wired network . tcp cbr ddos nam dos parkinson’s disease (pd) computer aided diagnosis (cad) statistical parametric mapping (spm) image analysis grain deformation motion detection deformation models template matching. missing observations precision of parameter estimates central composite designs predictive capability gsr result bvp model temperature microcontroller equation emotions pattern vessel segmentation fundus retinal image classification. preprocessing crime and violence are inherent in our political a but also changing the way crime takes place all ov we present various measures being taken in order t the popularity of internet grows continuously with not only changing our views of life wan checkpointing lan vanet’s. san’s recovery distributesd system wavelet domain image recognition spectrum entropy stochastic simulation. uncertainty ant colony system vrptw credibility theory fuzzy sets underwater telerobotics. distributed architecture mixed reality key generation ant colony intelligence (aci) soft computing wind energy; weibull distribution; electricity pro replica management; mapreduce framework; hadoop cl drift heterobipolar transistor threats flood count. authentication wimax flooding attack neural list penglish spams black list trainable. persian spams rc4 parallel rc4 parallel cryptography stream cipher scene recognition sift visual descriptor local binary pattern hindi language hindi reviews mumcut prioritization fault performance index minimal mumcut multiemitter heterotransistor optimization of manufacturing of transistor eigen face partitioning aroundmedoids fisher face medoid k-medoids language model. stemming machine translation wireless interconnect network-on-chip on-chip antenna parallel transmission 1. introduction parallel buffer variance prediction function cassava bootstrap non-linear regression design properties biometric images discrete wavelet transform (dwt) gaussian noise hot carrier effect(hce) n-channel mos (nmos). technology computer aided design(tcad) matlab/simulink photovoltaic module generalized model artificial neural network; i–v characteristics; equivalent circuit parameter gazetteer method anaphora centering approach discourse lappin leass approach best coach. fuzzy comprehensive evaluation(fce) topsis method analytic hierarchy process(ahp) nanowires (nws). nanopillar-based photovoltaics solar cells web log data feature reduction vector machines fcm genetic operator ant colony optimization speeding up background mixture model.background subtraction background mixture model. background mixture model continuous optimization. multimedia retrieval fuzzy theory decreasing of quantity of radiation defects implanted-junction heterorectifiers overlayers volume rendering approach computed tomography (ct) image air volume lung matlab scripts symmetric table addition method vulnerability static analysis scanners attack graph test–bed reverse social engineering attacks jpgvirus stuxnet worm facebook application online social networks word line subword parikh matrix m- ambiguous words cas osga x.509 virtual organisation (vo) wsdl gsi ssh. cloud computing; internetworking; grid computing; document segmentation pyramidal image structure persian/arabic document decreasing length of channel accounting mechanical stress; optimization the tec modelling of manufacture of a field-effect heterot website sensitivity interaction intelligence smart work resources human intelligence natural intelligence dynamic time warping kernel least mean square speech enhancement least mean square signal to noise ratio online algorithm random permutation extended graph edge coloring software engineering applications optical model analysis keywords—ap ieee ftp wlan. bss survey. mac protocol energy efficiency behaviour cih(computer interaction with humanity) social computing hci grid computing grid over internet. latest trends state of the art grid computational grid malware obfuscation deobfuscation oligomorphic etc. normalization mel-frequency cepstral coefficient (mfcc) gaussian mixture model (gmm). feed forward back propagation neural network (ffbn split protocol; protocol splitting; ddos; tribal f cloud computing security threats security techniques. cloud security and artificial neural networks. data transformation magnetic lens focused ion beam hfss coupler power divide circulator microwave components rectangular waveguide siw text clustering ant-colony optimization latent semantic indexing bees algorithm vector space model dag; task scheduling; noc interpolation comb pilot signal mapping. mmse estimation ofdm multipath fading channels corner detection perspective rectification. plane homography sobel operator multi-objective optimization visual sensor network performance metrics anaphora resolution named entities question answering systems web question answering systems i-mode wap j2me xml parser molecular graph benzenoid and pi Π(g hexagonal trapezoid system x) polynomial omega Ω(g theta Θ(g normalized root mean squared error missing values normalized mean absolute error artificial neural network thyroid disease classification back propagation learning algorithm multi- layer perceptron video generation hough transform canny edge detector vanishing point floor segmentation continuous optimization firefly algorithm (fa) artificial bee colony (abc) semantic web owl ontology computer networks prediction of traffic accidents classify by type of accident eigen vectors neural classifier chaincode fault localization pseudospectrum automotive fault diagnosis; sound signal processin selfish node attack. ids misbehavio prohibited zones economic dispatch simulated annealing. ramp rate limits fuzzy logic fuzzy set soft-computing. edge-labeling; vertex-coloring; complete graph network protocols public safety networks modeling call holding times a mixture of lognormal distributions em algorithm query processing (qp) information retrieval (ir). natural language processing (nlp) language model (lm) qos analytic queing model lease abstraction pap preemption intergrid pm motor permanent magnet pole taguchi method test case prioritization regression testing fuzzy-based approach requirement prioritization inpainting evaluation evaluation inpainting model image inpainting embedded event detection
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