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  1. 1. ISSN: 2277 – 9043 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Volume 1, Issue 5, July 2012 Design & Analysis of Matrix Arbiter for NoC Architecture Mr. Suyog K.Dahule #1 Dr. M.A.Gaikwad*2Abstract: Network-on-Chip (NoC) is a general purpose on- Dr. M.A.Gaikwad, Dean (R&D) Department of Electronics, BDCOE,SevagramWardha,(M.H)India(e-mail:chip communication concept that offers high throughput, is the basic requirement to deal with complexity of .modern systems. Arbiter is used in NoC Router whennumber of input port are request for same output port. In II. NoC ROUTERthis paper we are design Matrix Arbiter for NoCarchitecture. When all input port are request for sameoutput port in this situation matrix arbiter first form amatrix 5*5 After that matrix arbiter assign the Priority toall input request and generate the grant signal. In this input port a output port apaper we are analyze the Area, power. input port b output port bKeywords- Network on–Chip, Matrix Arbiter input port c output port c FIFO Buffers Crossbar I.INTRODUCTION input port d output port d As the area and speed on a single chip now faces input port e output port ethe big challenge on a single chip, more and moreprocessing elements now are placed on System on chip. WriteNetwork-on-chip (NoC) is on a chip becomes a primary So S1 S2 S3 S4factor which limits the performance and powerconsumption. As the switch speed of crossbar switchincreases rapidly, on big problem we should a new Readmethod for on chip communication to solve the problemthat challenges the system on chip. The physical Arbiterinterconnection resolve is to implement a fast and fairnessarbiter to maximize the switch throughput and timingperformance for Network-on-chips. NoC has advantages on architecture, Fig 1: Block diagram of NOC Routerperformance, reusability and scalability than traditionalbus-based system-on-chip. Among these basic modules, The design of router mainly consists of three parts:the data flow control of virtual channel play an importantrole to alleviate the package congestion. The architecture 1. FIFOand dataflow control will affect the design of arbiter of 2. ArbiterNOC significantly. The arbitration should guaranteed the 3. Crossbarfairness in scheduling, avoid starvation, and provide highthroughput [ 1]. FiFo is used in NoC Router for storage of packet of input The NoCs switches should provide high speed port. Arbiter is used to trap the source and destinationand cost-effective contention resolution scheme when address of input and output port. Arbiter generate themultiple packets from different input ports compete for control signal according to priority so that crossbarthe same output port. A fast arbiter is one of the most switch transmit data from source to destination.dominant factors for high performance NoC switches [4].For the above reasons, the analysis of the performance of In this paper we are design Arbiter block and work onthe arbiters are significantly meaningfulness in the design Priority based Matrix Arbiter.of Network-on-chips. Manuscript received June 15, 2012. Mr. Suyog K.Dahule, M-tech Student Department of Electronics,BDCOE,Sevagram Wardha,(M.H) (e-mail: ,India, Mobile No:+919096429403 100 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCSEE
  2. 2. ISSN: 2277 – 9043 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Volume 1, Issue 5, July 2012 III ARBITER output port. In that matrix arbiter set the corresponding bit which is requested for same output port. Now matrixThe arbiter trap the source and destination address from arbiter check the priority if input a has highest prioritythe output 0f buffer and generate the control signal so thatinput data from source side sending to the output port. and input e has lowest priority then matrix arbiter gives priority to input a and input e will get lowest priority.Matrix Arbiter generate a control signal so particular select line is selected and source packet is transmitted to destination Fig: 2 Diagram of Arbiter Arbiter controls the arbitration of the ports andresolve contention problem. It keeps the updated status ofall the ports and knows which ports are free and which Where L:LOW, H:HIGHports are communicating with each other. Packets withthe same priority and destined for the same output port Fig: 3 Priority matrix of arbiterare scheduled with a matrix arbiter. The arbiter willrelease the output port which is connected to the crossbaronce the last packet has finished transmission. So that V SIMULATION RESULTother waiting packets could use the output by thearbitration of arbiter. In proposed work, round robin A) Without contentionarbitration algorithm use to assign priorities when manyinput ports request the same output. Output signalgenerated by arbiter is read, external clock, three bit Sr. I/p SA DA Grant Select line O/p No portselect lines for crossbar switch to select output channel. port [4:0]External clock signals which is indication for nextconnecting router that data is now available on output 1. Port a 000 001 Ma(01000) Selb(000) Portport of source router. When it is high, it means data is bnow available on output port of that router. Read signalgenerated by considering current status of signal of that 2. Port b 001 010 Mb(00100) Selc(001) Portport only. Read signal is high only when FiFo empty. cSignal is low it means buffer is not empty , some datais store in Arbiter generates three bit select lines to select 3. Port c 010 011 Mc(00010) Seld(010) Portoutput channel for outputting data out of router. Steps dfollow to generate three bit select lines to properly routein coming packet out of router given as below. First 4. Port d 011 100 Md(00001) Sele(011) Portcompare three bit destination address to select output echannel for dataflow out of router. Next three bit aresource address indicate the input channel from where 5. Port e 100 000 Me(10000) Sela(100) Port apacket is Transmitted IV MATRIX ARBITERATION Fig No. 4 without contention Table In matrix arbitration when all input packet have From above table all the input port are requestedthe same priority request for same output port then matrix for different output port so matrix generator first generatearbiter generate the matrix depending upon input and matrix of dimension 5*5 and set corresponding bit one. In 101 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCSEE
  3. 3. ISSN: 2277 – 9043 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Volume 1, Issue 5, July 2012this case the destination address is not same so everyinput port getting a priority so they have to transfer datafrom source to destination. Fig 8.matrix generator Fig 5.Priority matrix after receiving request Fig 6.Without contention Waveform B) With contention Fig 9.Changes of priority matrix after receiving request S I/p SA DA Grant Select line O/p port r. Here we have given matrix generator for four N port [4:0] inputs similarly it will generate matrix for fifth input. o 1. Port 000 001 Ma(01000) Selb(000) Port b a 2. Port 001 001 Mb(01000) Selb(001) Port b b 3. Port 010 001 Mc(01000) Selb(010) Port b c 4. Port 011 001 Md(01000) Selb(011) Port b d 5. Port 100 001 Me(01000) Selb(100) Port b e Fig.7.With contention Table Fig10:Contention waveformIn above table there is contention for output port so that In this paper after synthesize we found the areathe Matrix generated shown in figure gate count is 32,352 and power consumption is 7mW. 102 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCSEE
  4. 4. ISSN: 2277 – 9043 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Volume 1, Issue 5, July 2012 CONCLUSION In this paper we are design matrix arbiter. thisarbiter uses same arbitration algorithm as Round RobinArbiter. this arbiter fairly treated with each input requestso that every input transmit packet to the output. REFRENCES[1]Yun-Lung Lee, Jer Min Jou and Yen-Yu Chen,a High Speed anddecentralized arbiter Design for NoC[J],350-353[2] .Gao Xiaopeng ,Zhang z,he,Long Xiang ,Round Robin Arbiterfor Virtual Channel Router ,IMACS Multiconferences on“Computational”Engineering in System application”1610-1614[3]Li-shiuan Peh,William J.Dally .A.Delay Modeland SpeculativeArchitecture for Pipe line Router[J],the 7th InternationalSymposium on High Performances Computer Architecture.255-266[4] Eung S.Shin,Vincent 1.Mooney III and George f.Riley ,RoundRobin arbiter .Arbiter Design And Generation,ISSS’02[5]H,J,Chao,C.H.Lam, and E.Oki Broadband Packet SwitchingTechnology,John Wiley & sons Inc,2001.[6]Chang Wu,Yubai Li,Song Chai ,Zhongming Yang-LotteryRouterA Customized Abritral Priority NOC Router[J].200S InternationalConferences on Computer Sciences and Software Engineering411-414 103 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCSEE