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CreditsThe following pictures were used 27 Ways To Be A Better Developer (PHPBenelux 2011)


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CreditsThe following pictures were used in this presentation. All images are licensed with a creative common license.• Untitled by Eduard Orbitron -• ‘Riverside and I-35’ by Dustin Coates -• ‘Drawer Organizers’ by Rubbermaid Products -• ‘Complicated Sign’ by Redvers -• ‘Library Refresh’ by Mike McCune -• ‘The requisite startup foosball table’ by Quami77 -• ‘Haystack’ by Fod Tzellos -• ‘Red Lion Denver Southeast Fitness Center’ by Red Lion -• ‘Fire’ by Matthew Venn -• ‘Main conference room’ by Felix de Vliegher -• ‘Matthew Weier-O’Phinney’ by Juozas Kaziukenas - have used other materials, such as the Dilbert and XKCD comics and the Yoda picture from Star Wars, under the assumptionsthat embedding them is fair use; they are copyrighted by their respective owners. Sources:•••

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