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27 Ways To Be A Better Developer (PHPBenelux 2011)

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27 Ways To Be A Better Developer (PHPBenelux 2011)

  1. PHPBenelux 2011 Lorna Mitchell Ivo Jansch
  2. 1. See This Talk
  3. 2. Participate In Communities
  4. 3. Build Relationships, Not Systems
  5. “The greatest missing skill is somebody who's both good at understanding the engineering and who has good relationships with the hard-core engineers, and bridges that to working with the customers.” Bill Gates
  6. 4. Use Analogies
  7. 5. Learn To Speak Manager
  8. BINGO CHART Planning Revenue Mindshare Stock Win-Win Paradigm Stake- Spin-off Mission holder Eyeballs Profit Monetize CxO Downsize Branding
  9. 6. Teach
  10. 7. Learn To Google
  11. Would I Generalize be the A Problem the only one? Problem Yes No Solved Minimize Found Broad Scenario Search Found Get help Narrow Search Post
  12. 8. Ask Questions But Learn To Fish
  13. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Chinese Proverb
  14. 9. Keep Reading
  15. #linktuesday
  16. 10. Plan Ahead
  17. 11. Take It One Step At A Time
  18. Pick a new technology Master Explore Get Comfortable
  19. 12. Keep Your Hands Dirty
  20. 13. Less = More
  21. “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  22. Conference Speaker Event Entity Organizer Person Attendee ok better bad
  23. 14. Code For Today
  24. 15. Cut Your Losses
  25. 16. Reflect
  26. Evaluate Apply Learn Improve Continuous Evaluation
  27. 17. Be Organized
  28. 18. Inside Out vs Outside In
  29. 19. Learn Other Languages
  30. <?php System.out.print(‘Hello’); ?>
  31. 20. Take Distance
  32. 21. Bitwise Problem Search
  33. Good Bad r1 r484 r968 Good Bad Bad r484 r726 r968 ... Good First Bad Commit Bad r512 r513 r514
  34. git bisect + unit test = lightning fast problem pinpoint
  35. 22. The Dunning-Kruger Effect
  36. Unawareness Overestimation What you What there What you think you What you is to think could know know you know know ‘I know everything’ “Seniors”
  37. Awareness Modesty What What What you you What there think you think you is to could you know know know know ‘I know what I don’t know’ Actual Seniors
  38. 23. Use The Force
  39. 24. Be Healthy
  40. 25. Passion
  41. 26. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  42. 27. Have A Role Model, Be A Role Model
  43. Thank you! Lorna Mitchell Ivo Jansch @lornajane @ijansch Please rate this talk at Come see us at ______ The full credits for the pictures in this presentation can be found in the slide deck online.
  44. Resources The following URLS point to relevant information. If you liked the presentation, you are going to want to have a look at the following sites: • Sleep Well - On the Be Healthy slide, we talked about how good health improves your development skills. This is an interesting article about recommended sleep hygiene for programmers. • Getting Things Done - On the ‘Be Organized’ slide, we discussed how you can structure the way you work. This wikipedia article is a great starting point. • How To Ask Questions The Smart Way - This article by Eric Raymond goes with the item about asking questions. • The Passionate Programmer - In the ‘Passion’ item, we mentioned a book by the pragmatic programmers. This is the URL for it.
  45. Credits The following pictures were used in this presentation. All images are licensed with a creative common license. • ‘#27’ by Dwayne Madden - • ‘This Way’ by Steve Snodgrass - • ‘I don’t want to be your ...’ by Josh Pesavento - • ‘Matt Dillon kicks off ...’ by Yodel Anecdotal - • ‘Still Human’ by Quinn Dombrowski - • ‘Good Friends’ by Juliana Coutinho - • ‘TAM London Audience’ by Matt Brown - • ‘Crowd in DPC’ by Juozas Kaziukenas - • ‘The Bridge’ by Ian Carroll - • ‘Bingo Night’ by Robert Banh - • Untitled by Kristina Sohappy - • ‘ZendCon Tutorial Day’ by Andries Seutens - • ‘Google Logo in Building43’ by Robert Scoble - • ‘Tiffus teaching Hoonan how to fish by Brett Kelly - • ‘Programming related books at home, RHS’ by Michael Fogus - • ‘Darts of Pleasure’ by Melissa Gray - • ‘One step at a time’ by Fernando de Sousa - • ‘War and Peace Show’ by Growl Roar - • ‘Less is more? More than what?’ by Theilr - • ‘Spaghetti’ by Cyclonebill -
  46. Credits The following pictures were used in this presentation. All images are licensed with a creative common license. • Untitled by Eduard Orbitron - • ‘Riverside and I-35’ by Dustin Coates - • ‘Drawer Organizers’ by Rubbermaid Products - • ‘Complicated Sign’ by Redvers - • ‘Library Refresh’ by Mike McCune - • ‘The requisite startup foosball table’ by Quami77 - • ‘Haystack’ by Fod Tzellos - • ‘Red Lion Denver Southeast Fitness Center’ by Red Lion - • ‘Fire’ by Matthew Venn - • ‘Main conference room’ by Felix de Vliegher - • ‘Matthew Weier-O’Phinney’ by Juozas Kaziukenas - We have used other materials, such as the Dilbert and XKCD comics and the Yoda picture from Star Wars, under the assumptions that embedding them is fair use; they are copyrighted by their respective owners. Sources: • • •