KASABIAN: Album analysis by Walat


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KASABIAN: Album analysis by Walat

  1. 1. Analyses of Kasabian album cover 2009: “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum” By Walat Kurdi It appears that Kasabian more recently in the past year have tried to differentiate Obviously as is featured on most rock band album covers, the themselves from their competitors. Other Indie/Rock bands such as The Killers, the Feeling lead singer or the most recognisable member of the band in and Razorlight were seen as some of their rivals in earlier years. In 2009, this inexplicable this case Tom Meighan is in front of the rest of the band. This album name along with the erratic front cover mirrors the attempt to showcase their is another typical convention of a Rock album cover. uniqueness. In all fairness their music is quite distinctive and recognisable. One very noticeable factor that comes to The front cover seems to mind when first looking at this cover is that explain the title of the album. there doesn’t seem to be a title of the album When first reading or hearing printed anywhere. What everyone expects the title you genuinely don’t when looking at an album front cover is the know what to think or expect name of the artist/band, name of album and from the album and band. The image of some kind relating to the album. It’s front cover includes all the almost as if they’ve decided to just put an members of Kasabian (Tom image without a title to try to get the viewers Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno etc) to appreciate and try to work out a meaning are dressed up in bizarre from the picture alone. In a way the picture costumes and look as if they are on the front cover is acting as the title. in an actual lunatic asylum. The style of the cover and everything Another feature is the involved in the picture gives an indication of trademark Kasabian font the general eccentricity of the band. type used. This style of Everything down to the random costumes writing is featured on all that have no link with one and other are the other Kasabian albums clues to the buyer of the album that the including “Kasabian” and weird, quirkiness of the cover might reflects “Empire”. It has become An interesting feature in this album cover is the golden ball held by the style of their music. somewhat of a trademark one of the band members. Golden ball represents a very valuable linked to the band. award or symbol of being the best at something. Perhaps the golden ball is featured here to signify that Kasabian is the best band at what they do or something along those lines.