These mobile apps will let you totally rethink hybrid app development


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Slides of a talk of a seminars series I gave at WebRatio in January 2013.

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These mobile apps will let you totally rethink hybrid app development

  1. 1. These mobile apps will let you totally rethink hybrid app development Ivano Malavolta DISIM | University of L’Aquila
  2. 2. Introduction How many times have you heard claims like these? PhoneGap apps are slow... Native apps are more beautiful than web apps... Hybrid apps are simply web sites distributed in the app stores... Native apps are better than hybrid apps: they can save data, they can manage files, etc. etc.
  3. 3. Introduction In this presentation I will try to rebalance those (mis)-beliefs by showing 10 REAL EXAMPLES REAL EXAMPLES OF HYBRID APPLICATIONS IN THE APP STORES NOW
  4. 4. Frascati Scienza Non-linear layouts In-app RSS feed reader QR code scanning Maps
  5. 5. Lancia Y panoramic, first-person views of interiors with accelerometer 360° rotation with zoom smooth flippable chapters
  6. 6. Feedly News Reader swipe-based navigation among articles swipable menus for options, saved articles and search
  7. 7. Khan Academy fast search with auto-complete video support with bookmarks and automatic sync between text and video stream
  8. 8. Rormix In-line video playing Search with suggestions Styled menus
  9. 9. Evernote Contents visualization with animations Text editor with attachments and images markup
  10. 10. Amazon Full e-commerce features native-like dynamic tooltips
  11. 11. Linkedin Scrollable upper menu with smooth navigation All the features of the official LinkedIn platform available
  12. 12. Musixmatch Sync between played song and its lyrics Audio recording
  13. 13. POP Draw on canvas + dynamic events "Classical" side menu Sharing via social networks and email
  14. 14. Conclusion Those apps are really good, but in my experience I also saw A LOT of poorly developed apps Main traits (of failure): • • • no separation of concerns, no architectural reasoning no reasoning about performance (many many many DOM reflows and queries) Javascript code can have memory issues too
  15. 15. Contact Ivano Malavolta | DISIM + 39 380 70 21 600 iivanoo