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Fresher's Quiz 2017- IIT Roorkee (FINALS)


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The Fresher Cooker is an annual quiz held for freshman at IITR

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Fresher's Quiz 2017- IIT Roorkee (FINALS)

  2. 2. Rules  2 Infinite Pounce/Bounce rounds +15/-10.  Written round +5 each part. +10 for all correct.  One short connect and one long connect. Heavy negative on initial slides.
  3. 3. /r/isaidyesQ1 Which recent event does this depict?
  4. 4.  Find both the blanked out words on pounce  Funda will do on direct Q2
  5. 5. Not the same side  The word X, was first used in publications in US in 1826.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, X is an alteration of a word from Old High German used for Hailing a Ferryman.  X is also a chart topping 2015 single described as a piano ballad on themes of nostalgia and regret.  X has now been replaced in the common tongue by many shorter derivatives. Q3
  6. 6. Route taken by which personality?Q4
  7. 7. Q5  Apart from his usual quirks, news agencies allege that Trump suffers from Bathmophobia which is a serious and diagnosable condition.  What?
  8. 8. Fear of Stairs or steep slopes
  9. 9. Not so ‘innocent’  Recently, Microsoft’s Calibri Font was involved in a major government scandal which was exposed in the Panama Leaks.  The leader of the government X filed a declaration, dated February 2006, which was typed in the Calibri font (which was not introduced until 2007) raising suspicions that the document may have been forged.  Allies of X’s family said the Calibri font has been available since 2004, but its creator, a Dutch designer called Lucas De Groot, told AFP it was "unlikely" Calibri had been used in any official documents in 2006.  Which (somewhat successful) government was crippled by this harmless font (also the font used in this slide) Q6
  10. 10. Which artist uniquely designed the Duronto Express? Q7
  11. 11. Abhi nahi hoga  In May 2017, the film “Shuai Jiao Baba” became the highest earning non- Hollywood foreign film in China, going past the famous Japanese anime film, Your Name.  If Shuai Jiao refers to a type of indian sport, how do we better know this film in India. Q8
  12. 12. ConnectQ9
  13. 13.  Daily Stormer, a website which initiated the White Supremacist riots in Charlottesville USA recently faced flack by and was taken down by it’s host company X.  This American company is well known for it’s quirky advertising. Q10
  14. 14. • This company was founded by Emile Moreau, a French businessman • It is headquartered in Allahabad and the distribution network of hundreds of stores is managed from there. • In which common place would find these stores? Q11
  15. 15. Prada nahi pehenta  The XY, was an office in The Roman Catholic church, consisting of a "Promoter of the faith".  It played a significant role in the canonization process but was modified and reformed by Pope John Paul II, reducing it's powers. This led to a significant rise in canonizations.  Aroup Chatterjee, the author of the book; Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict, and Christopher Hitchens, author and journalist, played the role of an informal version of The XY during the canonization of Mother Theresa in late 2016. Q12
  16. 16. Devil’s Advocate
  17. 17. Minimalist Poster Round  Simply ID the movie name for 5 points each.  +10 if you get all correct.
  18. 18. Video Reference round +5 for each part  0.00  00.59  1.06  2.07  2.42 +5 for each correct ID
  19. 19. Answers (exchange sheets)
  20. 20. King Kong
  21. 21. The Godfather
  22. 22. Lagaan
  23. 23. The Matrix
  24. 24. Pupl Fiction
  25. 25. Sholay
  26. 26.  0.00 Tin foil hat/ Shining Tricycle  00.59 Abbey Road- Beatles  1.06 HAL 9000  2.07 Moon landing faked  2.42 Stanley Kubrick and Richard Nixon
  27. 27. Short Connect  Connect the pictures.
  28. 28. +30/-30
  29. 29. +15/-5
  30. 30. Answer  Triggers of major Wars
  31. 31. Pounce Bounce Round 2  Another 12 questions of the Pounce/Bounce format.
  32. 32. Q13  X is 2007 novel by Jay Asher.  Asher originally wanted to title the book "Baker's Dozen: The Autobiography of ______ Baker".  In May 2017, the curriculum director in a school district in Colorado ordered librarians to stop circulating the book due to an increase in student Ys. After three hours of deliberation by librarians and counselors, the books were returned to circulation along with notices being sent to parents within the school district alerting them to the possible influence of the book.
  33. 33.  A non exhaustive list of what?  TodayILearned, OldSchoolCool, ShowerThoughts, TIFU (Today I fucked up), NoSleep, Jokes, MildlyInteresting, Aww, nsfw Q14
  34. 34.  X is a widely read Gujrati Novel by Govardhanram Tripathi.  X is also a black-and-white Hindi film released in 1968. It starred Nutan and Manish among others and was directed by Govind Saraiya.  The film was adapted into a modern-day TV series of the same name, by Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, (aired on Star Plus) Q15
  35. 35.  ____ ___ is an unofficial holiday celebrated among chemists, chemistry students and chemistry enthusiasts on October 23, between 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM.  What? Q16
  36. 36. Q17
  37. 37. _____chroooooooome  Due to a 96% decline in sales over the last 10 years, the company X decided to shut down its product Y  However they found some support from directors like JJ Abrams and Martin Scorcese who were unhappy with the change in tradition and they entered into a deal with X to keep the production of the Y going.  ID X the company  And Y the product Q18
  38. 38.  The ____ ______ challenge is a recent challenge involving a series of duties given by the administrators that players must complete, usually one per day, some of which involve self-mutilation.  Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis has spoken out against the challenge and blamed it for a student’s death.  Various versions of the challenge are played by participants all over the world. Q19
  39. 39.  Igor Yevgenyevich was born to a family of servants in Russia in 1923.  He fought in WW2 for the Russian Army. He was also a draftsman and Cartographer.  He graduated in Physical and Mathematical Sciences from The Moscow Engineering Institute.  And then there was no looking back, inspiring millions to think smart and deal with situation. That’s what we all know him best for.  How is he better known to us? Q20
  40. 40.  X is a portmanteau word. That is, a word made by joining 2 words.  Xs are horror-related legends or images that have gathered immense notoriety among select circles.  Popular examples are the Slenderman Legend and the Penpal Stories. Q21
  41. 41. FITB  In political science, a _______ _________is a politically unstable country with an economy dependent upon the exportation of a limited-resource product.  In the late nineteenth century, the American writer O. Henry (Saki) coined the term _______ ________in the story “The Admiral” to describe the fictional Republic of Anchuria, as a “small, maritime _______ ________” in the book Cabbages and Kings  _______ ________ is also the name of an American clothing and accessories retailer owned by American multinational corporation, Gap Inc. Q22
  42. 42. Put FundaQ23
  43. 43.  Pullela Gopi Chand has been PV Sindhu’s coach and mentor since her early days.  Back in 2013, just a year after Sindhu, then 18 years old, had begun to make inroads into international badminton, Gopi Chand noticed and tried to correct a significant flaw in PV Sindhu’s mannerism and playing.  Gopi Chand wanted her to _______. _______ if she won a point. ______ if she lost a point.  Sindhu’s reaction to Gopi Chand’s demands was strange and on more than one occasion, she ended up crying, but she could not ______.  FITB/ Put Funda Q24
  44. 44. Long Connect- Final Round
  45. 45. +50 -40
  46. 46. +35 -25
  47. 47. +25 -10
  48. 48. +5
  49. 49. Fini  Thanks to Mahale, Parekh, DTV, Layan, Aman, Uttu, Sinha and PM for contributions and inputs.  And thanks to you all for attending.
  50. 50. How to Stay connected