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IITrade Prospectus 2011


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The idea of Institute of International Trade (IITrade) started much before we started in 2005. Trade is the oldest form of Commerce and, with the prevalence of globalization, international trade has gained much importance in today’s modern economy. Our institution has its primary focus in creating awareness in the field of international trade.

We have adopted various tools and techniques to provide systematic knowledge input in the form of workshops, certificate programs, and various diploma and degree programs in the field of international trade. This is a special knowledge field and we have taken extraordinary measures to create and develop resources in this particular field with the help of a pool of intellectuals associated with us as members of our governing body, advisory council, and faculty.

There is a lot of untapped potential and we are trying to extend our reach to the people across the nation and outside the country by our e-learning course modules, which will certainly promote innovation and job creation in the economy.

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IITrade Prospectus 2011

  1. 1. Glimpses of Our Past EventsInstitute of International Trade
  2. 2. Welcome IITrade is a premium institute in Eastern India with the primary objective of providing unique learning opportunities in the field of international trade under the changing global environment. At the Institute of International Trade we design programs that ultimately lead to holistic student growth, which enable students to fit into any role with ease in the corporate world. Our programs provide students with cutting-edge global exposure, multi-disciplinary / innovative programs, robust industry interface, and alumni network. IITrade therefore offers students much more than simply management education. We are a school of education, and not a business school.Students here are developed according to the demands of the modern economy and fast changing technology. Attitudedetermines the altitude and to reach the altitude one needs to stick to the path of discipline. We can assume our studentswill excel in any field of service if s/he is committed to their career and development. Quality is not about the end resultbut it is about the process of faculty development, course development, and student development.It is our fundamental belief that our students are a value addition to not only their individual self and their employers butalso to the society and the nation. We seek your cooperation in building our nation by making your children a part of ourinstitution.Our objective is to create a ‘Center of Excellence’ and a knowledge hub by enabling and empowering students to facechallenges of modern time in the business and industry. We have a dedicated research center which keeps track of all thechanges taking place in the business laws and policies around the world engineered by the World Trade Organization,World Intellectual Property Rights Organization, World Customs Organization, and by all nation states. Our knowledgeand research team has developed its own study material for different fields of education including logistics and supplychain management, international taxation and intellectual property rights. Our weekly e-newsletter ‘Trade Tidings’, isgaining popularity in the business world with circulation to more than 10,000 subscribers.Therefore our education system is not limited to the routines of a B-school but is much beyond in the learning horizon.We also have affiliation with accredited organizations and educational institutions in various countries. With sincere regards Dr. D. R. Agarwal
  3. 3. About IITrade The idea of Institute of International Trade (IITrade) started much before we started in 2005. Trade is the oldest form of Commerce and, with the prevalence of globalization, international trade has gained much importance in today’s modern economy. Our institution has its primary focus in creating awareness in the field of international trade. We have adopted various tools and techniques to provide systematic knowledge input in the form of workshops, certificate programs, and various diploma and degree programs in the field of international trade. This is a special knowledge field and we have taken extraordinary measures to create and develop resources in this particular field with the help of a pool of intellectuals associated with us as members of our governing body, advisory council, and faculty. There is a lot of untapped potential and we are trying to extend our reach to the people across the nation and outside the country by our e-learning course modules, which will certainly promote innovation and job creation in the economy. Why study with us Aff ordability Flexible learning environment If you have researched other institutions, you must All courses are designed to provide students with the have already discovered that our quality and prices are flexibility to balance study with work and other unparalleled in the education sector. personal commitments; therefore, part-time, full-time and distance modes of study have been made available. Innovat ive & Relevant We anticipate and respond to change. Our research contributes deeper understanding of issues that Quality impact each one of us including sustainability, We have a high ratio of lecturers to learners, implying unemployment, poverty and education. that the students can avail more of their time and knowledge. Our links with the industries across the curriculum ensures that the students start developing Accreditat ion & Recognit ion networks and laying the foundations of corporate Many of our courses are accredited, validated or existence even before they graduate from the institute. recognized by their associated professional body, providing recognized qualifications to start or enhance career development.Institute of International Trade
  4. 4. The ladder of success must be set upon something solid before you can start to climb. Course Overview Course Level Course Duration Fees (`) Methodology Due Date Under Graduate BBA 3 years 160,000 Classroom August Distance Learning / PGDBM* 1 year 25,000 March / September Weekend classes Working Executive Distance Learning / Weekend MBA 2 years 50,000 March / September Weekend classes MITM* 2 years MIPM* 2 years Specialist Masters 200,000 Weekend classes September MSCM* 2 years MCA* 3 years Certificate 3 months 7,500 E-Learning Round the Year Executive Education Classroom / Diploma 6 months 25,000 March / September (Individuals) E-Learning As per Workshop 1-5 days Variable Classroom training calendar Diploma Banking and Finance 3 months 10,000 Classroom May / November Executive Education Customized Training As per As per Variable Classroom (Corporate) Programme Requirement Requirement * PGDBM - Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management MIPM - Masters in Intellectual Property Management * MITM - Masters in International Trade Management MSCM - Masters in Supply Chain Management MCA– Masters in Computer Application
  5. 5. Bachelor of Business Administration Over the years, methods of doing business have evolved in many ways. Traditionally, managing business was a family affair and finance used to be under tight controls of the owner. It was the muneem who had the reins of business in his hand. Those were the days when words like ‘capitalism’ and ‘competition’ were unheard of. Gradually in the modern times ‘ownership’ and ‘management’ have become heterogeneous terms. The old muneem is now being dethroned by young, energetic and innovative management cadres. Management has taken the shape of systematic study and is hence classified as an Course Contents education. The emphasis of this course is on Semester 1 English I, Mathematics I, Statistics I, Economics I, Indian Society & Culture, contemporary issues Computer Applications I. affecting business and problem solving, such as management of change English II, Mathematics II, Statistics II, Economics II, Psychology, Computer Semester 2 Applications II. within an increasingly dynamic environment and the development of Principles of Management, Business Environment, Business Regulatory business skills across Semester 3 Framework, Business Economics, Business Communication, Financial organizations and sectors. Accounting. Production Management, Material Management, Financial Management I, Semester 4 Marketing Management I, Human Resource Management I, Management Information Systems Specializations Financial Management II, Marketing Management II, Human Resource Semester 5 Management II, Fundamentals of entrepreneurship, Environment  Fi n a nc e Management, Transport Management  Ma r k eti n g  H um a n R e s our c e Financial Management III, Marketing Management III, Human Resource Management III, Healthcare Management, Social Research Methods, Study Semester 6 Paper in any Functional Area (Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource), and Viva Voce Additional Qualifications I. Complimentary course on International Trade Management (in the final semester) II. Diploma in Banking and Finance (affiliated to the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, autonomous body of the Govt. of India .)Institute of International Trade
  6. 6. The emphasis is on contemporary issues affecting businesses, problem solving, change management within anincreasingly dynamic environment, & development of business skills across organizations and sectors.Why study BBA  To Learn the Nuts and Bolts of Business - In the past, entrepreneurs could succeed in business with just guts and intuition. But in this hyper-competitive and fast-changing world, aspiring entrepreneurs need modern business management skills to survive and thrive successfully.  To Qualify as a Professional Manager - The BBA degree could open the door to the business world. Now when you look around, everything is a business – even traditional sectors like hospitals and education. A BBA Degree will give you a head start against those without the degree.  To Prepare for Senior Management Positions - Studying for a BBA is a means to acquire a broader perspective of business issues and of sharpening managerial skills. As such, this will prepare you for taking more responsible management positions. For functional managers, this is the best way to prepare yourselves for a move into general management.  To Work Anywhere in the World - The BBA degree prepares professional managers to be able to work anywhere in the world. The focus of the program is on the world’s best practices, necessary to compete successfully everywhere.  A BBA Degree is a well understood degree in places like USA and Canada, where a B.Com is unheard of. West Bengal University of Technology On successful completion of the course and related assessments, the candidate will be awarded a degree by West Bengal University of Technology. The college code of our Institute in the University is 247
  7. 7. Post Graduate Program in Management The flagship program of Institute of International Trade is the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM). The rapid growth of business has thrown open the need for a very large number of middle level and senior level management professionals in most companies. They are required to have a general management perspective with focused domain expertise on the business they serve. For development of Expertise in specialized sector with proper Domain Knowledge, IITrade designed & developed the PGPM Programme with Industry Oriented Professional approach beside Conventional MBA curriculum to Course Contents Create Business Leaders for New Era. GENERAL MANAGEMENT Principles and Practices of Management; Organizational Behavior; Accounting for Managers; Quantitative Techniques; Managerial Economics; Seminar on Year 1 Executive Communication; Workshop on IT; Business Environment; Production & Operations Management; Human Resource Management; Marketing Management; Financial Management; Research Methodology; Information Technology SPECIALIZATIONS* International Business & Trade Year 2 Brand and Intellectual Property Management Logistics & Supply Chain Management *Choose any one for Major / two for dual specialization Specialization Details: International Business and Brand and Intellectual Logistics and Supply Chain Trade Property Mgmt. Mgmt.  International  Product & Brand  Six Sigma Orientation Regulatory Management  Internet Technology Environment  Intellectual Property & E-Commerce in  Overseas Fund Raising Rights & Patents Supply Chain Options  New Product Management  Global HRM Development  Supply Chain  International Trade  Trademark Inventory Laws & Jurisprudence  Designs & Copyright Management,  Cross Border Mergers  International Trade Procurement and & Acquisitions Laws Sourcing  Export Import  IP Management  Management of Procedures, Practices  Accounting, Valuation Logistic & Documentations & Tools & Transportation  Warehousing & TransportationInstitute of International Trade
  8. 8. MBA for ExecutivesAs the name suggests,executive MBA programs inIndia are meant forexecutives or professionalswho are already specialistsin the industry. Suchexecutive MBA programsare designed to enhancethe management andleadership skills of theprofessionals thus enablingthem to move up thecorporate ladder. Thedemand for one year fulltime executive MBA inIndia has gone up mainlybecause managers thinkthat it is a good time totake a one year breakespecially in a time wheneconomic recession ishitting the globe. Course Contents Principles & Practices of Management; Organizational Behavior; Accounting for Semester 1 Management; Quantitative Techniques; Managerial Economics Business Environment; Production and Operations Management; Human Semester 2 Resource Management; Marketing Management; Financial Management Applied Operations Research ; Corporate Legal Environment; Major I; Major II Semester 3 Major III; Seminar on Management Information System Strategic Management ; Project Evaluation & Implementation; Major IV / Minor Semester 4 I ; Major II / Minor II ; Major III / Minor III *Choose any one for Major / two for dual specialization Specialization Details: Information Marketing Finance Human Resource Technology  Advertising & Sales  Financial Services  Organization  Programming in Marketing  Security Analysis Development C / C++  Services Marketing & Portfolio  Human Resource  Database  Consumer Behavior Management Development Management  International  Management of  Advanced Systems Marketing Financial Industrial  Software  Rural Marketing Institutions Psychology Engineering  Product & Brand  Working Capital  Industrial  Advanced Management Management Relations & Labor Decision Support  Capital Budgeting Laws Systems  Management  Collective  Computer Control Systems Bargaining &  Networks & Wage Policy Internet  International  E-Commerce & IT Human Resource Enabled Services Management
  9. 9. International Trade Management International Trade Management course focuses on the concerns of practicing International Trade professionals and new entrants, and aids in understanding factors affecting the global market-place, along with the entire process from a practical, customer-driven viewpoint. This is a multidisciplinary course designed to provide the participants an insight into International Trade with emphasis on export-import management; it is designed in the form of easy to grasp five modules with the help of trained and experienced faculty. For Whom Course Contents  Graduates seeking an insight into the international business environment and Globalisation; WTO & Trade Liberalisation - Trade Agreements, Economic industry Module 1 Integration; Reasons for International Business Expansion; Indias Foreign Institutional Trade; Institutional Framework for International Trade in India; International  Current employees in the Framework and Economic Institutions; Role of Government in Export Promotion - Foreign industry who wish to have Basics Trade Policy additional qualifications and updated knowledge  Entrepreneurs who wish to start BPO / KPO / overseas ventures Module 2 Export-Import Procedures; Export-Import Documentation; International EXIM Business Contracts; Terms of Delivery ; Financing Exports & Imports; Method  SMEs who wish to start new Procedures & of Payment; Insurance; Customs clearance; Quality and Pre-shipment ventures with knowledge Documentation Inspection; Customs Valuation about foreign trade and finance in the era of globalisation  Career as Management Module 3 Trainee, Manager Sales Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Shipping; Ports; Modes of Logistics; SCM; Transport; International Marketing; Global E-Business (Information and Executive, Import-Export International Communication Technology) Agents, Wholesalers, Freight Marketing Forwarders and C&F Agent Module 4 Overview; Export Finance; Instruments of Payments; Foreign Exchange; International Risk Management Finance Foreign Direct Investment; Foreign Portfolio / Institutional Investors; Module 5 Multinational Enterprises; Risks in International Business; Doing Business— International Middle East, ASEAN countries, Australia and News Zealand, China and Japan; Investments Implication of International Taxation on International Trade; Technology TransferInstitute of International Trade
  10. 10. Port VisitInstitute of International Trade is the first private institute to arrange visit to the Kolkata Port for practical exposure to students of international tradeCareer OpportunitiesThe growing opportunities in the world market and the wide range of facilities offered to exporters & importers bythe Government of various nations have encouraged more and more enterprises to enter the International TradeSector. The implication of such a development on the job market is an obvious rise in the demand for export /import personnel. Global commerce and the Internet have made the world smaller, but far more competitive forbusinesses. The Export and Import industry provides pathway to a multitude of careers, like: Strategic Planners Strategic Planners operate at a high level in the company and put together the companys long-run strategic objectives and plans, including accompanying sales forecasts and industry outlook. International Business Law Professionals In the Import / Export Industry, there is a need of understanding specific legal needs of various countries. Many corporations have there own legal staff to aid in the understanding of legal issues abroad and some hire professional services. Freight Forwarding and Customhouse Brokers Freight forwarders and customhouse brokers are agents who facilitate export and import shipments. Freight forwarders specialize in transportation and inventory storage, while customhouse brokers handle import shipments. Those aspiring to join as Management Trainee, Sales Executive, Import-Export Agent, Wholesaler, Freight Forwarder, Product Manager, C&F Agent of reputed Export House Start ones own export businessFluency in a second language is preferred, as is knowledge of a particular world region. Strong writing and researchskills, good working knowledge and coursework in international business and economics are also critical for successin this industry.
  11. 11. Intellectual Property Management As the global economy gradually revives from recession, intellectual property (IP) has the power to harness the true potential of an organization. But with the lack of awareness of competent IP identification and protection methods, small and medium scale Indian firms fail to compete in a global hostile environment. This is a multidisciplinary course designed to provide the participants an insight into Intellectual Property with emphasis on intellectual property management; it is designed in the form of easy to grasp five modules with the help of trained and experienced faculty. Course Contents For Whom  Engineers and Science An Introduction, Different types of IPR & a Historical Perspective Graduates can be Module 1 TRIPs - Harmonization and unification for IPR laws, Various international prospective patent agents Overview conventions and treaties such as Paris Convention, Berne Convention, besides being the inventors Convention of Bio-Diversity and Sui Genesis System on Plant varieties  Students in Research Programmes can participate Laws and procedures for Patentability, Prior and search filing of application, in the patenting of fee structure, Prosecution drafting, Publication, First examination report, pioneering breakthroughs Module 2 replies to objections and grant of patents, Pre-grant opposition, Post-grant Patents opposition & appeals, International filing laws and procedures for PCT &  Lawyers will be equipped to assist the client in advising certain jurisdictions being EPO & USPTO on Copyrights, Trade Marks, Designs, Patents etc. Trademark - Laws and procedures for filing applications, Prosecution,  Chartered Accountants will Module 3 opposition, appeals, litigations, International filing, Madrid Protocol find it as a value addition in Copyrights Designs- Industrial Design Act, procedures for filing of application globally valuing their client’s Trade Marks Copyrights - Kinds of copyright, laws and procedure for filing & grant of Intellectual Property Design copyrights; Integrated Circuit Layout and Designs and Geographical Indications  Company Secretaries can be the key player by communicating the fair value of company’s IP to Assignment, licensing, sales of various types of IPR; drafting of deeds, stake holders. implications of stamp duty, Registration etc. Module 4 IP Management - General features, objectives and importance  Scientific Officers in R&D are IP Management IP Accounting & Valuation - Various accounting standards & methods of always inventing and valuation with case studies & illustration. innovating, which calls for proper documentation and protection of the IP at stake. A chemist or an engineer may find the practice of IP Management Tools - IP Risk Management, IP Audit, IP Analysis - Landscaping patent and trade secret law Module 5 & Portfolio Management, IP Commercialization - IP Broking / Auction, IP Due to be the most rewarding IP Tools Diligence - M & As; IP & HR - NDAs, Drafting letter of Appointment etc.; way to use their professional IP security, IP Taxation - Implications, IP Mining, maintenance, IP watch ability.Institute of International Trade
  12. 12. InternshipInstitute of International Trade provides all candidates with one month on-the-job training at leading Intellectual Property Law and Consulting Firms.Career OpportunitiesIn today’s highly competitive Intellectual Property (IP) environment, businesses and IP strategies must be aligned tomaximize the value of IP assets. As India heads towards becoming a knowledge economy and a pioneer inoutsourcing services, IP has started playing a significant role in the growth strategy of investors and majorindustries. IP offers lucrative job opportunities for engineers, lawyers, academicians, and scientists. IP law can be anattractive alternative to laboratory science. All over the world a few million patents are filed each year. In addition,there is the task of patent maintenance, management, litigation, and so on. All this requires highly skilled technicaland legal minds as several billion dollars of business is involved. IP portfolio managers A unique blend of skills is required to manage intellectual property successfully - broad technical knowledge, business acumen, strong communication skills, and a thorough knowledge of Indian and foreign patent laws and procedures. Patent and Trademark attorneys They provide representation and advice regarding patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property matters, such as patent and trademark searching and opinion, preparing and filing applications, representation in matters before the respective legal authorities, oppositions, and advising on infringement matters. Brand and product managers The new frontier for brand management is employing a broader IP strategy that incorporates patents. Patents can protect and strengthen brands and products, and secure a position in the marketplace, increase customer loyalty, and provide leverage for ROI. Licensing managers To craft intellectual property strategies to directly advance a critical business unit’s objectives, and successfully negotiate complex agreements with executive level professionals in diversified areas of engineering, business, and law. Technology Transfer Officers To stay abreast of research and development activities that have significant potential for generating transferrable knowledge. To identify, document, and report new technology, and advise potential users of the technology’s availability. Patent Writer / Analyst Looking for patentable idea, subject, and technology; creating IP awareness among R&D staff; developing IPR policies; IP management strategies; drafting patent applications, etc. IP Paralegals and Docketing Staff To conduct clerical and background research work for IP attorneys. “One need not be a scientist or a lawyer to build a career in IP”
  13. 13. Masters in Computer Application The information technology (IT) sector in India had grown by 4%-7% last fiscal and is expected to attain a double-digit growth in the this fiscal. The country is already witnessing changes in trends that had been anticipated. The economic activity in the country is apparently speeding up, the technology companies are hiring again, and acquisitions and mergers are on the cards. The IT sector, in the next 10-12 years, will get bigger at a compounded annual growth rate of 14% - that is, it is estimated to jump from the $50 billion in 2008 to around $225 billion. The Directorate of Course Contents Technical Education aims towards making available Introduction to Information Technology ; Programming in C ; Accounting & these trained and qualified Semester 1 Financial Mgmt. ; Computer Mathematical Foundation ; System Analysis And hands to serve the industry Design ; Communication & Soft Skills ; Software Lab-I (IT) ; Software Lab-II (C ) and society. A course in MCA, right from its Object Oriented Programming Using C++ ; Data Communication & Networks ; inception in mid 1980s, Semester 2 Principles of Management ; Introduction to Micro Processor ; Software Lab-III (C++) ; Hardware Lab-I (Micro Processor) has provided skilled Computer Technology trained manpower with Computer system Architecture ; Data Structures ; Visual Basic Programming Semester 3 RDBMS-I ; Computer Based Optimization Methods ; Software Lab-IV (DS) Management skills. Master of Computer Application (MCA) is considered as one Software Engineering ; System Software ; Operating System ; Elective - I Semester 4 Software Lab-VI (RDBMS) ; Software Lab-VII (OS)(LINUX/NT) of the major options for student eyeing this huge career opportunity. Java Programming ; Elective - II ; Elective - III ; Software Lab-VIII (Graphics) Semester 5 Software Lab-IX (Java) ; Comprehensive Viva Voce Semester 6 Project Elective Details: Elective I Elective II Elective III  Artificial Intelligence  Internet Prog. &  System Simulation And  Robotics Engineering E-Commerce Modeling  Object Oriented Analysis  Compiler Design  System Simulation And and Design  Visual Basic.NET Modeling  Linux Operating System *Details available on requestInstitute of International Trade
  14. 14. Other Certificate CoursesInstitute of InternationalTrade also offers a diverserange of courses related toBanking & Finance. Thecourses aim at providingadvanced knowledgenecessary for betterdecision making in areascovering risk, financial, andgeneral bank management. Overview Flagship  JAIIB  CAIIB Courses  Diploma in Banking and Finance  Diploma in Treasury, Investment, and Risk Management  Diploma in Banking Technology Specialized  Diploma in International Banking and Finance  Advanced Diploma in Urban Co-operative Banking PG Diploma  Diploma in Commodity Derivatives for Bankers Courses  Diploma for Microfinance Professionals in collaboration with Sa-Dhan  Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Advising  Diploma in Home Loan Advising  Certificate in Trade Finance  Certified Information System Banker  Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering / Know your Customer Specialized  Certificate in Quantitative Methods for Bankers Certificate  Certificate in Credit Cards for Bankers Courses  Certificate Examination in Banking Oriented Paper in Hindi  Certificate Examination for SME  Certificate Examination in Basics of Banking / Card Operations for employees of IT Companies *Details available on request
  15. 15. Accommodation Careers Service Admissions and applications Students, both male and female, can Students are encouraged to work We welcome applications from people opt for paying-guest accommodation in during their free time. Part-time of all backgrounds, and are fully close proximity to the college. employment in the big corporate, IT committed to equality of opportunity. sector, marketing agencies, HR firms All applications for full-time Rental options vary, starting from INR etc. of Sector V provide students with undergraduate courses in higher 4,000 per month. valuable commercial experience education, postgraduate as well as relevant to their studies. And it often certificate courses are coordinated by Various private accommodations are leads to full time employment on the Admin Department also available for the students. completion of the course. Admissions are direct and as per Part-time work and vacation work can university guidelines. also provide the opportunity for a student to be largely financially You can apply online at independent if they wish. So as to ensure that students who wish If you are unable to access the internet, to find work are able to do so the contact the Admin Customer Service College runs a Placement Cell, with full Unit on +91 (33) 4004 8652. time staff who are employed to find Disability support / applicants with work for students, provide references, additional support needs advise on employment issues etc. This service is provided by the College We welcome applications from people completely free of charge. The only with additional support needs and all condition is that students who use the such applications are considered on Placement Cell service must be attend- exactly the same academic grounds as ing their classes regularly. other applications. International students If you have additional needs arising IITrade has a multicultural environment from a medical condition, a physical or and provides equal; opportunity to sensory disability, or a specific learning students from around the globe. disability, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Institute to discuss your A range of services is available for needs, any arrangements that may be Student Induction international students, to help you both necessary and the extent to which before and during your studies. This appropriate support is available. A full induction programme is includes an airport collection service, arranged for all new students to help orientation courses and specialist you get acquainted with the student advisers. unconventional course. The range of activities includes: welcome talks by senior IITrade Faculty; the opportunity to meet people from the industry; meetings with your course director, student support staff and peer mentor.Institute of International Trade
  16. 16. Funding and finance Scholarship IT servicesIITrade has worked out a Customized Scholarship is granted on an annual IITrade’s teaching and researchEducation Loan Scheme with HDFC basis and continuation in further activities are supported by extensive ITBank in order to encourage students to semesters of the program is subject to services. Our facilities include allpursue the programs. The Scheme is consistent performance in examination. modern technology, with access to ainnovatively designed to enable huge range of software. Wi-Fistudents to spread out the repayment Eligibility networking is available in key locationsover a period of up to 12, 24 or 36  75% Scholarship - 85% aggregate across campus and all our halls ofmonths. The details of the loan are as and above in 10+2 exam residence are fully networked.mentioned below.  50% Scholarship - 75% aggregate and above in 10+2 examThe following are the salient featuresof the education loan: These Scholarships do not include Loan amount covering the entire  Refundable Security Deposit course fee  Admission Fees Widening participation Easy Documentation  Examination Fees Priority and Personalized Services The Institute of International Trade is Students belonging to agricultural Scholarship seats are limited. committed to “Widening Participation” and low income families have to Candidates fulfilling the eligibility in higher education – that is, to meet only the minimum criteria to criteria should fill up the Scholarship increasing the numbers of students avail the education loan Application and attest necessary from groups within society who have Extended moratorium period of 12 documents. In absence of relevant traditionally been underrepresented at months, with maximum loan tenor documentation application will not be university. of 36 months considered. Final decision of granting ZERO Collateral scholarship is with the Institute.You can defer payment of your tuitionfees by taking installment options byfiling a written application to theconcerned Admin officer . Thequantum and frequency of installmentsshall be decided based on theapplication and requirement of Payment Options Mature Studentsstudent. All payments can be made online at : We welcome applications from mature candidates. Each application will be considered individually. We like to see Payments can also be made in Cash / evidence of relevant, recent study and Demand Draft an awareness of the commitment that undergraduate study requires. If you All payments shall be made in favor of: have any queries regarding qualifications needed for entry onto ‘’ Institute of International Trade’’ the course, please contact our and payable at Kolkata Admissions Team.
  17. 17. Faculty Profile Name Qualification Areas of Specialization Dr. D. R. Agarwal B.Com., LLB, FCA, PhD WTO, Intellectual Property Rights & Taxation Dr. Somasri Mukhopadhyay M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. International Trade & Economics Dr. Pankaj Roy M.Com., PhD (Management) Finance and Management Ex-Jt. Director, National Academy of Customs, Mr. M. K. Sil Customs and Excise Excise & Narcotics, Govt. of India Mr. A. N. Singh MBA (XLRI) Business Management & Soft Skills Member, Finance and Taxation Subcommittee Mr. Rupnarayan Bose International Banking 2010-2011 of the CII (Eastern Region) Mr. Kanchan Kr. Mukherjee M.A (Economics), CAIIB Banking & Finance Prof. Asok Banerjee B.Sc., B.Tech., PGDM (IIMC) International & Strategic Marketing Mr. V. Alagesan B.Sc., MBA., M.Phil. Banking & Trade Finance Prof. Anil K. Bandhopadhyay MBA (IIFT) International Trade & Logistics Dr. K. M. Bhattacharya Ph.D., M.A, CAIIB, D.Litt. Banking & Finance Mr. Manoranjan Deb M.Tech. Production & Operations Management Mr. Gautam Das Gupta MBM (IISWBM) Finance & Accounts Mr. Saptarshi Banerjee B.Sc. (Eco.), Foreign Trade Mgmt. (London) Logistics & Supply Chain Management Mr. Amitabha Gupta MBA Human Resource Management Prof. Raj Kumar Narayan MBA, MCA, B.Sc. (Mathematics), SAP Business Law & ERP Mr. Asit Sarma Sarkar MBM, LLB, B.Sc. Marketing Management Mr. Anupam Karmakar MBA, MCA Information Technology Mr. Gautam Dutta Gupta MBA Business Economics and Environment Mr. Arun Agarwal Chartered Accountant Finance, Accountancy & Taxation Mr. Kamal Somani Chartered Accountant Banking & Finance Dr. Partha Sarathi Pal M.Tech, PhD Intellectual Property RightsInstitute of International Trade
  18. 18. Governing Body Prof. Shyamal Banerjee, Chairman Dr. K. M. Bhattacharya, Vice-Chairman Former President, Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India. Former Managing Director, Bank of Rajasthan Ltd. Prof. Fr. Felix Raj Mr. Biswajit Choudhuri Principal – St. Xaviers College, Kolkata. Former Chairman, United Bank of India Prof. N. L. Mitra Dr. D. R. Agarwal, Director Former Vice-Chancellor of National Law University, Chartered Accountant. Bangalore and Jodhpur Dr. Somasri Mukhopadhyay Mr. U.P. Singh Former consultant - SAARC Chamber of Commerce, Former Chairman, Income Tax Settlement Commission Faculty - Indian Institute of Foreign Trade; University of Mauritius Dr. R. K. Sen Mr. B. Raj Bhandari Professor of Economics, Rabindra Bharati University, Former Principal Advisor, International Trade Center, Former President - Indian Economic Association. UNCTAD/ WTO Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Dipankar Chatterjee Mr. B. K. Keayla Chartered Accountant and Former Chairman, Convener, National Working Group on Patents Laws, New Delhi CII (Eastern Zone). Prof. Dilip Halder Former Head, Department of Economics, Jadavpur University, KolkataAdvisory Council Mr. B.L. Chandak Dr. T.K. Bhaumik Vice President - Corporate Finance, RPG Enterprises. Chief Economic Advisor, Reliance Group. Dr. P. C. Chakraborty Prof. Sudipti Banerjee Former Technical Member, Intellectual Property Appellate Board, Professor and Former Head, Dept. Of Commerce, and Former Head, Patent Office, Kolkata Calcutta University. Prof. D. K. Madaan Dr. Jayanta Lahiri, M.A., Ph.D., Principal of Punjabi University Advocate, Ph. D. (Law), Former IAS officer Mr. Shiv Ratan Agarwal Dr. Ashok Chandra, Chartered Accountant Visiting Faculty IIM, Indore , Ph.D (Management)
  19. 19. EN - 27, Salt Lake City, Sector V® Kolkata - 700 091 West Bengal, India Ph: +91 33 4004 8652 / 3256 7178 Fax: +91 33 4004 8652 Mobile: +91 98305 90701 E-mail :