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Prehilanth Quiz Series -3


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The preparatory nihilanth Sports quiz organized by IIT BHU QC

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Prehilanth Quiz Series -3

  1. 1. Prehilanth Series SPORTS QUIZ -FAIZAN KHAN
  2. 2. Q1. The Presidents Cup and Solheim Cup, staged in off-years of the Ryder Cup. Explain the anomaly in the pics.
  3. 3. Answer: 9/11 attacks The Ryder Cup event was originally scheduled for 28–30 September 2001 but was postponed for a year on 16 September following the September 11 attacks. It was later decided to thereafter play matches in even- numbered years instead of odd-numbered, pushing the already-scheduled 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2013 editions to 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2014 respectively. This in turn caused a corresponding change in schedules for the Presidents Cup, Solheim Cup and Seve Trophy (all of which are played in years the Ryder Cup is not played).
  4. 4. Q2. Give funda. Relate to the world of sports.
  5. 5. Answer: Mascots Tom and Vinicius The names, which received 44 per cent of valid votes, pay tribute to Brazilian musicians Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim. They were part of the group that created Bossa Nova, the musical movement that got the whole world singing about the beauty of Rio de Janeiro. Together, De Moraes and Jobim wrote The Girl from Ipanema, one of the most-played songs of all time.
  6. 6. Q3. FITB • Murlikant Petkar • Bhimrao Kesarkar • Joginder Singh Bedi • Devendra Jhajharia • Rajinder Singh Rahelu • Girisha Nagarajegowda • X • Y
  7. 7. Answer: Paralympic Medallists from India Mariyappan Thangavelu and Varun Singh Bhati
  8. 8. Q4. X (born March 8, 1955 in Peravoor, died November 30, 1987) is often considered one of the greatest volleyball players of all time and was a member of India men's national volleyball team. He was the first Indian volleyball player to become a professional and played club volleyball in Italy. ID X.
  9. 9. Answer: Jimmy George
  10. 10. Q5. After the tragic crash suffered by Ayrton Senna at Imola, it was later revealed that, as medical staff examined Senna, a furled Austrian flag was found in his car—a flag that he had intended to raise in honour of X after the race. The previous day, X had died when his car crashed during qualification for the race. His and Senna's accidents were the worst of several accidents that took place that weekend and were the first fatal accidents to occur during a Formula One race meeting in twelve years. They became a turning point in the safety of Formula One, prompting the implementation of new safety measures and the Grand Prix Drivers' Association to be re-established. Give me X.
  11. 11. Answer: Roland Ratzenberger
  12. 12. Q6. ID the sport. Literally means “the way of the bow”. (Be careful!!)
  13. 13. Answer: Kyudo, Japanese martial art of archery NOT KYUJUTSU!!!
  14. 14. Q7. The Yamakasi is the original group of X practitioners from Lisses, France. The nine founding members were David Belle, Sébastien Foucan, Châu Belle Dinh, Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi, Guylain N'Guba Boyeke, Malik Diouf, and Charles Perriére. Their philosophy was that X builds an individual who is physically, mentally, and ethically strong. The name has been used in popular references to X, including in French films about admirable lawbreakers who do their physically demanding deeds for charitable ends. Members of the original group have continued appear in video reports on their history and the practice. ID X, very appealing and popular these days. The word Yamakasi is taken from the Lingala language, which is spoken in the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ya makási combines the possessive ya with makási, the plural form of bokási, and can mean strong in body, spirit, or person.
  15. 15. Answer: Parkour
  16. 16. Q8. X, an Olympic Gold medallist, registered for conscription in the United States military on his 18th birthday and was listed as 1-A in 1962. In 1964, he was reclassified as Class 1-Y (fit for service only in times of of national emergency) after he failed the U.S. Armed Forces qualifying test because his writing and spelling skills were sub-standard. (He was quoted as saying, "I said I was the greatest, not the smartest!") On April 28, 1967, with the United States at war in Vietnam, X refused to be inducted into the armed forces, saying “I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong.” On June 20, 1967, he was convicted of draft evasion, sentenced to five years in prison, fined $10,000 and banned for three years. ID X.
  17. 17. Answer: Muhammad Ali
  18. 18. Q9. Erison Turay founded the X Football Club to support survivors of a tragic outbreak, after 38 members of his family had died. In this photograph, Erison Turây walks to the football pitch to practice the X Football Club, Kenema, Sierra Leone, April 21, 2015. Voted as one the most iconic Sports photo of the year 2015, TIME.
  19. 19. Answer: Ebola Survivors Football Club
  20. 20. Q10. • Spectra - A brand of fishing line used for American X. • Power Pro - A very thin braided fishing line used for American X. • _______ - The cutting line used in India and Pakistan. • Tar - The cutting line used in Afghanistan. • Hilo de competencia o Hilo Curado - The cutting line used in Chile. • _____ - The sharper the string, the better it is. • Gelasan - The cutting line /thread used in Indonesia What am I talking about?
  21. 21. Answer: Kite-Flying (Patang baazi) • Spectra - A brand of fishing line used for American X. • Power Pro - A very thin braided fishing line used for American X. • Majha - The cutting line used in India and Pakistan. • Tar - The cutting line used in Afghanistan. • Hilo de competencia o Hilo Curado - The cutting line used in Chile. • Dora- The sharper the string, the better it is. • Gelasan - The cutting line /thread used in Indonesia
  22. 22. Q11. Ibtihaj Muhammad of the United States celebrates victory over Olena Kravatska of Ukraine during the Individual Sabre. She is "one of the best symbols against intolerance America can ever have“. Why?
  23. 23. Answer: The first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab while competing for the United States in the Olympics.
  24. 24. Q12. In 2000, Brazilian inventor Heine Allemagne developed "Spuni" (pronounced SPOO-nee, from espuma). Its first use in a professional level was in the 2001 Brazilian Championship, Copa João Havelange. An international patent application for "Spuni" was filed by its inventor on March 31, 2000 and the patent granted on October 29, 2002. The most common version used today is “9-15”. Technical details: contains water (~80%), butane gas (~17%), surfactant (~1%), and other ingredients including vegetable oil (~2%). The liquefied butane expands when the product is ejected. The butane evaporates instantly, forming bubbles of gas in the water/surfactant mixture.
  25. 25. Answer: Vanishing Spray This refree’s got no chill!
  26. 26. Q13. In the 1999 Open Championship, Paul Lawrie won his only major championship in a playoff over Jean van de Velde and Justin Leonard. Lawrie, down by ten strokes at the start of the fourth round, completed the biggest final round comeback in major championship history, headlined by van de Velde's triple-bogey at the last hole. Apart from being the greatest such event in the history of the sport, it is also associated with one other specific event, which is partly hilarious. Give me the funda. Hints available.
  27. 27. Answer: The wrong name was engraved on the Claret Jug! Due to the three-stroke lead van de Velde had going into the final hole, his name had already been engraved into the Claret Jug. Following his collapse, the engraver had to scratch through van de Velde's name and then engrave Paul Lawrie's name into it. Beginning with the 2000 Open, the winning golfer's name is no longer engraved into the Claret Jug until after his scorecard is signed by the golfer and verified by tournament officials.
  28. 28. Q14. Taken from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel. How is this related to the world of sports?
  29. 29. Answer: You Will Never Walk Alone When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high And don’t be afraid of the dark At the end of the storm, there’s a golden sky And the sweet, silver song of a lark Walk on through the wind Walk on through the rain Though your dreams be tossed and blown Walk on, walk on With hope in your heart And you’ll never walk alone You’ll never walk alone
  30. 30. Q15. Give me the name of this famous move by MJ.
  31. 31. Answer: Air Walking
  32. 32. Q16. This meeting was called the "Race of the Century" and the "Dream Race"; it was heard over the radio by 100 million people and seen on television by millions more. On the final turn of the last lap, as X looked over his left shoulder, Y passed him on the right. This is engraved in this sculpture. Give me both X & Y.
  33. 33. Answer: John Landy and Roger Bannister The second and first to run a 4-minute mile, respectively.
  34. 34. Q17. X was an aluminium cricket bat and the subject of an incident that occurred at the WACA cricket ground in Perth in December 1979. Australia were playing England in the first Test. When the second day of play began, Lillee emerged onto the field carrying a cricket bat made from aluminium. The bat, manufactured by the company of Lillee's good friend Graeme Monaghan, was intended only as a cheap replacement for traditional cricket bats for schools and developing countries. Nevertheless, Lillee decided to use it in the Test match as a marketing stunt, and at that point, there were no rules against using such a bat. This was not the first time Lillee had used an aluminium bat, as he had employed one 12 days previously in a Test against the West Indies, without incident. This incident led to the introduction of the rule where all the bats are supposed to be made of wood (willow). Give X.
  35. 35. Answer: ComBat
  36. 36. Q18. X was added to the Ethiopian Olympic team only at the last moment, as the plane to Rome was about to leave, as a replacement for Wami Biratu, who was seriously ill. Adidas, the shoe sponsor at the 1960 Summer Olympics, had few shoes left when X went to try out shoes and he ended up with a pair that didn’t fit comfortably, so he couldn't use them. A couple of hours before the race, X decided to run barefoot, the way he'd trained for the race. X was warned about his main rivals, one of whom was Rhadi Ben Abdesselam from Morocco, who was supposed to wear number 26. For unknown reasons, Rhadi did not acquire his black marathon bib before the race, and instead was wearing his regularly assigned track and field bib number 185. During the race X passed numerous runners as he searched for Rhadi's number 26. By about 20 km, X and Rhadi (actually wearing number 185) had created a gap from the rest of the pack. He won in a record time of 2:15:16.2, becoming the first Sub-Saharan African to win an Olympic gold medal. After the race, when asked why he had run barefoot, he replied, “I wanted the whole world to know that my country, Ethiopia, has always won with determination and heroism." He was the first athlete in history to win the Olympic marathon twice. (P.S. I will just tell the answer if no one objects)
  37. 37. Answer: Abebe Bikilia
  38. 38. Q19. As entertaining as it is awesome (in the most literal sense of the word), X is a pre-battle and celebratory dance that's been performed by the island nation’s indigenous people for centuries. It's also probably one of the coolest rituals in today's world of sports. Give X, a traditional Maori dance full of chest slaps, stomping and yelling..
  39. 39. Answer: The Haka Dance
  40. 40. Q20. • This game depends only on luck and consists of series of 2-card tricks. Who has a card or combination of cards with the highest rate wins the trick. • However the card rate in this game is reversed, with a few exceptions. The 2 of clubs is the highest-rated card. • There are 2 combinations that beat any cards: the full X (4 and 9) and the D-X (3 and 6). The D-X is the highest of those two. The 4-card and 9-card are half Xs and they are rated more than other cards, except the 2 of clubs. • This gives us the following cards and combinations rating, from highest to lowest: • 2 of club > 3 and 6 > 4 and 9 > 4 > 9 > 2 (not clubs) > 3 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 10 > Jack > Queen > King > Ace • The game is played by just taking two cards, and who has highest-rated combination or, if there are no combinations, highest-rated card, wins. • There is also the Sitting Down Bonus and the Saucer Card. • Apparently: "Beginner's luck, very important in X"
  41. 41. Answer: CUPS!!!