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  1. 1. He was born in Gioia del Colle in 1889 (by Vincenzo e Letizia Pugliese). Socialist politician, has become the symbol of freedom and equality of men because as a teenager, he fought for the emancipation of the agricultural proletariat.
  2. 2. ed in the in 1899 i cipat el Colle . part ioia d . 13 y.o n in G c lasses arty e was p, bor oorer ialist PW hen h grou o p f the an Soc ers’ he rights e Italifarm nd t y of the th retar to defe dmitted to ointed sec ist. He was a 19 was app of social in 19 federation and cial n provi
  3. 3. Born i whole n this per fascis of Italy, a iod, in Pu g indus m. Suppor new polit lia and in i achie trialists, t ted by far cal ideolo the v h m g terro ed power is politic ers and y, r aactio ized the c by armed l moveme ns. itizen te n s with ams that t violen t
  4. 4. e began e l Coll in G ioia d , which d. par ty of t teams esign e e r d all th the fascis ce him to zi an uted by poz sec nd fo r P onza,Ca er d up a stica, nd also p e to be icola pick r s in U ears a 1 922 N 10 yea for 3 y for ned n gerou s n fined priso o st da as co and im He w ene f the m g ory o to V entot in the cate back r d . l a was bette place of Puglia I Nico t for a peo ple d War I o figh n f Worl tinues t Italia e end o le, con r ibe to At th del Col subsc a Gioi and deci . des to y world unist Part Co mm n 1976. a pril i ed in He di
  5. 5. He ha s The p denounce o d The e litical int with his c o life:The n onomic se lerance arrow lf-int mind erest ness
  6. 6. He w as po it wo ssess uld b ed by realit e eno y full ugh t the idea t explo of mi o rev hat itatio sery a eal al that la the p n, thus d nd witne art w emon ss th as th stratrulin e cap e tru ing g cla itula th, to sses. tion o f the
  7. 7. He worked to create a righter society with a honest behavior and great sensibility. he proudly face all the persecutions of Fascism even risking his personal interests.