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Ships and boats


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Lavoro multimediale della classe IVG dell'I.I.S. Petrucci Ferraris Maresca sede Petrucci Lido

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Ships and boats

  1. 1. Ships and Boats Marianna Sinopoli Giovanni Iiritano IV G
  2. 2. Ships Merchant ships Pleasure craft Fishing vessels Publicly owned vessels
  3. 3. MERCHANT SHIPS 1) Tankers; 2) Container ships; 3) Ferries; 4) Passenger ships; 5) Cargo ships.
  4. 4. TANKERS: A ship with large tanks in the hull for carrying a cargo of oil or other liquids. If these vessels have a fault in the ocean, spread a quantity of oil or other meds , pollutants , whose elimination is very difficult.
  5. 5. Container ships: Container ships are vessels whose entire cargo consists of containers. These ships have a diesel engine and equipment from 20 to 40 people.
  6. 6. Ferriers: A ship designed to transport people and goods from one place to another, usually a short distance, on a regular schedule.
  7. 7. Passenger ships: The passenger ships are used for tourist and recreational trips, that have a variable duration. In these ships the passengers are entertained with various facilities offered on board especially for recreational and sports.
  8. 8. The Sovereing of the Seas: The Sovereing of the Seas was the biggest passenger ship in the world, it was built with these vital statics: 266 metres in lenght, 32 metres in width, 14 decks high and 2,276 passengers. On these ships the computer in also used by passengers. Passengers can book excursions ashore, order the wine or find the quickest route to any destination through the labyrinth of corridors, halls and decks that appear on the screen. Telescopes and sextants, maritime charts and photographs are hung as decor in public areas.
  9. 9. Cargo ships: The cargo ships are all those ships of any size and shape, carrying goods from one port to another. There are different types of cargo ships: Bulk carriers Icebreakers
  10. 10. Bulk carriers: Bulk carriers are ships used to carry bulk solids such as cereals, coal, ore and cement. They have to be carefully designed and mantained because they may carry cargo that is very corrosive or abrasive.
  11. 11. Icebreakers: The icebreakers ships are specially designed to navigate in the sea, lakes or rivers where the surface is covered with ice.
  12. 12. Pleasure craft: Yacht (1 Dinghies (2
  13. 13. Yacht: Any of various relatively small vessels for pleasure cruise, racing etc.
  14. 14. Dinghies: Small inflatable boats.
  15. 15. Fishing vessels They are used for fishing Trawlers Purseiners Whaling ships
  16. 16. Trawler: A fishing boat designed to operate a trawl for catching fish that lie near the bottom of the sea.
  17. 17. Purseiners: Well equipped, often luxurious, fishing boats which often stay at sea for months at a time for fishing tuna.
  18. 18. Whaling ships: The whaling ship is a vessel used for whaling, with tools for capturing.Hunting has ancient origins, but many countries are against it.
  19. 19. Publicly owned vessels: • Warships; • Coast Guard cutters;
  20. 20. Warships: The warships are are ships that are used by the military for attack or defense of a state.
  21. 21. Coast Guard cutters: A small, armed, engine-powered ship, used by the coast guard as for patrol duty.