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Health and Well-being Cluster Programme


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Health and Well-being Cluster Programme
Frank Ryhänen, Culminatum oy

Published in: Technology, Education
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Health and Well-being Cluster Programme

  1. 1. Health and Well-being Cluster Programme MOTIVE workshop 3rd February 2010 Frank Ryhänen Culminatum Innovation
  2. 2. 1. Centre of Expertise Programme OSKE 2. Health and Well-being Cluster Programme 3. Helsinki Region Centre of Expertise for Health and Well-being – Culminatum Innovation
  3. 3. Centre of Expertise Programme OSKE
  4. 4. Centre of Expertise Programme OSKE To utilise top level knowledge and expertise as a resource for business operations, job creation and regional development A fixed-term national programme pooling local, regional and national resources to utilise top expertise
  5. 5. Basic principles of OSKE Bottom-up approach: local strategies meet national Innovation policy targets Triple helix: interaction between academia and the private and public sectors Based on regional strengths and specialization (bottom up) coordinated on national level by a cross-sectoral committee represented by ministries, research organisations and industry representatives (top down)
  6. 6. Thematic fields of OSKE 13 competence clusters in 21 centres of expertise HealthBio Kuopio, Oulu,Helsinki, Tampere, Turku Nanotechnology Living business Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kokkola, Mikkeli, Oulu, Joensuu, Hämeenlinna, Helsinki, Tampere Lahti, Helsinki Health and Well-being Kuopio, Oulu, Helsinki, Tampere Digital Content Energy Technology Hämeenlinna, Helsinki, Tampere, Kouvola Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Vaasa, Pori ja Tampere Ubiquitous Computing Jyväskylä, Oulu, Pori, Helsinki, Tampere Food Development Cleantech Kuopio, Helsinki, Kuopio, Lahti, Oulu, Helsinki Seinäjoki, Turku Tourism and Experience Management Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Savonlinna, Turku Forest Industry Future Intelligent Machines Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kokkola, Mikkeli, Hyvinkää, Hämeenlinna, Lappeenranta, Lappeenranta, Turku Seinäjoki, Tampere Maritime Lappeenranta, Pori, Turku, Vaasa, Raahe
  7. 7. Health and Well-being Cluster Programme
  8. 8. Health and well-being competence cluster Kuopio (coordinator) Oulu Tampere Capital region
  9. 9. By Definition ” Health and Well-being Competence Cluster is a development platform for health and welfare services and associated technologies. The objective of the cluster is to support successful businesses and to link research to commercialization. Focus of action is on health and well-being companies, their business activities, growth and internationalization.”
  10. 10. Goals ● to Generate new high-tech ventures to health and well-being sector ● to Promote development, growth and internationalisation of the companies operating in the field. ● to Support research, efficient utilisation of the know-how, and commercialization of the innovations.
  11. 11. Helsinki Region Centre of Expertise for Health and Well-being Culminatum Innovation
  12. 12. Culminatum Innovation Helsinki Region Centre of Expertise Development company of Helsinki Region, founded 1995 o 40 employees, CEO Pasi Mäkinen Innovations & networking o 9 Centres of Expertise in Helsinki Region Municipalities 43% o 3 Local development teams Science Community 34% Uusimaa Regional Universities Council Polytechnics City of Espoo Research institutions Independent development plattform City of Helsinki City of Vantaa o Triple helix –ownership o Non profit o Funding: municipalities, Business Community 23% Chamber of Commerce ministry of employment Science Parks and economy, projects Companies Financial institutions
  13. 13. Culminatum with 9 Clusters within Helsinki Region provide a hot spot for recognizing multidisciplinary potential and development needs – i.e. huge potential for innovation systems Thematic microclusters Support in for open innovation project Tourism Cleantech building cluster cluster Living cluster HealthBio Cluster Networking, CULMINATUM matching, promoting Nanocluster Health and wellbeing Cluster Ubiq.C. cluster Food Cluster Digi cluster Networking and Living Labs, piloting and matching development environments
  14. 14. Culminatum Health and Wellbeing CofE is especially targeting: ● Solutions to support independent living Home health care Innovations enabling and encouraging people to take responsibility of self well-being ● Product / service development Conceptualization of new operating models and service models Service design and innovation ● Piloting hubs User-centric development in real life conditions Business models for living labs, testbed networks
  16. 16. Some examples of our services •Active Ageing –clustering in Baltic Sea • Innovations for Kontula elderly care center Region • Development project for metropolitan • IKÄ-networking and seminars incl. spin thematic innovation platforms (Forum off –projects Virium, Active Life Village, RFID Lab) • Seminar series: living for the ageing •InnoGame ideation workshop for healthy • European Space Agency / health: ageing at home seminar PARTNERSHIP INNOVATION AND BUILDING AND COMMERCIALIZA NETWORKING TION SERVICES PROJECT SERVICES • Mobile home health care solutions project • National cross-functional cooperation in clustering in Baltic Sea Region •Local, national and international projects in…
  17. 17. New solutions for elderly ● New service center for elderly will be in operation by end of 2009. It will offer various services, day activities and 24/7 care rooms. ● Quality and economy of services will improve by renewing service processes and using new, innovative technology ● We searched, evaluated, chose and ran procurement process for: Audio solutions for activating groups Biometrical identification tools Sensors in carpets and beds Sustainable textiles collection for dementic inhabitants WLAN for present and future wireless transfer needs Antibacterial coating in sanitary rooms (Centre of expertise in Nanotechnology) Narrow focus sound speakers
  18. 18. ACT! BSR cluster for Active Ageing ● a triple helix cluster model for a transnational BSR cluster in supporting active ageing (healthcare, wellness and assistive technologies & products) ● Cluster preparation task force: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania ● to keep the ageing population an active part of society
  19. 19. Contact: Leena Silvennoinen Program Director +358 50 540 1431 Suzan Ikävalko Frank Ryhänen Project Manager Project Manager +358 50 583 4292 +358 50 570 8570