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Helping Apparel Retailers Make Fast, High-Value Business Decisions


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Apparel retailers are leaders in leveraging the acute understanding of customer interaction within their stores. With precise shopper traffic data, Apparel leaders are now experts on customer traffic patterns and utilizing that data to increase performance.

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Helping Apparel Retailers Make Fast, High-Value Business Decisions

  1. 1. iInside delivers the most precise traffic data today that can help apparel retailers deliver a superior consumer shopping experience and improve sales performance. By knowing traffic patterns and what drives change, retailers can get fast, incred- ibly-specific traffic-based feedback on what’s working; both directly and indirectly. At iInside, we help you make the business decisions that will drive your company’s performance across every segment of your business. Merchandising Effectiveness From display windows to fixtures, fitting rooms to cash wrap/POS, iInside measures how store merchandising affects shopper behavior. • Benchmarking for merchandising impact – how each merchandise decision is measured in traffic performance • Draw performance from the mall or shopping center into the store • Shopper dwell times at individual in-store fixtures and shelves • Shopper “draw” at specific in-store fixtures and shelves • Pathing percentages from displays to fitting rooms • Pathing percentages from fitting rooms to cash wrap • In-store shopper times and how they’re effected by merchandise changes Departmental Performance iInside delivers powerful, unique performance metrics that are precise down to individual departments, brands and displays. • Combine traffic with POS data to model departmental conversion within each single store for manager reporting, or for category managers, within each department across the entire chain. • Combine Conversion with staffing data for optimal staff-to- customer ratios. • Determine the relationship between wait times at counters and conversion; avoiding “U-Turn” and loss scenarios while increasing customer satisfaction. Marketing Campaign Impact iInside uniquely provides powerful analytics to help measure the direct and indirect effect of marketing on traffic; a new, powerful KPI (key performance indicator) for all types of marketing strategies. • Benchmarking for marketing activity impact on traffic by department, using all traffic metrics including “First Visit” changes as a measure of shopper intent • Impact of individual campaigns on overall store traffic Workforce Management Efficiencies Indoor location analytics enable you to make informed decisions about how, when and where to provide the right store personnel. • Measure departmental traffic by hour • Compare shopper performance with staff ratios to determine optimal staffing practices • Deliver precise, optimum scheduling of sales personnel to shoppers Apparel retailers are leaders in leveraging the acute understanding of customer interaction within their stores. With precise shopper traffic data, Apparel leaders are now experts on customer traffic patterns and utilizing that data to increase performance. Apparel Retail Traffic Analytics: Helping Apparel Retailers Make Fast, High-Value Business Decisions
  2. 2. Call 877.500.9379 (714.685.9776 to request a demo) | | Queue Management Optimization iInside queue analytics ensure that POS wait times; a major customer service metric that can finally be measured, managed and improved at a uniquely affordable price. • Detailed, reliable queue wait time reports by hour, day and week, etc. • Forecasting for checkout staffing requirements • Predictive analytics when combined with in-store traffic analytics Showrooming Intelligence While showrooming remains a real challenge, iInside empowers retailers with unique analytics that can turn non-converting shoppers into successful sales. • Understand which departments and brands are being showroomed and in rank order • Know the departments and specific times where showrooming most often occurs • Measure and adjust the impact of showrooming conversion strategies  Loyalty Campaign Success iInside helps Apparel retailers better manage and extract additional value from loyalty campaign strategies. • Identify loyalty program shoppers upon entry when combined with an opt-in Loyalty application • Measure shopper return rates and cross-store location behaviors • Target individual shoppers for post-visit promotions • Deliver the right offers to loyal customers at the right time Best-in-Class Technology iInside gives Apparel retailers the ability to measure in-store behavior using existing wireless infrastructure if available. Starting here, iInside supplements with software and hardware as needed to deliver precise Indoor shopper traffic technologies that offer practical, high-value advantages Accuracy: iInside solutions are accurate to within one meter in store environments. That means we accurately deliver data specific to the department, brand, fixture, and POS register. Cost Effectiveness: iInside invested years into solution technologies that are manufactured, implemented and managed with the lowest possible cost. Our fees are monthly, often with no upfront charges. And iInside offers significant savings over costly studies that provide less accurate analyses of less in-store shopper behavior. Extensibility: iInside infrastructure is uniquely based on a flexible, hardware-independent platform designed to meet the client’s indoor location analytics needs for the foreseeable future and easily accommodate future requirements including new sensor needs and integration with mobile apps, etc. Ease of Ownership: A location system is impractical if cumbersome and costly to manage. iInside has developed technologies that make solutions that are simple to deploy, maintain, upgrade, enhance and move. Coverage: Shopper behavioral consultants base recommen- dations on a fraction of 1% of annual shopper data. By comparison, an anonymous iInside solution can detect as many as half the shoppers in a store – a massive sample size for Business Intelligence. Additionally, when using our active location technolo- gies along with mobile loyalty apps, iInside can see every shopper using an integrated application. Privacy: Each time iInside “detects” a device, the system receives a unique identifier (MAC address) and uses a sophisticated encryption algorithm to convert that identifier into a new, irreversible one. Each device is identified only by that number, which contains no personally identifiable information. As an extra step in privacy protection, iInside never stores the original MAC address.   Take the Next Step to Improved Performance Contact iInside today and learn how the industry’s most advanced, most accurate location analytics can put your company on a path to greater customer loyalty, increased sales and long-term growth. iInside, a WirelessWERX company. Contact or call 877-500-9379 or 714-685-9776 to request a demo.