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Nancy duarte

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Nancy duarte

  1. 1. “Key insights:Nancy Duarte presenting in LinkedIN Speaker Series” “ Key insights: Nancy Duarte presenting in the LinkedIN speaker series ” By: Kartik Singla Indian Institute of Technology(BHU), Varanasi
  2. 2. Who is Nancy Duarte????????
  3. 3. An American non-fiction writer A storyteller CEO of the firm “Duarte Design”.....A firm which helps to convey stories in the most interesting way!!!!
  4. 4. “Message by Nancy Duarte”
  6. 6. Finding out what is in the minds of the audience and hitting them at that frequency!!!
  9. 9. Every successful communicator OR storyteller follows a definite pattern during his/her address to the audience….. It resembles a square wave with steps pointing at two aspects: What is? and What could be?
  10. 10. What is? Refers to The present reality...the present world around us!!
  11. 11. What could be? Refers to what the future is like… a whole new world of possibilities!!!!
  12. 12. The communicator shows a contrast between “what is” and “what could be” which making the future more alluring!!!!
  13. 13. Analysis of the talks by eminent/famous personalities by using the above pattern as an analysing tool:
  14. 14. Steve Jobs ❖ 2007 iphone launch talk ❖ The speech was 90 minute long. ❖ Almost every 20 seconds had the audience laugh or clap.
  15. 15. The pattern depicts that Steve Jobs had a heightened sense of “What could be”!
  16. 16. Martin Luther King Jr. ❖ Speech was named originally as “The urgency of Now” but later changed to “I have a dream”...... ❖ A 16 minute talk.
  17. 17. The pattern depicts the tight frequency between “what is” and “what could be” because Martin Luther used the phrase ‘I have a dream’ repeatedly.
  18. 18. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ❖ The speech was given in 1947 on the eve of Indian Independence. ❖ The speech is called the Indian version of “I have a dream” and named as “Tryst with Destiny”.
  19. 19. The pattern is perfectly shaped because Nehru constantly compared India’s sufferings(what is) with India’s triumphant future(what can be).
  20. 20. Richard Feynman ❖ A great explainer, always had a ‘star moment’ in his talk which lasted really long. ❖ Gave his speech on Nanotechnology, which became an 8 day media sensation.
  21. 21. The pattern was observed with super tight frequency because richard’s talk was really technical and strongly communicative.
  22. 22. Margaret Thatcher ❖ Gave the famous ‘Iron Lady’ speech. ❖ Verbally really strong and was really authoritative while delivering the talk.
  23. 23. The pattern shows sudden oscillations in “what is” and “what could be” as Margaret Thatcher was a master of contrast.
  24. 24. Jesus Christ ❖ Delivered his famous speech “Sermon on the Mount”. ❖ Longest continuous piece of oration ever found.
  25. 25. The pattern is the tightest one analysed because of the rapid switches made by Jesus with respect to a person’s present deeds and their consequences in future.
  26. 26. Sun Yat-sen ❖ A revolutionary, helped overthrow the ching dynasty. ❖ Gave the famous ‘Pan- asianism’ speech.
  27. 27. The pattern shows most of the time is spent in “what is” process as eastern culture believes in bringing the past forward as context rather than thinking about the past.
  28. 28. Eva Perón ❖ Addressed a crowd of 2 million people in argentina in 1946, as a 10 minute campaign talk for her husband’s presidential election. ❖ Extremely caring for poor and the needful.
  29. 29. The pattern displays the contrast used by Eva between the elites and the shirtless.
  30. 30. “Distance yourself from ‘what is’ and Imagine the future…...Believe in your vision!!”
  31. 31. Summary Nancy Duarte: CEO of ‘Duarte Design’ and above that an excellent communicator. The key concepts highlighted by Nancy in her talk were: Concept of Resonance, Concept of Idea and the Pattern followed by Storytellers. Every exceptional communicator in his/her speech mesmerized the audience by highlighting the contrast of ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’. The analysis of some famous talks by eminent personalities showed a unique pattern in every talk but with a similarity of portraying their ideas to shape a better future.
  32. 32. Image Credits work-done-enjoy-moment-41671043.jpg
  33. 33. “These slides were prepared by ‘Kartik Singla’ as a part of an internship done under ‘Prof. Sameer Mathur’ (” Disclaimer