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How can goods marketers improve customer support services


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This tells us how various manufacturing companies have introduced customer services.

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How can goods marketers improve customer support services

  1. 1. Chapter 12: Designing and managing
  2. 2. How can goods marketers improve customer-support services? By: Kartik Singla Indian Institute of Technology(BHU), Varanasi
  3. 3. Equipment manufactures earn huge profits from the product-support services they offer.
  4. 4. Manufacturers must identify the services customers value most and their relative importance: Pre-sale services Post-sale services
  5. 5. Pre sale services Facilitating services Value- augmenting services
  6. 6. “For expensive equipment, manufacturers can offer ‘Facilitating services’ such as installation, maintenance and repair.”
  7. 7. “Some companies offer ‘Value-augmenting service’ that extend beyond the functioning and performance of the product itself(Warranties and Guarantees)”
  8. 8. Post sale services Customer service evolution Customer service imperative