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House of Kaizen, conversion specialist

  1. 1. Learn Know What’s your website conversion rate? 2%... 1%... 0.5%...? Whatever it is, you want it to be better… and it can be. Improve Get more visitors to your site to take action! Test Earn According to a recent eMarketer report, 39% of businesses are dissatisfied with their online conversion rate – generally between 1.5% to 3%. So are you satisfied with more than 97% of your visitors not taking action? Conversion rate optimization is the art of getting your website to consistently convert at a much higher rate. Persuading more of your existing visitors to convert. Maximizing profit from your current clients. The House of Kaizen specializes in optimizing conversion rates using advanced analytics, behavioural analysis and A/B/n and multivariate testing. Always working to improve, optimize and maximize financial performance. kaiz’en (n.) Japanese for continuous improvement Increase Test and optimize for massive conversion increases Convert Imagine if you could increase your conversion rate by 15% … 35% … a 100% or more. That would mean significant growth in profits and ROI without exceeding yout marketing budget. You can – if you address your site’s conversion problems. And change them. With conversion rate optimization, you will: ■ Improve visitor conversion rates Profit ■ Identify and correct conversion gaps ■ Maximize your marketing ROI ■ Build insight into visitor perception Insight ■ Correct your website friction and anxiety issues Convert more customers now. Copyright © 2010 House of Kaizen. All rights reserved. 2
  2. 2. Design by committee… at your peril Picture this: a roomful of decision-makers from across the business designing your website by committee. Making decisions based on personal likes and dislikes. Or the classic HiPPO model. That’s the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion, the one who overrules logic, creativity and research in favour of putting a dubious picture of your board members on the home page – or some other personal fancy. Both illustrate our aversion to Pay and Pray, which is big on expenditure but short on strategy. Don’t invest huge amounts of money on something that is untested and then keep your fingers crossed that it will work. Instead, invest in conversion rate optimization where insight is proven and results empirical. Do you Pay and pray model Better conversion rate Pay & pray will it convert? Pay & Pray? If your website isn’t giving you the conversion rate you want… redesign! That’s the way a lot of people think. Hire an expensive digital agency and redesign, with bells and whistles, flash and sparkle. And totally ignore real users. ? It’s what we call the ‘Pay and Pray’ model, where you shell out big money and pray that your new design converts better than the last one. Evolution not revolution Test, analyze, Traditional method: for ongoing improvement learn, blind implement, full site & test again redesign We believe in a totally different model. Instead of blindly re-designing, we use a sophisticated test, analyse and learn cycle that educates the evolution of your website. OU D RT O This allows you to make informed choices founded in TH ES TIN ME fact, thus driving ROI by knowing what works: delivering IC GM SS ETH YOU CLA effective proven online solutions that make more OD ARE visitors convert. HERE Your website After all, companies like Dell and Amazon test everything on their site, why not you? 10 YEARS OF AMAZON.COM ”ADD TO CART” EVOLUTION Causes of conversion attrition on your website So, what sabotages your site’s mission of making you more money? ■ Site friction from chaotic conversion paths ■ Absent eye flow controls and unsupervised navigation ■ Weak and unclear value propositions ■ User anxiety from information and opaque policies ■ Perceived site insecurities and negative content ■ Poor, absent or misused incentives Together these mean you have no choice but to drive more traffic to increase your revenue. That’s an expensive marketing option. Copyright © 2010 House of Kaizen. All rights reserved. 3
  3. 3. Conversion Rate Optimization Conversion rate optimization is the science of testing and analysing online customer behaviour to persuade more people to complete the action you want. Conversion optimization is not about your webpage. It’s about your visitors’ PERCEPTION of your webpages. Conversion optimization has one goal: find the best ways to improve perception to get more visitors to convert. We do it by addressing the 4 key elements of user perception using our PPM, Psychological Perception Model and back up the solutions with live testing. of f 40% conversion value friction motivation anxiety incentive proposition Website’s The sum of all Negative Visitors’ ability Negative The tactical ability to actual and functional and desire emotions (eg. marketing persuade perceived elements to continue security fears) message a visitor to benefits (eg. poor interacting with triggered by that drives complete a offered to your navigation) your site your site - additional specific action. site visitors & that hinder regardless of responsible conversion customers. the ideal its shortcomings. for eroding boost by interaction (eg. confidence & re-enforcing click through) conversion the value and user rates. proposition. journey. Testing Processes - The Amateur, Big Guns and The Smart Way Test and see what happens You think you can do it yourself, test stuff randomly without any clear methodology or objectives and pray that it works. But it eventually fails and you’re left disillusioned wondering what went wrong. The bigger the test the better You pick an agency that uses a single expensive testing technology. Next, build large, no wait, massive MVTs (MuliVariate Tests) to test 100s of page variations and rack up enormous costs. Eventually you get a conversion increase, but the insight is lost in the sheer mass of the test. Build testing strategies with insight Learning is at the core of testing here. Learn what works and what doesn’t, making mistakes is good. But testing needs to be designed to generate insight. House of Kaizen testing methodology focuses on the 4 elements of visitor perception, it integrates usability, advanced analytics and reintegrates insight from previous tests into the optimization cycle. Advanced Advanced Psychological Test Analytics Usability Perception Model A/B/N Conversion Rate Growth of f Site Metrics Eye Tracking 40% value Optimization Test proposition incentive Strategy MVT Analysis Test & Insight friction anxiety Hybrid ➜ ➜ ➜ Conversion Attention Perception Gaps Leakage Deficits t in sigh test Integrate Copyright © 2010 House of Kaizen. All rights reserved. 4
  4. 4. Different Testing Methods for Optimum Results We use combinations of A/B/n and Multivariate testing to analyse responses to different versions of web pages, user paths and content variations, tracking real visitors through to your site’s conversion points, and measuring which version yields the highest conversion rate increase. A/B/n split testing A/B/n testing uses a control sample against which we compare the response to a new page, new elements on a page or new content to assess what encourages your visitors to convert. Multivariate testing Multivariate testing is a more complex methodology, deploying multiple variations on a single page at the same time and allowing you to test a limitless number of variables concurrently, including rich internet applications and dynamic content. Used in complementary ways, these methods allow us to identify the most effective combination of design, content and functionality to increase customer engagement and reduce the elements of site friction and anxiety. Conversion optimization A safe testing environment is the safest and cheapest One of our favourite mottos is ‘test hard, test fast and test safe’. And then apply the findings place to make mistakes in to your site. There’s no better place to fail than while split testing new marketing ideas, new the race to improve your website designs, layout changes and/or new products – because failing while testing yields insight into what not to do, saves you embarrassment and a truck load of conversion rate. time and money. Testing technology to suit your needs One of the great strengths of House of Kaizen is that we focus on business first, are marketers second and techies third. We don’t allow ourselves to be driven by technology. We call ourselves technology agnostic, or not loyal to a single testing method. And while there are dozens of technologies used for testing, we will select the testing technology best suited to your business. That way, we do what is best for you, unlike others who impose their unique and sometimes excruciatingly expensive solution. Whether it’s appropriate or not. Active Pages ■ Multi tag integration ■ Single installation ■ All in one solution ■ Single installation ■ Build 100s ■ Good for simple tests ■ Predictive algorithm ■ Test segments ■ Test segments of landing pages ■ High IT involvement ■ Flexible solution ■ No IT required ■ Low IT involvement ■ Dynamic testing ■ Free to use ■ Low flexible price ■ Medium costs ■ High costs ■ Boost marketing ROI by 50% Bigger tests and imposed testing technologies Think about it. Besides the ego trip of running massive multivariate tests you must produce large amounts of test elements, substantial content variations, multiple design layouts, loads of graphics and numerous functional variations. It’s an expensive way of testing. And ultimately provides limited insight. We believe in being smarter than that, sure we are fans of multivariate testing, as long as it’s constrained by strategy and focused on producing conclusive conversion insight. That way you don’t end up throwing away all the other assets created and footing a huge bill. It makes sense. The bigger the test, the greater number of page variations in it – the less the insight into the single factors that lead to a conversion rate increase. Scalpel and surgeon analogy We liken what we do to a surgeon and his scalpel. The scalpel is a tool that the surgeon uses; the real skill is in his knowledge, his focus, his experience. The same with testing technology. It’s just a tool. And by being A/B/n and Multivariate testing tool agnostic, we free ourselves to chose the best system to fit your business requirements. It’s all about the testing, not the technology. Copyright © 2010 House of Kaizen. All rights reserved. 5
  5. 5. What you can expect from us The House of Kaizen is committed to creating the most compelling customer experiences online. We can work with you to define which package will best benefit you, from getting ready through to continuous optimization. Here are our main packages: HOK Solutions For: 1. Advanced Analytics configuration 2. Google Analytics Training 94% of Google analytics accounts are poorly configured or don’t Analytics data should be at the core of your online business have advanced tracking setup. Basically you are pretty much decisions. So, to get the best out of your teams, your marketing walking blind. managers and analysts, you need them to be proficient in data House of Kaizen has simple fixed price configuration packages interpretation. adapted to you. We will configure your analytics to take advantage House of Kaizen Google analytics training packages will help your of its full tracking capabilities and customize it to your business key staff pass the GA certification and become efficient in the art goals, website and management needs. online behavioural and extracting actionable insight. 3. Website review and conversion gap audit 4. Website speed audit Do you want to know where your site, is underperforming and The download speed of your web page affects your conversion rate. how much more conversion rate you can squeeze out of it? FACT. Get an unbiased audit that benchmarks your performance, identifies House of Kaizen Website Audit includes: the causes of lag and gives you actionable insight to increase page ● A full analytics account audit and reconfiguration speed. 80% of speed increases come from simple corrections in code. ● A technology review to assess the basic causes of page latency Avoid an expensive overhaul when it truely isn’t needed. ● A best practice audit against the 4 elements of the PPM Psychology Perception Model ● A gap assessment report that identifies the key areas of subpar conversion rate 5. Fixed tests or single landing page optimization ● A conversion gap financial impact audit Just want to focus on a particular section of your website? Your shop- ping cart, check out or registration pages? Perhaps just a single landing page? HOK has fixed packages to test a specific page or user journey. 6. Active pages - manage 100s of dynamic landing pages Maximize your marketing ROI with House of Kaizen Active Pages. 7. Continuous conversion rate optimization Our unique landing page management platform allows us to For in depth improvements the only solution is to continuously deliver a 100% outsourced solution. We can build, test and manage be testing. We have solutions that fit each need, each business. 100’s of landing pages for each of your micro marketing channels. Surprisingly we don’t cost an arm and a leg and the conversion Imagine a landing page for every PPC ad group or each banner ad rate increases will pay dividends for years to come . variation. Expect conversion rates to increase by 20% to 50%. Pricing We offer 3 pricing formulas to suit your needs: pay as you go xed price pay on performance Whether for strategic consulting, for testing or Most of our services are delivered in an You have doubts of the value landing page management, we have a rate card all-in -one package price. Whether for site and power of conversion rate that is affordable for all. You pay only for the audits, analytics reconfigurations or design optimization? Don’t. time we spend testing, keeping costs flexible. build and testing of key landing pages we can We guarantee at least 5% provide a one off fixed cost. No surprises. conversion increase. We provide the option of a Pay on Performance model. Generally we have a small start up fee, but if the carrot is big enough, we will agree on a 100% performance based payment model. We do all the work up front and only when we increase conversion rate by at least 5% does the performance bonus kick in. You carry no risk and have the empirical proof of what will drive your conversion rate increase. Copyright © 2010 House of Kaizen. All rights reserved. 6
  6. 6. Start the website improvement process today Call us for a frank chat about optimising your online business on: +44 (0)207 954 3750 Or set up an appointment at: Or find us at: House of Kaizen Old Aske Hospital Hoffman Square, 50 Buttesland Street Hoxton, London N1 6BY Home of continuous website improvement Copyright © 2010 House of Kaizen. All rights reserved. 1