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Sus birthday ppt

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  1. 1. *IdealFamily : ONE Husband and TWO dogs*Often seen day dreaming all through the class*Her dream : Undisturbed sleep for 15+ hours
  2. 2. * Back bench gaming champion of Flower tetris* Prizedpossession : Her calculator, made in 223 AD* Handwritingneeds magnifying glass to be read
  3. 3. Established Bookworm…Though not text books, the REASON in slide tofollow ----- >
  4. 4. The DML from N block, who is not on Facebook but is in TeamBOOKRACKHer sole motivation to visit Bookrack time and again !Jiska photo milna mushkil hi nahi, Namumkin hain !Every resume mentoring session ended on a HIGH note !She was heartbroken when he went for exchange explaining her sour moodin Term-2 !Now that he is back, she is back to her smiling self ! 