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Iigrowth Services April 2010


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Iigrowth Services April 2010

  1. 1. iiGrowth Growing Your Global Business Strategy and Operational Management Marketing Services Capital Advisory Services Services
  2. 2. iiGrowth About iiGrowth iiGrowth Global Footprint A thought leader in strategy, capital advisory services, and operational management. We offer services to firms primarily in 9 focus areas: supply chain, information technology, consumer products, electronics, food and beverage, industrial and life sciences, health care, textiles, energy/environment & green technologies iiGrowth has ecosystem partners in: U.S. Headquarters: Bethesda, MD •Americas, European Union, and European Headquarters: London Asia/Pacific Founded: 2007 Clients: iiGrowth’s consulting network has worked to help emerging businesses as Offices in: well as Fortune 1000 firms •3 countries (United States, Great Britain, and Latvia) © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 2
  3. 3. iiGrowth accelerates the growth of great  companies through three key enablers Strategy and Marketing Services: Accelerates growth through the development of market strategy and business plans. We prepare you for your client and markets, your partners and investors, and help you retain the right staff. Capital Advisory Services: Whether you want to finance expansion, buy or sell, or are in a turnaround state, iiGrowth will be your trusted advisor. We match you with the right partners to meet your long term business objectives and create the greatest value for your stakeholders and/or stockholders. Operational Management Services: Provides operational management support in your key business functions such as sales and marketing, financial management, contract management and supply chain. We can also help you with leaning out process programs using tools such as lean six sigma, organizational restructuring, technology strategy, and executive coaching and facilitation. © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 3
  4. 4. iiGrowth focuses on later life cycle firms •STAGE 0: IDEA/CONCEPT •STAGE 1: R&D (Pre-seed stage) •STAGE 2: INITIAL MARKETING PLAN •STAGE 3: FORMATION OF COMPANY •STAGE 4: BUSINESS TEAM AND PLAN (Seed Stage) •STAGE 5: MARKETING DEVELOPMENT STAGE/PARTNERING •STAGE 6: COMMERCIALIZATION •STAGE 7: SALES & EXPANSION iiGrowth Focus Note: Although we focus on the later stages of the life cycle, iiGrowth will review earlier stage opportunities © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 4
  5. 5. We focus on key strategic growth levers and  assess your business maturity Strategy &  Financial  Marketing Management Strategic Growth Sourcing,  Levers Schedules, &  Organizational  Contract   Structure Management  People & Human  Legal Capital © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 5
  6. 6. We structure your strategy into 90 to 120 day  cycles to rapidly close your gaps External  Environment  Assessment 90 Day  Strategic  Strategic  Improvement  Intent Roadmap Initiatives Internal  Capabilities  Assessment Accelerated Execution Framework © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 6
  7. 7. iiGrowth has developed a small business strategic market  growth program that includes the following services Description of services Phase I – Baseline Services 1. Market Intent and Introduction 1. Market Scan 3. Market Readiness Assessment Phase II – Optional Services 4. Marketing Plan and Start-up 5. Market Entry Strategy Implementation 6. Partner and client negotiations and contract assistance 7. Develop Rich Media Branding/Storytelling 8. Financial Consulting Services 9. Alliance and Partner Agreement 10. Product Localization Strategy 11. Branding Strategy and Plan 12. Corporate Communications 13. Communications Coaching © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 7
  8. 8. iiGrowth’s use a five‐step investment  matchmaking and review process • Standard Application & Client Registration Step 1 – Pre‐Screen  • iiGrowth meets small group of investors (48 hour turnaround) Assessment  • Agreement to proceed Step 2 – Presentation  • Ii Growth assists client in preparation for investors.  (1‐3) to Investment Bankers • iiGrowth due diligence reviews: Historic Performance, Current  Step 3 – Due Diligence  State, Future Review • Immediate feedback Step 4 – Presentation  • Coaching to develop & present final presentation.   to Investment Bankers • Investor negotiations (legal and financial) Step 5 – Negotiation &  • Executive coaching Agreement • Final agreements © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 8
  9. 9. iiGrowth provides critical operations management  support to shore up the bottom line Improve Operations Reduce Fixed Costs Business Sustainable Lower Break Even Recapitalization Business & Gaps Generate Cash Turnaround Reduce Debt © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 9
  10. 10. iiGrowth provides critical services for  accelerating market entry iiGrowth Operational Services • Strategy Planning and Strategy Management Office • Sales Planning & Management • Communications and Marketing • IT/Financial/Accounting Infrastructure • Human Capital Strategy • Contract Development • Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing • Accounting/Bookkeeping • Legal Advisory/Intellectual Property Protection © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 10
  11. 11. Ideas.Innovation.Growth Gustav is very results driven, dependable and very creative. I  highly recommend utilizing the services of his company.” Trevor  Dane, U.S. Baltic Foundation “Creative, innovative and strategic thinking coupled with  extensive business experience and the ability to implement on a  tactical level, make of Gustav a powerful partner for any  organization looking for top level results. Aldo Bello, CEO, Mind &  Media “We help our customers  focus on growing  greatness  “As overall Engagement Manager, Gustav was very effective in  into their genetic code. ” orchestrating the client and consultant relationship in a high  Gustav Plato pressure environment. Gustav also was a key contributor of  Chief Executive Officer insights on organization design, change management strategies  and performance metrics. I recommend Gustav without  hesitation for projects requiring executive interface and strategic  thinking.” Rick Tucci, President, Leap Technologies Inc. © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 11
  12. 12. iiGrowth LLC Contacts United States: Gustav Plato Mobile +001.240.499.4938 Skype: gustavplato United Kingdom: Eriks Rusis Mobile +44.7983.484.836 Skype: eriks.rusis © iiGrowth Services  April 2010 12