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Final Montage Farewell 2003

  1. 1. <ul><li>‘ The Batch of 2008 ’ </li></ul><ul><li>Starring … </li></ul>
  2. 2. &quot;Teen maha-saagaron ne sadiyon tak bhaarat ke charanon ki pag-dhulai  karke itna punya nahin praapt kiya jitna humne in mahatma ke saanidhya  mein do varsh rehkar praapt kiya hai. Shri Shri Parampoojniya 1008  ----------ji ko IIFT Delhi 2006-08 Batch ka koti koti pranaam!&quot; A flawless and a determined individual, he is one of the most respected persons of the batch and is always addressed with a &quot;Jee&quot; attached to his name. A perfect Bhangra dancer, he is the heartthrob of many in the college and especially in Germany where he broke the hearts of many by his stylish looks and hairstyle. he drinks, but only outside India. That's what he claims. Girls beware of him.... Has a great sense of humor. Beware of his dangerous 1 liner… Handaji aaapko hamara sadar pranaam :)
  3. 4. With a sharp tongue and wit to match; he’s the DARK HORSE of the batch Came into the limelight with his super speech during placecom soapbox. Fastest Fingers in IIFT exams…. Finishes exams in a Record Time…ALWAYS…:) A very good story teller… Loves to go to MadanPur Khader... He loves south indian food, south indian cinema, south indian music and just about anything else south indian... Fondly known as…. KUTTAI....
  4. 6. <ul><li>A Mystery man… one among the very few of “would be” extinct species eating in MESS…till date…. Hats off to his GASTRONOMICAL Skills </li></ul><ul><li>Known for attending Lectures and preparing…Notes… in “ARABIC” and sometimes even the author doesn’t understand it…:)…...thanks to his Antique piece ,he is well connected to his beloved and always engaged to rest....;) </li></ul>
  5. 8. <ul><li>Star of 08 IIFT Lateral placements!! </li></ul><ul><li>An extremely punctual guy whose maturity, to a large extent, defies his age… </li></ul><ul><li>Tension Free, takes genuine pleasure in helping his friends. A chilled out person who loves watching movies esp during exams and who doesn’t like to stay in his own room for long. He can be found online even when some examination is going on or even when he is sleeping... </li></ul><ul><li>Is known as PISTU to people close to him., </li></ul>
  6. 10. <ul><li>Not only does he have the brilliant ability to generate arguments, but presents them in a sequential form... A, B, C, D1, D2.....A very smooth talker... Can make really impressive PPTs on the fly... Thinks really big… </li></ul><ul><li>Being in his company can burn a big hole in your pocket </li></ul><ul><li>LALAJI…. Never has an inexpensive solution to any problem. </li></ul>
  7. 12. <ul><li>Best suited for “The Icon for the Incredible India campaign... A prosperous India” </li></ul><ul><li>Quite sensitive and emotional by nature, </li></ul><ul><li>One of the very few people who can laugh at himself… Bangalore is his first love </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>The biggest food freak at IIFT Delhi, loves chatting and travelling…our own MOTU, MOTESHWAR </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul>
  8. 14. has a fascination for OLDER men People have been scarred for life due to her inadvertent entries into the guys rooms. her preys - Peggy, Modi, Vaya, Menon, Babu... the list is endless, The rumor is that she roams around the hostel corridors with a list of whom to cross out next …
  9. 16. <ul><li>ye ladka kyu itna chillata hai isko bhi nahi pata... we are still waiting for the day when he`ll grow up… pappuuuu…. </li></ul><ul><li>Future plans to become the CPA of IIFT… god help placement </li></ul><ul><li>Robin...“Greek God”, as described by his female fans, </li></ul><ul><li>a sweetheart to the core... Finds happiness in tiny-tiny things and loves “nautankiyan” every now & then </li></ul><ul><li>Don’t you know why he goes to GK2……ohho to meet his relatives for work… </li></ul>
  10. 18. First person to be honoured by the prestigious “the STAR parivar membership“……. from last 2yrs struggling for just one thing to be called DEVI at least if not the full name Deva or call Dave Smith is known throughout for her style of walking. :)
  11. 20. If u think that u know more hindi than him jus think again…Equally VERBOSE in English…he packs quite a Punch in Cross Cultural Communication… He gets nightmares whenever he thinks of sadhu Baba's prediction :)..waise to ye apne aap ko 'SANT' kehte hain lekin inki nazar sirf ladkiyon pe hi rehti hai.. Master in astrology, and his usage of &quot;shudh hindi&quot;. Azeem o Shaan Shehanshah… Kanker ka Sardar… Golu Baba ki Jai Ho!!! …
  12. 22. He is an Azeem-O-Shaan Shehansha of G20 faternity, who cracked the CFA level one in just 20 days (from registering to writing the exam). Everything in his life is very &quot;Kool&quot; from &quot;Ramya&quot; to &quot;Sweety&quot;. known for his love for conjunctions - And, But, Matlab, Lekin. He will be always remembered in the history of IIFT for scoring 99/100 in SSE project. Prof was so impressed by him that he gave a question on his proposed &quot;PUSH-PULL&quot; strategy in the end-term exam with reference to his 45 min ppt in SSE class.   Would wake up from sleep and ask a very esoteric, seemingly relevant, gaseous question this guys Loves Basketball, Cricket, TT…a real sportsman…. .MCAT is a Copyright Pending ……may u be the sole authority to use the same….:) HANUMAN…..the real protector of Ram-Sita of the batch and also has the built to match it.
  13. 24. Very punctilious guy; has a knack of crying after exams. Can qualify for a Ph.D. in marketing… nanha KOTLER
  14. 26. THE exceptional DANCER !!, Favorite Number: 8, Status changed after Port Vist ????.... Bhilwara girl who believes her town has the potential to be the next metropolis of India... And loves South Indian food for more than one reason!!??? One &quot;Bhai&quot; every one respects...Bittu bhai....
  15. 28. A kid in a giant framework. Amazing sense of humor. He is the Inzy of IIFT and invariably gets run out while playing cricket. The guy who abhorred alcohol a year ago, now religiously drinks it daily…. He loves Kotak's Sardarji… other than GULLI..
  16. 30. Working very diligently at extending ties between the north and south (esp bhilwara and chennai). One of the slowest eaters on this planet he chews his food at least 50 times before he swallows effectively making sure he takes a minimum of 1 and a 1/2 hr to finish a meal Co-Founder of SPJ Institute.. (School of Poor Jokes), Guinness Book of IIFT Records for Slowest Eating, Favourite Number 16, Status Changed after Port Visit !!! Big big big rajni fan saw sivaji atleast 3 times and has made threats against the life of anyone who has dared to criticise his icon. . the &quot;Bhendi masala&quot;, amazign energy levels Expert at Hindi !Mr PC (aka placecom).
  17. 32. This dandy guy can even put Ketan Parekh or Harshad Mehta to shame with his &quot;fraudy&quot; mind. At the same time, can be extremely innocent…. Loves attention especially from the opposite gender. …his main passions are stock market & school girls ... Capable of searching for any girl on the planet through Orkut ...aka Fund Baba … so guys rush to join Baba’s fan club !!!
  18. 34. With the Gumption that only few can even think of… This guy can do VALUATION of anything on the earth. He has vowed to name his son and daughter as Debt and Equity… And he plans to invite bids for his marriage through qualified institutional bidders... … agar &quot;EXCEL&quot; nahin toh kuch bhi nahin…. an &quot;EXCEL&quot;lent chap… PECO ek SOCH hai .. Microsoft has had its load tester in place…when PECO arrived to test their &quot;OFFICE&quot;…. Who moved my Geese? Prisoner No. “Char Sou Geese”, Professor of Geeso-nomics, Say Geese, Wild Geese Chase !!
  19. 36. He is a schizophrenic. His alter ego is Jimmy, a lover boy who loves Monalisa badly and wants to keep her *in the crevices of his heart*.   Fashionable to the core or so does he think “ .., he has a cupboard and when it is opened leather jackets keep tumbling out” He is self declared creative head of a drama *MBA-Mahabharata*enacted by his group , how creative juices really flowed no one knows. he would be drumming your ear drums at high decibels when situation warrants him to be hushed up. Yeah he is an American Charra whom we all respect *.:)
  20. 38. Core competency: Ctrl-C + Ctrl + V Vital Statistics: Maximum Distance Traveled = 24 Kms Average = 2 Kms/Month (1 Km to the ATM and one back!) He forms 80% market for all the dhabas near our coll.. His network consists of auto drivers, guards, watchmen n sweepers, the latest addition being Terror's Helper on the 6 th Floor, New Hostel! Is allergic to soap and water - he and his wardrobe!... Favorite Hangout Place: Bhai Behan Gate! ;) Bhai's Bhaiyk (read bike) His Favorite Dialogues &quot;Ek hee life hai…&quot; &quot;Aur kya kar saktein hain…&quot; &quot;Ohhh Ohh Oh O…&quot; &quot;Aachhha Aachha Aacha…&quot; &quot;Ab kya kar saktein hain BHAI!&quot; &quot;Chik Chik, Phuish…… Aaaah!!&quot; Bhai; Ram …
  21. 40. People still fear to be part of her GD group…and can still feel the pain in their ribs hit by her elbow.. A POSSIBLE Trinity…. Confused, Focused and Childish, Her timid looks can sure be deceptive… can astonish you with her knowledge and the drive towards gaining more… Fighter to the core… if you find a zombie walking around IIFT during night, don't worry!! Feather-weight Champion!
  22. 42. A real Gem of a person and just too good to be true. Have a problem? Made more presentations outside IIFT than within. Consult “Guru” ji of the batch. Shaped a lot many career and Single handedly groomed lots of people towards Finance. Adorning a dhoti and sleeveless T-Shirt for lunch and with his omni-present french beard, he's the Raymond's model of the batch. The only person in the batch to actually worry about being over-qualified.
  23. 44. “ Troy” as he is famously called has lots of interesting shades: His voice, his physique, the way he says “Hi” and so on. He buys things only when there is some discount being offered. He does dance when he is drunk but then his steps are too unusual to be even seen. Tries to immaculate, shrewd and very disciplined, but is actually very gullible and kind hearted. A hardcore fan of Commondo Dhruv, Nagraj, Doga etc No one at IIFT Delhi knows him completely. Even in 2 years, he has remained an Enigma. .
  24. 46. Known for her one on one with Sindhwani this gal did’nt participate in BT Acumen fearing loss of life of the opponents. She is beautiful Kanjoos.. knows how to get the things done in this male dominated world… The Official Ambassador of Reliance Info-Com …suddenly switched to its competitor.
  25. 48. TT and gaming buff.. recently got a lot of &quot;steel&quot; added to his life..... One of the most creative guys around…can click heavenly photographs and make amazingly enchanting ppts and ads…. clearly the eccentric one…blow hot blow cold fellow…. A child's heart and imagination in the devil body….he is what people call him…………...Sarkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
  26. 50. Gossip Boy 3 Name a sport on planet earth or even from the surrounding planets and the chances are this guy would have played it, or he would know about it or hell he can even name the top 5 teams or the players and the latest events happening in that game..... a walking ESPN STAR Sports..... one of the most competitive guys around....the man has a booming voice and a golden heart......the voice level at the &quot;Telecom Major&quot; will surely go up a couple of notches once this liverpool fan joins them... Cries out for his Mom in his sleep …. &quot;Mummyyyyy……”
  27. 52. Self proclaimed “Coolest Guy” on campus.. These days he has fallen prey to a beautiful damsel from Aaj tak he loves shooting videos. He calls himself *Mickey*, but no one at campus calls him that. Best anecdote about him is “after attendance shortage in International Finance where he had 6 attendances out of possible 10 (that too thanks to proxy), he had to meet teacher, we all enquired would sir recognize you? With mischievous grin on face cool jack retorts “I don*t know him either”.
  28. 54. People, esp project mates, pine for his darshan, but the guru is preoccupied with tons of things, physical and mental :) Reiki Guru who heals without molesting ….Body Builder.. Was esp famous in the batch to help pass all spanish students
  29. 56. Gossip Boy 1 The most gifted perhaps among the entire lot of 92. Has the ability to find out the fairer of the fairer sex at Orkut Geniuses are born eccentric…he is both Just that there are not enough people around to understand his point of view. Can't think INSIDE the box ever. The “DON”, t he legend, the wedding crasher, the anonymous surfer… Every child is special.
  30. 58. Nobody can understand him..........not even he himself........not even GOD...... The way he shakes his body while speaking is really mind blowing. Smokes only imported cigaratte (from Indonesia). Doesn't know what he wants in life...... Always busy to build his network with great ppl...
  31. 60. People often mistake his lazy sleepwalking for being silent and moody. He loves nature and is often seen hugging trees. His limited hindi vocabulary is also misunderstood as brevity in speech at times. He loves trains and travel – even if they lead to nowhere. Our ever-ailing Vi'chai' Kumar has the record of most time spent in bed at IIFT – sick and otherwise.
  32. 62. Always happy with EVERYTHING at IIFT (heights of sarcasm). Will find faults with every god damn thing! Called bakar, chichad. His favourite punch line is “kya Ch***aap hain yeh” !!!, A Finance stud who is a CITI Grand Master is a fresher full of Attitude
  33. 64. People wonder sometimes who's on the other end of his long phone conversations... He actually managed to wash his mobile once. Needless to say the mobile couldn't handle the washing !!! Gadget Guru - Best friends are Compaq Laptop and Moto Razr A perfect &quot;Gentle&quot; man. The Quietest Member of the Tam Gang !!
  34. 66. The god of CRC' ppts .. hell even in Director's batch meet… u blip ur eye and he is off to dreamland…. Cleanliness freak…playing with his bed sheets and pillow can give you the funniest reaction in IIFT.. or for that matter tickling him.... his CD bag was the most prized asset of first year in IIFT which made many a nights a memorable one…. GOD of GD's and interviews.... Loves to kick people's ass in CS and FIFA... Had a million dream companies and even refused the media and glamour world to finally pick the dream bank where he gets the house, the money , the ESOP's and no work......still looking for his dream girl though.... any takers for it.....
  35. 68. He is the taoo of the batch. He claims that all couples who move together in IIFT campus attain similar faces and has enumerated a number of examples proving his thesis. He is intelligent and great at observation skills. To top it all he has got netagiri ke concepts clear in mind. CR of his class he had few parallels in observing skills. Some takes? How about this one? Those who don’t know him well beware of him, he not only see people well sometimes he even smells them
  36. 70. When u say Pirates, he'd think of Kangaroos (Pirates - Pirates of carribean - Windies - Cricket - Aussies - Kangaroos) - the king of diagonal thinking. He churns out poor poor jokes (PPJs) faster than u can say PJ. He's got the golden touch with electronics - he makes them go Boom. He's a die hard fan of metal music and, despite warnings, continues to make futile efforts to sing them. He's passionate about sports and would even break his back for it. He is soft at heart and managed to have tango with most of IIFT girls in his dreams, thank god he used to wake up before tango led to something more violent . He calls himself Arjun Rampal..Worst part he wants as to believe with all our heart that he looks so. * *when Dolby was talking about non-vegetarians killing animals, our hero retorted...*arre even mess table is causing a spurt in number of Symonds *.Any answers?  Rack up your brains ..
  37. 72. She rocks IIFT parties on her toes... has stayed at home maximum... this talli is popularly known as swifta.. she is popular for red car but forgets the CP routes every now n then The only competitions she is enthu about are the bombay n pune B school's... She is ideally a &quot;Visiting Student“ &quot;Beta&quot; was mistaken for Smriti Singh initially.. she was voted as hottest babe by both batches…
  38. 74. __ the guy who dint know Asha Bhosle and lata Mangeskar were sisters. His belief of he being Mr. Cool increases manifold in company of girls…. Versatile Individual…. he has redefined the art of Networking …always &quot; ANIMATED&quot; and &quot;GAMER“…… Fond of Japanese movies, listen to Japanese music . Who took your MOUSTACHE..??? &quot;CHOCOLATE&quot; BOY of IIFT.... known as Kama…Sams…Josie…the P*&&#....
  39. 76. Watches the stock market movements even before brushing his teeth in the morning. The swagger in his walk is characteristic of a hit-man. His shorts are so short that it seems as if he's been wearing the same pair since childhood. Nice and consistent CRIBBER Disciplinary to the core, he follows his daily schedule religiously. His ppt delivery speed is 89500words per sec… Has cleared his CFA and has gone on to become a real fin stud despite being at IIFT !!! Fondly known as Bahubali or Padma, this guy
  40. 78. is a dayalu, mayahalu, adharsh yuvak most sought after guy by girls as well as boys for moneyis the bhoot of the batch !!! . Will find him roaming around the campus in no particular direction! … has the toughest job in IIFT- handling the Finance Dept. A Quiz wiz is a very amiable soul and extremely “ACADEMIC” too… His life;s goal is to beat vishal gandhi in a game of TT.. Has a real thing for expensive restaurants, flashy cars and the good things in life. A real believer in living life king size. A staunch Delhi-ite , his only regret is he'll have to head to mumbai initially ( but as long as there's a hard rock cafe handy, he does’nt even mind mumbai that much)
  41. 80. calm even in DIRE straits….listens to songs and a &quot;MOVIE&quot; Collector… Was the first to face &quot;NAG“ Can be nominated for the Kelvinator Coolest One!! The carom and TT champ is one of the most nicest people you find in this college. The guy got his due for his perseverance after throwing away a PPO landing up with the highest pay package
  42. 82. He's the ultimate narcissist as seen by the constantly updated snapshots of his own visage. He's the only one to truly understand Porter's model in engineering itself. He sets the dance floor on fire with his crazy steps. He was also banned from orkut for suspicious behaviour during his first year. A split personality, sriram in the real world and lord ram in the virtual world. The self-styled LORD.
  43. 84. Confident but confused, that’s his state of mind most of the times. Known as GOLD medalist, he can get through any interview and presentation with extreme ease. Harldy seen in the campus, … usually busy with his commitments outside IIFT Delhi. “Pushpa…”
  44. 86. Amongst the toppers of the batch, he surprised everyone by treading a path in life, which no one else had the guts to step onto: joining a Start-up. A very happy-go-lucky fellow, always ready to help and support anyone and everyone. Always one of the last persons to leave the examination hall. Very practical and street-smart, is sure to reach those dizzy heights in life, which people can only dream about. Most chilled out guy on campus. Extremely intelligent and bold considering what he opted for in the placements. The batch topper, is known for his food antics. An Ideal for many.
  45. 88. He has experienced all possible academic results at IIFT. He is a very studious and intelligent guy but always pretending to be 'oh-so-cool' and 'ghumakkad' types. The real 'Fin Guru' at IIFT- 'Mama' is renowned for a lot of things. He can be a very good Prof of Finance as some of his 'chelas' will vouch. He has some very interesting experiences to narrate of his escapades in London :). Mama has recently taken a pledge to turn temporary teetotaller due to unknown reasons :)
  46. 90. taking bath once in a week and that too after repeated requests from his roomie and friends. the reason for this is …. &quot;taking bath disturbs my normal routine and also winter is not the time to take bath&quot;. He sleeps when everybody is awake i.e at 6 a.m and wakes up when the sun has set. His ideal career should have been in a BPO centre but his dream is to become director of HR where he would have no other work other than to give “GAS” you can find him either at the TT table playing nonsensical shots and speaking too 3 a.m you can find him at Ber Sarai where he goes to have dinner.
  47. 92. An extremely good investor who managed to makes Lakhs out of the Crores he invested in the stock market Most committed student in the batch (to CFA!), Is the DARLINGS of the batch Founder of IIM-C (Indian Institute of Management through Chindiaap), Even 'Virgin'-ia Institute of Technology A go-getter who managed to get into the bank of his dreams.
  48. 94. Meticulous is the best word to describe him. Very serious about studies and marks, but is a total kid at heart. his fav drinks include : mad cow, devil's kiss, sexy teenager PS. none of these have any alcohol!!!! DRDO loss is IIFT's GAIN….ACCOUNTS mein no. 1 always updated with facts, FIGURES….and NEWS….a Meek Chap…is a REVENUE Generation model for all DHABA's in and around IIFT. He along with his better half got to be one of the sweetest couple on campus. This guy has a very good work ethic esp his punctuality stands out. God the chap is always right ! Has the “Ji” attached to his name for a reason. Instead of SOS we use &quot;Sharma ji se pocho&quot;. . “ Yeh Vandan…Vandan Mera Lotey Ka Paisa Dena Rey&quot;…
  49. 96. Soft spoken yet assertive. Intelligent, smart and very sporty. Extremely caring and loyal friend. APPLE is his favourite food…sleeping for 20-26 hrs is a normal routine…which he ritualistically Follows. The hairline is the only shortcoming many people see in him. &quot;Sooo Jaaao….&quot; mai kehtha hoon….. This guy has smiled, laughed nod continued to do so from PDP till date…much to the chagrin of Seniors.... MONALISA cant have done better…... incidentally it was found out that a person was using his name &quot;SANG WON&quot;...and is a top actor in KOREA... Way to go...dude...Rajanikanth is next Called Prem Manager, Loon Papa n Buddhe Baba.
  50. 98. ' Ghumakkad' to the core- she is a part of the fabled 'Family'. A pakka Punjabi and a Delhiite- she takes great interest in Gossip abounding in IIFT. has spent two years with the right combination of groups for projects- she had managed to do Finance and Economics projects without much contribution- a record recently broken :) . extremely good with her HR fundas and is a good agony aunt of sometimes the more frustrated lot amongst us. Among her favourite hobbies are 'chai peena' and 'walking karna', 'katwaria par juice peena',etc. She also has the claim to fame of converting some very 'padhaku' type people into 'ghumakkads'. Someone has recently developed a soft corner for Gili Ji..and His name doesn’t start with R
  51. 100. What does Infosys, TATA, ESSAR,ITC and the people of Uttar Pradesh have in common…well all the biggies had once upon a time an association with this guy….what happened later is not the story coz it doesn’t really matter that Infy suffered a 1 million $ loss due to him…or he never joined essar..or the UP people could never understand him and vice versa etc. etc.... The story really is that this marketing god (tried really hard in fin also ) has all the weapons necessary to make it big in life....and when he doesnt have one he &quot;creates&quot; it...&quot;if you cant convince them confuse them&quot; is his motto and he has the special talent of giving quick , in your face, gaseous and sometimes incomprehensible answers. He actually overturned his entire room to find a glove which he had when he was in class 11th His CV making and modifying abilities are legendary..has a strong belief in the powers of formatting (content can go to hell)...... So the hair may have cut short from the engineering days but the spirit hasn't....Long live the &quot;King&quot;s..... Mobile Rumor Box (good at on-the-spot rumors, citing random sources). His day starts with strategising and ends with it… …... He is the life of a party..what do u expect from a guy called &quot;peg&quot;gy. sings awesome punjabi when he is drunk.... Never the less he is going to rock the marketing world...
  52. 102. Only person who wanted to Major in Strategy !! He has high capabilities like watching 5 movies a day, submitting papers for competition by working just 2 hrs, etc Quizzing stud of the batch..... he can acquire Multinational Bank with the money which he has won through competitions. one the high net worth individual (NHI) targeted by Airtel because he talks to some special person every 15 mins............ Might turnout to be &quot;Richest Person&quot; of the batch when his ESOP gets realized in YES Bank.
  53. 104. hai aur bhee duniyaa me sukhanvar bahut achhe kahte hai ki Ghaalib kaa hai andaaz-e-bayaaN aur shayari ke surroor mein mast. Bhau is really a simpleton…who is interested in nothin but assignments.. who lost his interest as soon as he got the least in the same exam which he taught to the entire batch…. You will rarely find such people, who is so punctual, so obsessed with his work ….He is the biggest fan of Madhuri Dixit and Ghalib. A true BANIYA, takes bath once in 3 days, walks 2 km for MAST WALI CHAI, He had not unpacked his bags completely till last day in IIFT, Came to MBA to get rid of IT, and landed up with software again.......... this guy is an ardent collector of good music and poetry. when he speaks like he has seen life a lot, its worth believing him His laptop has to be kept on a pillow for it to workhas some of the most outstanding gtalk status of little words but big dreams… Guptaaaa has nothing gupt about him, not even his love for paan TRADE prof of iift…
  54. 106. … Professionally a smooth operator…is the official Azim-o-Shaan Shehenshah of the GOOGLE world… has manufactured innovations in the field of protecting one’s territory from invaders… This quiz buff really knows the stuff & is as smart as Shakuni mama cud ever be…writes impressive blogs… … .Has a charm that attracts girls in droves…. Also he was a Project Manager, Telecommunications at Infosys at a young age of 32 before joining IIFT… learnt his stuff early & remains on phone frenzy atleast 20 hours a day… One of Founding member of Khambal Valley.. Also, generally his rate of return after drinking is extremely high atleast 200 per cent…. Aka Chuchi..No 82 aka Bhokaal mantri… A playful creature..replete with Bhokaals
  55. 108. the tallest guy in the batch....... total bindaas guy who never says no to anything.. movies, kicking ass in counterstrike.. … Had many sleepless nights in first year due to his close association with some extra-ordinary people....gaming freak.... His Ashok Leyland stories are whether its pondicherry..Hosur..Chennai or Korba......has a special place in his heart for chennai and south Indian food :) he has a story for every occasion and no party in IIFT can be complete without the &quot;Dada&quot; move.... the complete neck banger...... DADA- because of his age as well of the receding hairline has only one funda in life....&quot;when ‘ullas is here’, Chill ekdum&quot;
  56. 110. He's just lazy and is as innocent as Pamela Anderson. Has royal tastes.. A big foodie.. He loves playing Cricket on his lappie. And he plays as well as an old lady on sleeping pills. And recently, he's trying hard to exercise so that he'd look good for a “someone”. He was the mastermind behind the &quot;Great French Revolution&quot; which created history in IIFT. And yeah not to mention he is one of the most handsome guys on campus and was the priority number 1 of many gals in IIFT. A trend setter but become too busy with his other half these days. He had a secret desire during his Mumbai trip in October which ould not be fullfilled. VJ; Thekedaar; Bajrangi; Singhania.
  57. 112. .. Recent convert to the fanclub 'Jodha Akbar' has seen the movie twice and is a walking talking wikipedia wen it comes to historical facts on the same. His favourite quote ' no matter how full u are there is always space for ice cream as it fills in the gaps'. His &quot;Section A&quot; communications were very informative.. At the same time many guys used to mark section A communications mail as SPAM.. known also called 'THE CR or Mr CR' of the batch 06-08Avid TT fan and major major food freak. Has the most amazing (and ridiculous) sense of humour Had his own brand of PJs known as &quot;Teja Jokes (TJ)&quot;
  58. 114. One fine day, a pigeon was found dead on his bed in the old hostel.. What a day it was, when people from far and near.. from 3rd floor to 6th floor thronged room no. 61 to express surprise and disgust over His brutality.. Inki nazron sey koi nahin bach sakhtha…. Pinky, Khabootar, Sindhwani, Vineet Gupta,…..yahan tak ki….PLACECOM aur CPA….were all thoroughly assessed by this Magnanimous Persona... another EXCEL, SPSS guru.... he is not easily convinced of nythin....nd i MEAN nythin... One who goes to the extent of drawing a circle on the wall and practice TT in the room..! His life is a comedy of errors. Tries to do right things but somehow things go awry. He was the one who locked his horns with PD and the Director right on his first day... he simply told them on first day that IIFT's curriculum is ill-designed.
  59. 116. an ideal Indian male straight from the Ekta Kapoor K serials. He always has a smile intact on his lips. An attentive listener, he is blessed to have a certain someone who literally pumps information into his ears….DADA
  60. 118. This member of the famous 'Family' is one of the most chirpy & bubbly person in the batch. She is usually found at &quot;top of the world&quot; - both literally and figuratively.. The first to get married in our batch, she's nicknamed &quot;La Senora&quot;/Aunty by her close friends.
  61. 120. Often found half-nude, … invests most of his time playing FIFA or watching movies. Tissue epitomizes laziness and a self-proclaimed shrike.
  62. 122. An ardent stock market follower and huge Ganguly fan. He doesn’t mind having 11 Dadas while playing online- cricket. He does all his works with such honesty that it frightens people around him. The legendary &quot;Polter&quot; is a straight-forward person who always speaks his mind.
  63. 124. A computer freak, he has hacked unimaginable number of accounts and is a constant source of worry for the IIFT D, IT department Also known as Pai he is the person to contact incase of help need regarding laptop, medication and what not. This Punjabi Gabru with a cute smile is soft-spoken and very helpful.. SSS is often described as the only person who looks like a 'true manager'.
  64. 126. He is stuck on Maslow's Love/Belonging level who seldom gives up his sleep He is the IT stud of the batch is who is married to his laptop. The Duck of the batch is a terrifying (oops terrifying!) company who can quack his way to the top. He introduced Hi-Five at IIFT and seems to know everything about everything.
  65. 128. a calm chap with a resolute of granite. ..has loads of patience and hardly loses temper. He gives great attention to details and works diligently . He loves playing chess while watching movies. Overall, a great person who never minds giving “ride” to those who need it.
  66. 130. bahut bhola rehta hai..moods!! engg .days se “roommates ki chaddian apni batata raha hai.”.moods is a dude!! An enigma of sorts. Only guy in the batch to regret the revoke of a suspension. He's closely linked to Murphy and has a repertoire of believe-it-or-not incidents. He's a strategist in the making and has an endless stream of ideas. Real life Dussashana… !!, His TT style looks like someones squatting mosquitoes.., &quot;Conceived&quot; a Baby with IMF President
  67. 132. With tons of Strategic know-how this man is sure to reach huge heights. He is one of the exotic species who don’t spoil group dynamics simply by not participating in them. &quot;Friends, Romans And Countrymen.I give a damn to whatever you think. But will not shirk away from what I want to say&quot;, sayeth the articulate President!
  68. 134. a true Entrepreneur and Marketeeeer in the deepest sense!!! His love of the batch – AD!!! (It’s not After Death, but the one worth dying for). So much into birdie watching such that his eyes are never on the lens while clicking THE photo… try to argue with him, and you will get it back! Visited record : 18 countries in one year, shit missed the target by 2! Uses minimum of 3 extra sheets for any exam, even Espanol! Longest ever testimonial written for Prashant!... Katrick!!!
  69. 136. A big sports freak his priorities in order are 1) Sleeping and eating, 2) cricket and TT, 3) Chewing gum.- Can chew on the same piece of gum for the whole day! He is the unofficial doctor for his friends, taking care and advising them in case anyone falls ill. The first member of Saikat Bannerjee's Star Parivar he has a strict aversion to marketing from then on. This Systemix coordinator has been a favourite with ALL the IT profs starting from T Devi to Anshu to O P Wali. He is Always In-TIME !! (total pun intended) and very specific in make-up (puts lip-gloss looking into the mirror!).
  70. 138. &quot;BHAI&quot;…..Kehye…Kya seva karoon mein aapki…..itnee deentha…aur itna sadbhaav….this guy PERSONIFIES it! There are different schools of thought as to whether he is an ABLE Politician or an ENABLER. He is the &quot;Star-Star&quot; CFA of the batch 06-08. He is well known for taking people into &quot;KONE MAIN&quot; and then pushing the CVs of them at the time of placements. By consensus he is known to be a very a sincere fellow who believes in &quot;PUSH&quot;. Now corporates get ready to be &quot;PULLED&quot; by Jain sahib!
  71. 140. This guy is the REAL MBA who helped many people through his Samaj Messaging Seva(SMS). This competition king has served various roles in IIFT from being the finance teacher of many.. to being the alarm clock of some being the winning competition partner of others. &quot;Ramakrishna&quot; a favourite student of Mr. Ravi Kumar, has been taciturn in his class ever since the professor took a liking for him. 'Drillmaster' has immense potential and one of the most meticulous and hard working guys. A complete self made man who garnered pots of wealth by winning many competitions and will definitely be 'the Richest person' one day.
  72. 142. An awesome company and brilliant singer. This Mallu gal is a woman of steel She has been &quot;the Zombie&quot; of the batch.
  73. 144. Facts & Figures are his forte. You can’t beat him because he has DATA on anything under the Sun. Someone who has proved himself by the sheer dint of Hard Work. Lovingly called the ‘ Narad Muni’ of the batch. The best “Brand” Manager in IIFT – changed his nickname from Pharma Jain to Data Jain to Trade Jain to Risk Data Jain .
  74. 146. Denied entry to most pubs or discs , his friends have had to plead his case at every watering hole in town with bar managers keeping a special eye on him. He tries to portray his Mama’s boy image by going for lunch every day at the neighboring B-school. A whiz at online games and strategy, this ‘master of the game’ has excelled at competitions be it the famed Mousetrap or ET Citi grandmasters. Has a penchant for all activities that are forbidden to kids be it downloading of explicit material or boozing. The ‘kid’ of the batch, also known as Lil Johnny, Kurrly googler… Focused towards FMCG, he finally landed up in a very similar sector called i-banking!!
  75. 148. Always wins motley brew cricket matches – oops, but for the other team! She has been ever since trying to change her &quot;peer group&quot;, though unsuccessfully!” She makes honest effort to understand comedy – inquisitive mind! The&quot;Statistician&quot; of the Batch – the only favourite of Deepak Chawla. She was code named Behan!Barclays! Oops!! Who would now manage risk, She or Barclays!! Raji alias Chirkut alias DML (Dabba Magga Lakshmi) alias Sustee!
  76. 150. supposed to be a very 'INNOCENT' guy. Theodore Levitt ka pakka bhakt, he can speak on something he has no idea about for hours together Cheetah or Puttu is a guy of ample Gas considering his the size.. One big flirt and Casanova …wrote a poem for his girlfriend on V-Day and sent it to 2 girls just changing the names A 'so called' Brandwagon coordinator
  77. 152. one of the few privileged ones to have a fan community for himself on orkut!! &quot;Sun meri baat&quot; is how all his sentences start when he suggests his innovative ideas (which, after listening, u realize everybody already knew!!! . He had the guts to give an ‘alcohol induced’ presentation in Economics while simultaneously chatting on Gtalk.). This guy had the simplest placement process at IIFT- 1 GD... 1 interview and the guy completed his MBA. The rest of the 2 years were spent missing classes and getting 'bukhaaaar' (his God-level pharma know-how comes of no help!), recovering quickly enough only to get it again He is the resident expert of bhangra
  78. 154. Sheher mein uthi chingari -…. He has the best time sense in this world, will turn up only when u least expect him. Bihari jee is one of the most respected. Can endlessly eat 'khaini' and keep telling stories in his typical style. He came up with some of the most common phrases in the history of IIFT like &quot;Market ki Khabar&quot;, &quot;Meter Down&quot;….&quot;Arey Bhaiya….yeh Kya ho raha hai&quot;. This Cashanova Club Co-coordinator – A diehard fan of Manoj Tiwari and Raju Srivastava.
  79. 156. Compulsive Amreekan Gymmer with a seasonal French beard. Generally found sleeping and selling soft drinks in Gurgaon He asks for a pair jeans and soap at all odd hour’s n moments This lanky six foot ,35 kg dOODe is The late night scavenger of the batch The Freebie King of the Batch… Mr. IIFT in the truest sense....
  80. 158. The guy who joined IIFT to do a HR specialization and realized after two weeks that it is not offered here!! Often asks the most simplest of the questions.. has a special interest in SPQM subject … for all the gud reasons..according to SPQM mam he is the only man in the class. His Fav. Dialogue is &quot; It's a smalllll thing nooooo&quot;.
  81. 160. A brilliant bathroom singer. F1 Racer, Man-U Die-Hard Fan, When she walks into a room - a smile from her and a 4000 watt bulb lights up in the room. Believes classes are more for watching cartoons, movies than learning stupid fin fundas but still manages to outshine everyone. she is always game for a spirited walk or a table tennis match. An avid listener (when it comes to gossip), Best Point: Incessant Giggling. She can’t stop laughing at the most weird things, sometimes when they don’t even make sense. Has many fans and followers in the campus. Best Punjabi Dancer :), Chocoholic!
  82. 162. When he speaks, the boundary between Gas and Facts vanishes. A guy who has an unsurpassed way with words. Known to come up with &quot; I have a question &quot; at all elections and important times. An integral part of the CRC evolution chain. Some people believe that he is a hostler; others say he's a Dayski - The truth no one knows except …
  83. 164. Master of silence and spades She is off on the wall street parade.. Sleeping is her passion with her came alive Socrates Vision.. the Bongi who drove the senior batch crazy the Economics topper without whom our funda's would have been hazy
  84. 166. Gossip Boy 2 Anybody who said that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach surely had this guy in mind. Still holds the record for having maximum Sambhar kachoris in Andhra Bhavan. Takes food so seriously that he actually perspires when he eats. In the good old days, when he still had his laptop, he used it in some of the most unthinkable postures possible . Gave a tough harrowing time to many couples with his constant presence in the computer room since then. The &quot;chocolate&quot; boy can give some of the most diplomatic answers when it comes to Place com matters.
  85. 168. .&quot;bankable&quot; had all the big banks of the country swooning after her all year around….. the girl is surely a &quot;bank&quot; of fun, laughter and lot of vellagiri. Very unlike her curly and complex hair she had the first official cross-connection in IIFT ( still going strong and stronger).. This Stephanian with oodles of “ATTITUDE&quot; is the sweetheart of most around her. She helps people pass exams without any problem… A budding lyricist whose dreams were crushed when she got thru IIFT. Has created masterpieces like: main saj ke jawaan, halka halks re, papaya the sailor,and not to forget WATER BODY!!!
  86. 170. the G-20 guy, The various hairstyles, the popular cap which made a lot of noise around, or the fancy shoes, or the jackets all get sighs from around. From IIPM to part-time IIFT to ICFAI, who’s not a fan. Started getting random calls from some so called IIFT gal before 14 th too, but just escaped. From avatar marketing to PMP to RCA-TII in the various projects, what’s not in the kitty. The painter/the cricketer/the biker/the gymmer/the body-builder who gave shape to the CD-Brochure too Nowadays, having frequent visits to Jaipur, seems the tea-freak is to settle very very soon.
  87. 172. Has a very good work ethic and is widely told that she survives on 2 hours sleep a day!! She can even convince you to consume poison. This Placecom Convener is a smooth talker.
  88. 174. He is known to pamper himself and it takes him more time than girls to dress up.. a cool customer and hardcore foodie. a true &quot;laugh-a-minute&quot; who is actually a sensible and sensitive person Claims that alcohol can’t give him a high anymore once he is HIGH.
  89. 176. IIFT’s eternal ECO teacher…. the complete chatterbox can talk for hours non stop…loves to gossip.... hell even made a word doc of gossip chat.. her fav pastime is watching movies in class.... the sole provider of food ( and now movies and serials) to many a lesser mortals living in IIFT… the youngest CEO of the batch... with a stock broking firm in her name… &quot;HUM LOG&quot; will surely go places in the corporate world...coz. thats the way the &quot; biscuits&quot; crumble.
  90. 178. The teacher of the batch, awesome blogger and avid computer gamer. P.S – Doesn’t eat ice cream when she’s on a DIET, but doesn’t mind chocolate cakes!!!
  91. 180. A powerful orator and a very sincere person. Someone who strongly believes in simplicity. An intelligent chap and a keen observer. This guy also has a good philosophical bent of mind. P.S – Fell in Love in class 2 – realized this in IIFT 15 years later
  92. 182. The most helpful guy on campus. A large hearted person who understands the meaning of friendship and his sensitive and affectionate to his buddies. Known for his rough driving, smashes in badminton and finance fundas, he also believes that he is a good cook. Hollywood action movies and thrillers are pale in comparison compared to a drive in his car. His car also has he magical ability to fit in any number of people (the record is 8 so far).
  93. 184. This guy has done it all - official responsibilities, competitions, cracked academics, had fun. Never cowed down by situation.. The Youngest member of the Batch of 2008. Favorite Pastime: Watching Movies like TV serials, Meeting Professors in their rooms to score impression, Best Placecom Speech, French Philosopher. He once took on sindhwani and even sindhwani had to acknowledge his prowess ye hain IIFT ke 'DESI' aadmi…waise ye khana sirf SUBWAY mein khaate hain and paani ki jagah diet coke peete hain but apne aap ko 'DESI' aadmi kehte hain.
  94. 186. <ul><li>But there is no end to this movie. We wish you luck for the journey ahead ... </li></ul>