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Overview on Mobile Cross Platform Development


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An overview on Mobile cross platform development given at The Junction

Published in: Technology
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Overview on Mobile Cross Platform Development

  1. 1. Mobile Cross Platform Development 27/3/2012 The Junction
  2. 2. Shahar Zrihen http://www.meetup/CoronaIL/
  3. 3. What Is CrossPlatform Development
  4. 4. Device Segmentation By OS
  5. 5. Yearly Appstore Revenue By OS
  6. 6. Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too?
  7. 7. * SDK Lock In* Limited Control* Performance (?)* You can’t always use your own tools
  8. 8. * Decreased * SDK Lock In Development Time * Limited Control* Single Code Base * Performance (?)* Flatten the * You can’t always learning curve use your own* Reach additional tools platforms
  9. 9. Designing Multi-platform AppsDevice Centric App.Centric VS
  10. 10. 3 Flavors of CPDWeb Hybrid CompiledApp App App
  11. 11. Web App Frameworks
  12. 12. Web App Flow “Regular” web pages that are loaded Web Browser(Safari, Chrome etc) from a remote server or installed locally. Local or Remote JS, HTML5, CSS
  13. 13. Notable Web AppsTravelMate Kumbaya Tumblr TubeTweet
  14. 14. Hybrid Apps Frameworks
  15. 15. Hybrid App Flow Similar to a Web App – Native App A native app runs a JS/HTML application in a webview with a BridgeWeb APIView Bridge for Device API access.HTML5 / Javascript
  16. 16. Notable Hybrid AppsWikipedia NBC iPad Harmonious Wunderlist
  17. 17. Compiled Apps Frameworks
  18. 18. Notable Cross Compiled Apps Mooniz Let’s create! Shadowgun(Marmalade) Pottery HD (Unity) (Unity)
  19. 19. Cross Compiled App FlowSDK CodebaseCode Generator Code in SDK language is compiled into native applications for each platform. Native Apps
  20. 20. Choose The Right“But Choose wisely, Forwhile the true Grail willbring you life, the false Grailwill take it from you.”
  21. 21. Thank You.http://www.meetup/CoronaIL/