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Irish Internet Association - Join Us


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Presentation on why join the IIA.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Irish Internet Association - Join Us

  1. 1. Join Us – Here’s Why
  2. 2. v We Plug You in
  3. 3. We Plug You in We help your business grow by providing quality education and training programs We support new businesses to Ireland with an instant industry network of people and partners We provide a platform for innovation and collaboration Our Working Groups help members to develop standards to progress our industry We connect skilled people with businesses and industry experts
  4. 4. We Help You Grow
  5. 5. We are Influencers We work with our members to create events and initiatives to grow awareness of our industry We develop policy and lobby the Government on key industry issues and public consultations We promote the adoption of technology by all – cloud adoption, e-commerce, digital inclusion We are your voice with policy makers; HEA, Forfas, EI, NSAI We represent and promote the industry at conferences and events
  6. 6. vWe are Your Team
  7. 7. We are Your Team We support you, recommend you, listen to you and listen out for you We help to promote your products and services to national and international customers We create great free events where experts share their experiences and insights with you We celebrate and recognise your creativity and innovation with our annual awards We are your businesses biggest fan and love to tell people about your business.
  8. 8. Join Us The IIA are a not for profit organisation with one agenda - helping you and your business. Joan and Ailbhe will be working on those little big things that you wish you had time to do, learn, train, share, promote, shout about and find out about. More ears on the ground for you, voices in the air for you and hands on the deck for you. Can you afford not to join?