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  1. 1. Created by TJanice Chen Class : K S U N A M I
  2. 2. Map of theJapan thatplacesTsunamimosthappenand thebiggest thecirclelarger thelevel.
  3. 3. Vocabulary Native Definition Word Language V Natural 自然災害 Unusual disasters happen natural disasters O Tsunami 海嘯 A high "water wall" that covers up the coastal C Waves 海浪 Fret of the water Undersea 海底地震 Earthquake under the sea Aearthquake Coastal 沿海 Land that nears the sea BWavelength 波长 Length of the water wave in the sea U Tide 海潮 When the water goes up to the land (sea L level gets higher) Tide surge 海潮暴漲 Sea level goes up super fast ADestructive 破壞性海嘯 Tsunami that broke everything tsunami RVertical fault 垂直斷層 When the undersea land break and it goes up and down. Y
  4. 4. CAUSES/EFFECTS Causes Effects Undersea Earthquake.  Economy of a Country. Large level of Typhoon.  Water Pollution. Undersea Volcano.  Slowly become a country with small populations.
  5. 5. 350003000025000 Graphs2000015000 Number of death100005000 0 Of 1707 1792 1896 2011 10 9 8 Power of the 7 6 Tsunami Levels 5 Power of the level 4 & 3 2 1 Number of death 0 1707 1792 1896 2011
  6. 6. EVIDENCE Supporting Data: Tsunami is like undersea earthquake and it happen undersea 50km. Shows that…. The tsunami must happen near the seaSupporting Data:The animal can heard one kind of sound so they will run away.Shows that… If people take care of the signal they can run away.
  7. 7. Prevention• Watch TV and care of the News that will shows 5mins before Tsunami• TIS (Tsunami / Information statement Conclusions Paragraph In this project, I learn how Tsunami happens and a lot of details about Tsunami. Tsunami is an undersea earthquake, it happens 50km under the water so it can makes in Tsunami. It is a very large scale of natural disaster.
  8. 8. Pictures of Tsunami