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  1. 1. Nurun
  2. 2. A galaxy is a massive collection ofstar, gas, and dust. They gather togetherwith dust, gas, and other things in clusterscalled galaxy. It’s made up of young staralong with lots of gas and dust. Galaxy havedifferent kind of shapes. There are threeshapes elliptical, irregular, and spiral.Galaxy
  3. 3.  It come in different sizes like (dwarf,large, giant) It come in different shapes andclassifications. Spirals Elliptical IrregularsWhat is a Galaxies?
  4. 4. Some of galaxies have around theshapes. The stars in an ellipticalgalaxies are usually older than thestar other of galaxies.
  5. 5. IrregularIrregular galaxies are smaller thanelliptical and spiral galaxies. Theshape of an irregular galaxy isuncommon. Usually have lots ofgas and dust and young stars.
  6. 6. SpiralSpiral galaxies are shaped like flattened disk.Usually have one or more spiral arms. It has lots ofgas and dust and younger stars in their arms, butolder stars and little gas or dust. It made up of starand gas. It have flat disk, spiral arms, centralbulge, and a surrounding. There is no dwarf spirals.
  7. 7. Level
  8. 8. Diagrams
  9. 9. The Milky Way It has about 200 billion stars, and lots of gas and dust. It’s about 100,000 light-years wide. A large group of stars outside of our own Milky Way. Made of billions to trillions of stars. Also it has gas and dust Spiral, or elliptical, or irregular shaped.
  10. 10. The End