Resilient Supply Chains: How to Dynamically Manage Risk, Opportunity, and Business Continuity


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Supply chain disruptions are occurring at an alarming rate. An unrelenting barrage of man-made risk and natural disasters has made a profound and highly-visible impact on many global operations. Despite immediate attention on short term recovery, companies affected experience sustained, long-term impacts to share price, shareholder value, and operating performance.

Companies can no longer afford to be unprepared for the inevitability of disruption. As simple players within large, globally-integrated supply chains, they must become resilient to the volatile factors threatening sustained performance. And, resilience will only be achieved when companies master the ability to sense and respond to changes -- before they occur.

Join this 1-hour webcast where IHS experts will discuss supply chain risk and outline the importance of becoming resilient:

- Who is at risk from supply chain disruption?
- What does it mean to be resilient?
- Where do traditional approaches to risk fail?
- Why are leaders re-tooling their super-lean supply chains?
- How can your organization sense and respond to change?

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