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IHS Webcast: Impacts of Weather and Climate Change on Global Agriculture Markets


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Many organizations have struggled with price volatility and how to best plan for the impacts on key crops and livestock in diverse regional markets. As a result, the IHS Global Agriculture Team has recently completed a scenario analysis which quantifies the impacts of weather and climate change on global agriculture markets by major product and region.

Join us for this 1-hour webcast where leading IHS economists will review the scenario methodology and share some of the key findings of this ground breaking study.

- Which crops and markets are most impacted?
- Does price volatility from weather variation encourage global acreage to expand in order to have enough supply capacity to offset downward seasons?
- Do multiple years of price volatility add a price premium above a baseline outlook?
- Do favorable supply years balance out low supply years?

This webcast will help you develop informed market forecasts and identify risks affecting the bottom line for farmers, corporations and governments.

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