Branding committee logo meeting 8.10.12


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Branding committee logo meeting 8.10.12

  1. 1. Statewide Longitudinal Data SystemBRANDING, COMMUNICATIONS &MARKETING COMMITTEEAugust 10, 2012
  2. 2. Category Facts The SLDS:  Is an easy to use, web-based tool to track students from Pre-K to employment through post- employment training  Provides a way to measure outcomes and correlate data  Will make it easier for business and industry to find information needed to make decisions  Is a one-stop shop that will be live on 7/1/2013
  3. 3. Product/Service Issues The SLDS provides:  A snapshot of information on degrees and wages, in context  Information that can be used by policymakers when making performance-based budgeting decisions and planning economic development initiatives  Information that can be used by education leaders when making curriculum and program development plans, forecasting enrollment or developing remediation plans
  4. 4. Competitive Facts Competitor websites include:  State agency websites  Federal government websites Beyond what these provide, SLDS provides:  Linking, context, accuracy  Information from early childhood to workforce  Frequent updates
  5. 5. Customer Facts Primary Customers:  Educators (Pre-K-20)  Policymakers  Business Sector  Owners, economic developers and site selectors Secondary Customers:  Media  Researchers  Public and parents
  6. 6. Business Objectives The objectives of the SLDS are to:  Provide a one-stop shop for information  Provide context for information on all levels of education and workforce  Improve the educational system  Improve economic development  Improve the quality of life in Mississippi
  7. 7. Role of Communications Drive users to the site Inform users on:  What the system is  How the system is new and unique  How the system is an improvement over previous systems  How to use the site  How the site helps make Mississippi better Dispel fears that the system represents “Big Brother”
  8. 8. AudiencesTarget Audience Current Mindset Desired MindsetEducators May or may not be aware View it as a tool to drive Unnecessary duplication decisions, improvePolicymakers May or may not be aware Connect decisions made View data as inaccurate to outcomes achievedBusiness Sector Believe there is no central View it as a one-stop location for information shop for accurate infoResearchers Believe it is an enormous View it as a one-stop task to gather data shop for quick accessPublic/Parents Feel insecure about Miss. Believe Miss. Has capable Give mixed reviews workforceMedia Focus on the “gotcha” Shape stories in positive stories manner
  9. 9. Key Messages The information contained in the system can be used to improve the quality of life in Mississippi. The site demonstrates the relationship between education and economic development. The system is a resource that provides information from many agencies in one online source. The data contained in the system is accurate and provided in context. The SLDS is a tool to gain data to drive decisions. The SLDS is secure and protects personal data.
  10. 10. Name Mississippi Lifetracks Center
  11. 11. Slogan Data to Power Mississippi
  12. 12. LOGO DESIGN
  13. 13. What our logo should be:
  14. 14. What our logo should do:
  15. 15. Logo 1
  16. 16. Logo 2
  17. 17. Logo 3
  18. 18. Incorporated into Website