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HVH Introduction Presentation

  1. 1. Hickman, Van Horn & Associates…. Corporate Introduction Nov 1st 2009 © Copyright 2009
  2. 2. Mission Statement • To offer companies a single source for support of the product creation process • Our mission is to help companies develop a PLM vision, develop a roadmap and then execute on that roadmap with a quality consortium of outstanding companies and professional services personnel. • We strive to deliver the right resource at the right time for the www.hvhtek.com right price Slide 2 © Copyright 2009
  3. 3. Support for the Total Product Creation Process from Concept to First Use… • Business Process Assessments – Is your company aligned to maximize technology & best practices for the right business goals? • Product Innovation – Is your company always searching for new ways to do business? • Systems Architecture & Road Map – Do you have an effective PLM vision? • Conceptual Engineering – Do you have the necessary staff to support all your new product concepts? • Training – Does your staff understand how to use your business tools and gain maximum benefit? • Advanced Engineering Analysis – Do you have the right technical resources to make effective design decisions in a timely manner? • Industry Expertise – Are you looking for assistance with Real World Aerospace Knowledge? • User support for data creation – Do you have the right support personnel to support your product creation process Slide 3 © Copyright 2009
  4. 4. Support for the Total Product Creation Process from Concept to First Use… • Delivery of Detail Engineering packages – Do you have the right mix of engineering resources to meet your schedules? • Deployment & Support of data management tools – Do you need proven capabilities, that have Real experience in the deployment of data management tools for maximum results? • Shop floor layout architecture – Is your manufacturing plan in line with your engineering schedule? • Robotics integration & programming – Are you utilizing the right mix of automation techniques in your business? • Titanium Part manufacture by Electron Beam Melting (EBM) – Are you using all the correct manufacturing processes to meet your schedules? • Outsourced manufacturing – Are you choosing the right suppliers who can deliver parts on a timely basis with the right quality that you need? • Standardization of Best Practices – Are all your people utilizing the correct methods and practices? Are all your people using similar techniques? Slide 4 © Copyright 2009
  5. 5. Associates and Capabilities EOS Solutions Innovation Design Hampton, KALYPSO Scott Assembly Knowledge V5 Engineering Quartus WSU-NIAR Key HVH Product Creation Elements Analysis Process My CalRAM Inc. Manufacture Machine Inc Enterprise App Integration EBM PCO StrikeWire Innovations Slide 5 © Copyright 2009
  6. 6. Associate Overview Slide 6 © Copyright 2009
  7. 7. HVH Associate Companies – EOS Solutions • EOS Solutions is one of the world's leading providers of software, hardware and professional services for the engineering community, with an emphasis on the aerospace, defense, and petro-chemical industries. EOS provides value-added engineering services focused on manufacturing including Tool Design, NC Programming, Manufacturing planning, Robotics, Plant Layouts, Operations Modeling and Analysis, Supply Chain Optimization and Asset Management. • EOS is also focused on downstream utilization of Engineering Data with emphasis on Tech Pubs, MRO and supplier integration. Slide 7 © Copyright 2009
  8. 8. HVH Associate Companies - Kalypso • Kalypso is a consulting company focused exclusively on innovation, product development, and product lifecycle management disciplines. Kalypso have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience across all aspects of innovation and product development. Their expertise includes product roadmapping & strategy, product portfolio management, new product development & introduction, intellectual property commercialization, product lifecycle management (PLM) processes & technology implementation. They help clients deliver improved growth and productivity. Kalypso has developed a unique method - The Innovation Engine - that addresses all the dimensions of new product development. In addition, The Innovation Engine assessment assists clients to prioritize initiatives that meet their stated innovation & product development goals and business challenges. Slide 8 © Copyright 2009
  9. 9. HVH Associate Companies – PCO Innovations • PCO-Innovations is an international independent consulting and services group specialized in optimization of innovation processes and implementation of the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) approach within the company. Focusing on continuous innovation, concurrent Product/Process/Service engineering, digital prototyping, operation in extended enterprise with customers and subcontractors. • PCO is headquartered in Montreal, with offices throughout Europe and North America. • PCO has over 500 personnel delivering on the promise of PLM to major companies throughout the world. Slide 9 © Copyright 2009
  10. 10. HVH Associate Companies – Hampton Scott Group • Hampton Scott is a CA based company specializing in Engineering and Consulting. With skills in a variety of CAD packages, they have a tremendous depth in aerospace design and advanced surfacing skills and can offer consulting, engineering, lofting, conversion and tool design. • Terry Hampton is a Master Loftsman and has acted on behalf of major aero customers such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman and NASA. His staff is made up of some of the best aerospace engineers in the LA area. Slide 10 © Copyright 2009
  11. 11. HVH Associate Companies – Quartus Engineering • Quartus Engineering is a Design and Analysis company with offices in San Diego, CA and El Segundo,CA. Quartus has significant experience in test and analysis along with design skills across the CAD spectrum. Catia, Pro-E, Solidworks and Ideas design with analysis tools such as Ansys, Nastran, LS-Dyna and many others. Quartus is unique in its ability to deliver designs with a complete engineering analysis skill set. • Quartus has major aerospace projects in the analysis area from Satellite systems to launch vehicles to engine nacelles. Slide 11 © Copyright 2009
  12. 12. HVH Associate Companies - Strikewire • Strikewire Technologies is a software implementation company that specializes in End-to-End Product Data Management solutions that streamline product development, manufacturing and ongoing product support. Strikewire Technologies develops solutions that reduce manufacturing lead-time provide inventory reductions and give customers the critical edge that all businesses seek in today’s global economy. • Strikewire has critical skills in multiple PDM tools such as Matrix-One, Windchill, TeamCenter and SAP PLM. • Major System integration skills for building PDM to ERP integrations Slide 12 © Copyright 2009
  13. 13. HVH Associate Companies – V5 Engineering WSU/NIAR. • V5 Engineering WSU/NAIR is a combination of industry expertise (NIAR), Educational Excellence (Wichita State University) and technical execution (V5E). • NIAR – National Institute of Aviation Research is pioneering many unique processes specific to the challenge of aerospace engineering, whether it be in composite design or manufacturing technologies, NIAR is pushing the frontier on behalf of the aerospace industry. • WSU - Wichita State University is the 3rd largest recipient of grant funding of all Universities with a focus on aerospace engineering. This focus enables world class training, technical solutions & advanced capabilities be available too potential aerospace customers. Slide 13 © Copyright 2009
  14. 14. HVH Associate Companies – CalRAM Inc. • CalRAM Inc. manufactures titanium parts for Aerospace, Medical, Sporting Goods and other industries directly from CAD models, using cutting edge electron beam melting technology in just days. • This process is a tremendous benefit for companies needing a quick turnaround for complex parts and small production runs that require titanium parts. • Utilizing this approach provides increased time for better engineering in the product creation cycle by utilizing the CalRAM rapid manufacturing process. Slide 14 © Copyright 2009
  15. 15. HVH Associate Companies – My Machine Inc. • My Machine Inc. provides a wide array of Manufacturing solutions from NC Programming, Inspection, Reverse Engineering and a complete line of 3,4 and 5 axis machining capability. • NC Programming – full capability within CATIA V5 • Inspection – Utilizing Faro arm and Verisurf • Reverse Engineering – scanning services and point cloud to 3D model creation • Machining services – My Machine has provided a wide array of machining capability for major aerospace companies such as Northrop, Boeing, GKN, General Electric, Raytheon and Vought. Slide 15 © Copyright 2009
  16. 16. HVH Associate Companies - IGETIT • Knowledge Management • HVH has been authorized to represent the i.get.it continuous loop learning system from Tata Technologies. • i.get.it provides Computer Based Training and assessments in all major CAD systems from AutoCAD, Inventor, UG, Pro-E, and CATIA V5. • i.get.it provides the ability to develop a customized solution for the best ways to teach how to use a tool in a corporate setting and to deliver that knowledge throughout the organization in a very cost effective way. Slide 16 © Copyright 2009
  17. 17. HVH Associate Customers (partial list) Airbus Honeywell Parker Hannifin ATK ITT Sandia Labs Boeing Lawrence Livermore Scaled Composites Dassault Falcon Jet LearJet Sikorsky Helicopter EADS Lockheed SNECMA General Dynamics NASA Technofan General Electric Northrop Grumman Vought Goodrich Orbital Sciences Slide 17 © Copyright 2009
  18. 18. HVH Founders • Creighton Van Horn – Principal – worked in aerospace community for 31 years. Worked in production Control and Manufacturing planning for 5 years and then spent the past 25 years in Sales & marketing. BS in Management and MBA from California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA • Ian Hickman – Principal – Worked in aerospace community for 30 years. MS Engineering, Career Engineer working at Dowty Aerospace in UK, Bombardier Aerospace in Montreal, then became Aerospace Practice Manager for INCAT in North America before entering the Sales arena in 2007. Slide 18 © Copyright 2009
  19. 19. Why HVH? • If your company is looking to develop and implement an effective PLM vision….! • If your company is looking to streamline your process around your business objectives…! • If your company wants to improve manufacturing and supply chain integration…! • If your company is looking to augment its resource skills in product support, product development……! • If your company is looking for business solutions…..! • If you are looking for a strategic, customer facing, flexible supplier with a deep aerospace heritage……! • ……..then HVH is a logical call. HVH & Associates have the right people at the right time and at the right price when you are ready…! Slide 19 © Copyright 2009
  20. 20. Contact Information • Creighton Van Horn • Website Phone 805-558-5610 www.hvhtek.com creighton.vanhorn@hvhtek.com • Ian Hickman Phone 310-420-8714 ian.hickman@hvhtek.com • Information information@hvhtek.com • Fax 310-494-9375 • Address 1336 N. Moorpark Road #266 Thousand Oaks 91360, CA USA Slide 20 © Copyright 2009
  21. 21. Hickman, Van Horn & Associates Thank You