Communicative language teaching2(slide)


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Communicative language teaching2(slide)

  1. 1. COMMUNICATIVE LANGUAGE TEACHING Presented by siti hanifah
  2. 2. DEFINITION CLT is a theory of language teaching that starts from a communicative model of language and language use and that seek to translate into a design for an instructional system,for material, teacher, learner,and for classroom activities.
  3. 3. THEORY OF CLT 1. Theory of Language There are have characteristics a. Language is system for the expression of meaning b. It primary function is interaction and communication 2. Theory of learning It consist of 2 aspect a. Cognitive b. behavioral
  4. 4. Strength and weakness Strength : 1. the ability to use linguistic system affectively and appropriately 2. Meaning is paramount The primary goal is fluency and acceptable Weakness : Accuracy is not a primary goal 1. The teacher can not exactly what language the student will use 2. Language learning is learning to communicate only.
  5. 5. DESIGN 1. Objective  Language as a means of expression  Language as s object of learning  Language as a means of expressing values about oneself and other. 2. Types of teaching activities  Functional communication (fiving instruction on how to draw a picture/ shapes,and problem solving of object)  Social interaction (conversation, discussion,dialog, role play, debates, etc).
  6. 6. 3. Learners roles The role of learner as negotiator between the self learning process and object learner and interact with group and activities in classroom. 4. Teacher role As facilitate the communication process between all learner in the classroom. To act with the learning and teaching group.
  7. 7. PROCEDURE 1. Presenting several mini dialog 2. Oral practice that to be presented that day. 3. Question and answer based on dialog 4. Question and answer related to the students experiences that centered the dialog theme( explain about it dialog) 5. Interpretative activity (using picture, simple real object,dramatization) 6. Oral recognition ( communicative activity) 7. Sampling of the written homework assignment ( giving assignment) 8. Evaluation of learning.
  8. 8. ROLE PLAYING Definition The role playing is applicable to communicative language teaching, with role playing student can increase their abilities communication. Goal Give simulation to learner, that teaching English is fun teaching, to motivating themselves that they are have chance to increase their ability in group.
  9. 9. Strength and weakness Strength : Really interesting to learner, because the classroom to be fun. The learner feel free in expresion The teacher can evaluated learner experience through observation in role playing
  10. 10. Weakness : Role playing method need long time to actuated Some of learner feeling shy when role playing activity Not all subject can presented with this method.
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