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Stephen Hertenstein Poetry project


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Stephen Hertenstein Poetry project

  1. 1. Sports Stephen hertenstein Mrs. Love, period 2 5/22/14
  2. 2. The Love of the Game Mitchell Browder • It's Friday night, • I've got a game • We play the Indians, • My best friend's team • My uniform's on • It's only 4 o'clock • Mom says we leave • 5:30 on the dot • Tonight's our first game • I'm fast in my new cleats • My glove's broken-in • cause I've slept on it for weeks • I'm still a little nervous • but not about playing • I'm wondering which girls are there • and what I'm going to be saying
  3. 3. Analysis • This poem is a free verse. It doesn’t rhyme or have a regular meter. • The poem is also a ballad. It narrates the life of a typical young baseball player.
  4. 4. Jon- My football Hero Judy Muldowney • One day my little boy of three • With great big smiling eyes • Said, "I'm going to play some football mom • With all the bigger guys!" • Dressed in homemade football gear • You raced out towards the street • I chuckled to myself, but yet... • My heart plunged to my feet. • You came back in fifteen minutes • No scratches on your skin • With much dismay you then announced, • "They wouldn't let me in"! • You claimed they said you couldn't play • Because you were too small • I promised you you'd play one day • When you grew strong and tall. • My promise to you held so true • For now that time is here, • My smiling football player • Is in his senior year • I'm proud of you and all you've done • And for all that you will be • If I just had one wish, I'd wish • That you could still be three.
  5. 5. Analysis • This poem incorporates rhyme scheme. Every even number line rhymes, ex 2-4, 6-8, 10-12. • This poem is also a ballad, written by a mother about her son who is a high school football player.
  6. 6. Surviving the Bull Ride Becky Reynolds • The bull is in the gate • You lower yourself to rest on his back • He moos a threatening sound full of hate • You nod you’re out there's no turning back • He takes off you hold on for life • He twists you follow your body cracking • 3 seconds in he's winning • Your hand is weakening your fingers cramping • 5 seconds in you’re full of pain • Your body says give up • Your mind says I can win • 7 seconds in you’re almost done • Your hand starts slipping • 8 seconds in you hear the buzzer • you let go, fall down, stand up • Your legs are weak your body quivering • But you won that silver buckle • On your belt it slides • Another trophy from your • 8 second rides
  7. 7. Analysis In this poem, there is an onomatopoeia. In the third line, the bull “moos.” Onomatopoeia is a sound/noise made that is expressed in words. Also, at the beginning and end of the poem, rhyme scheme is used.
  8. 8. Tribute to Dale Earnhardt Sr. Mitchell Browder • I have built this machine with bleeding hands • I have shaped it to slice the wind • I have shined it with polish and sweat • I have balanced it with feel • and powered it with iron and steel • I will become one with it and give it life • I will know the wind like the falcon • I will know speed like the cheetah • I will not have fear • for this is where my spirit is free
  9. 9. Analysis • The author of this poem uses imagery to help the reader picture the passion of the sport and all of the hard work Dale Earnhardt put into being the best driver. • I liked this poem because of the word choice and how the author used these words to bring the poem some life.
  10. 10. The Swimmer Carol Merolla • She stands so tall over the water, higher than all Diving so smoothly, slicing in like a knifeShe carves her strokes in perfect flightReaching over the surfaces, she breathes in airFast through the water she rips and tearsShe's ahead of the others, the audience will cheerShe flips and heads back, now the finish is nearPulling and straining with all of her mightShe races to the end never giving up the fight As she reaches the wall, she's beaten them all!
  11. 11. Analysis • This poem uses a simile “slicing in like a knife.” This is a simile because it is a comparison using like/as. • I liked this poem because it captures the intensity of the sport and describes it in a dramatic fashion.
  12. 12. Basketball Nick Schuelke • Basketball is the sport of kings,From the toss of the jump ball to when the buzzer rings.In basketball you have to try your best,Once you do you'll beat all the rest.If you want to win, never lose hope,When there is a problem, learn to cope.Take your shots with confidence,Never with incompetenceJump up for a rebound with all your might,Don't ever do it in a state of fright.Ask for help when you're in need,For if you don't, you'll never succeed.
  13. 13. Analysis • This author uses a couplet in the poem, with lines rhyming one after another. • I liked the poem because as a former Rec Basketball All-American, I appreciate the heart that this fellow hooper put in to the poem.
  14. 14. How I Fly Brian M. • I am a skateboardFlying through the air.Doing anything becauseI don't really care. Flipping and grindingWith all my might.Once I catch some air,I know I'm in flight. • Spinning and twistingWith my natural-born flair.Swirling like the bladeThat is cutting my hair.Being watched by my fans,While doing my best.With the sweat running down my chest,I know in my heartI'm better than the rest. • But I have to confessWhy I am the best?
It is the heart that my God gave me Planted in my chest.
  15. 15. Analysis The author of this poem uses a rhyme scheme. There are multiple times in the poem where it rhymes every other line. What also draws me to this poem is the use of a hyperbole. It is an extreme exaggeration because the author isn’t actually a skateboard. woah
  16. 16. Cheerleader Kim Turlich A cheerleader is special and shows great pride,
With poms in her hands and a megaphone by her side.A smile on her face and spirit in her heart,
She leads the crowd with moves that are sharp.Add In jumps and stunts and chants to yell,
Being a cheerleader is really quite swell !!!!
  17. 17. Analysis • I chose this poem because there wasn’t many other poems on the websites that I was looking at. This is probably one of my least favorite out of the poems I chose. I do like the imagery used in the poem,
 it makes me think of football season.
  18. 18. You Can Argue with a Tennis Ball Kenn Nesbitt • You can argue with a tennis ballor argue with your hat.You can argue with bananasor a broken baseball bat.You can argue with your locker.You can argue with your shoe.You can argue all day longuntil your face is turning blue.You can argue with a pickle.You can argue with a bee.It's a fact that you can arguewith most anything you see.You can argue with the football fieldor argue with the bleachers.But I've found it isn't very smartto argue with the teachers.
  19. 19. Analysis • This poem exemplifies personification. Arguing is a human trait,
 and objects like tennis balls,
 and shoes can not argue like the poem says. • I like this poem because aside from the unrealistic aspects mentioned above,
 the poem is very truthful in saying it isn’t smart to argue with teachers.
  20. 20. Basketball’s My Favorite Sport Kenn Nesbitt • Basketball's my favorite sport.I dribble up and down the court.The ball goes bouncing off my toesand beans the teacher on the nose.He stumbles back and grabs his noseand hits the wall and down he goes.The other players stop and stare.They've never heard the teacher swear.With no one playing anymore,
I grab the ball. I shoot. I score.I love this game! It's so much fun.The teacher cried,
 hey--we won.
  21. 21. Analysis • This poem contains a very extreme exaggeration,
 a hyperbole. • When the teacher’s nose is hit,
 the poem says that his nose falls off,
 this would not happen! So exaggerated! • My favorite part of this poem was the rhyme scheme. (sorry if I’ve used this more than 2 times,
 I’m just saying I like it)
  22. 22. I Am Stephen Hertenstein I am Strawberry Banana Yogurt, Xbox, A Good Friend I love playing lacrosse I like peanut butter and banana sandwiches Common sense is important to me. Sense of humor is important to me. Kindness is important to me. I am kind to most. Sometimes, I am lazy, but most of the time I’m not. Lacrosse is awesome. I eat foods containing bananas everyday because they rock. People need to be nice. I am
  23. 23. Pie Stephen Hertenstein Pie Warm, Delicious Baking, Eating, Smiling Holiday dinner’s finale Pie
  24. 24. Poetry Stephen Hertenstein Poetry Boring, Stupid Writing, Rushing, Rhyming Words, Rhymes, Frustration, Depression Crying, Whining, Dying Death
  25. 25. Spring Sports Stephen Hertenstein Tennis Old people, boring Swinging, hitting, moving Racquet, ball, stick, net Running, slashing, shooting Dirty, smelly Lacrosse
  26. 26. Poetry is so fun Stephen Hertenstein Just because I’m not poetic Don’t make fun of me Don’t give me a poor grade Just because I’m not poetic It doesn’t mean I can’t write a poem It doesn’t stop me from finishing this project It doesn’t mean I don’t have a way with words Just because I’m not poetic Still I struggle with finishing my project Can’t wait until this is over  Just because I’m not poetic – please teach me your poetic ways