Applied Entrepreneurship Essay


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Applied Entrepreneurship Essay

  1. 1. Applied  Entrepreneurship  Natalie DohertyPlease describe your business ideas :Phototherapy Northern Ireland is a New project for kids running incommunity centers around Derry this summer! Phototherapy is atechnique that will allow children to use photography as the catalyst forcommunication, change and healing. Kids will learn digital photographytechniques using a camera, Mac computers and adobe Photoshopsoftware. Culminating in an exhibition upon completion of the project.Letting children take part in the buzz of the City of Culture, Anenlightening path to the success of the future!In the ‘Northern Ireland Survey: the experience and impact of thetroubles.” It was reported that just over half of those with experience ofthe troubles indicate change in their lives. Should be formally recognizedby policy makes and service providers in Northern Ireland, especially intargeting social need. Social support has proven in other causes of post-traumatic stress as a major and most effective source of help in this field.Over 40% of those who did seek help claimed they were unable to findadequate help.When asked about medication to cope, almost one quarter have takensome and 52% of those reported that they were on medicationpermanently. 83 % overall believe that nothing will help.Through the formation of this collection of images, and through amethod of working with groups of affected people providing an insight
  2. 2. and demand for consultations, talks, workshops locally and a morecomprehensive network than at the beginning of this project.How big is the market you hope to address?The local communities within the city of Derry/L’Derry, (city side andwaterside). During the summer periods when children are off school.Possible expansion to the whole of Northern Ireland and other conflictand trauma affected areas around the world.During the City of Culture win last year, there was a buzz about the cityone that has now vanished in the wake of recent and constant dissidentrepublican disruption to the city. If we focus on the youth of the city andgive them a chance to make their own image of their city of culture it cangive them hope and a view of what I city could be.Please describe your plans for developing this concept commercially andinclude a rough timescale for this process.If in conjunction with the City of Culture office this project could be agreat publicity operation for them. Ideally the location of the workshopswill be in the Pilot’s Row community centre in the Bogside, Derry as it iscentral to the city and public transport.Phototherapy Northern Ireland will become a recognized image andbrand for reconciliation, conflict and trauma resolution for children andadults alike. Leading to further research into art therapy developing atype of ‘Photo-Therapy’, PhD research, photographic exhibitions,published work and recognition from the British Association of ArtTherapists (BAAT) and the NHS.Within the first 5 months website, social networking (face book, twitteretc) will be set up. Brand logo will be finalised with cooperation withCity of Culture, following this promotion within the local communitywill commence. Newspaper and radio advertisements, poster and flyersthroughout related areas. Education targets will include local schools andcommunity centers.
  3. 3. Who’s involved in your team and why do you think they’re the rightpeople?Education•Photography•CounselingProfessional•Interests; Documentary photography, entrepreneurship and ArtTherapy.•Freelance photographer and Designer.Personal•Citizen of Derry/L’Derry.•Advocate of culture and arts in education.•Supporter of a prosperous and enlightening future for the City ofCulture committed to making a difference for the better for the people ofDerry/L’Derry.Who will your customers be and why will this idea appeal to them?Children aged 8-18, their parents, anyone who cares about the city ofDerry and wants to invest in it. Workshops will be free of charge tostudents. What happened to the buzz of the City of Culture win? Weneed it back and we need it to last, here’s how;Children of the future need to think in the future not of the past. To dothat they have to learn and we need to educate them..Let’s start here andnow.What are the main challenges you think you will need to overcome inmaking this idea a success?Marketing the workshops, getting the people of Derry to be open mindedabout new artistic approaches to educating children within the arts andcounseling. Establish partnership with city of culture and Derry citycouncil to show that this is a serious project. All concerns will be resolvedonce I speak to them.What is the competition like? What other similar products or services arethere in the marketplace.
  4. 4. There is nothing like this in Northern Ireland. There is nothing like thisin Europe. From my research I have found one photographer in Florida,USA who has begun a somewhat similar project but from what I can seehas not taken advantage of this unique, marketable and profitable idea tothe full.How much do you think it will cost to bring this idea to market and howwould you hope to fund this?I have a domain already,, which is registeredand under re-design. A section of this will be dedicated to PhototherapyNorthern Ireland. With links to twitter and face book account of theproject.• The costs of building website will be within £200-350•Use of a community centre and overheads for three hours, once a weekfor eight weeks. (Preferably Pilot’s Row as that contains a dark room withequipment to be used in classes.) £320•Disposable cameras for those children who do not have their owndigital/film cameras. £117•Dark room chemicals and paper. Resources for film processing, printing.£270•Printing and binding for class handbook. £48• “Photo-Therapy, Northern Ireland” T-shirts for the children to wear during workshops. £55•Further funding will be needed for a possible exhibition of theChildren’s work revolving around their life and view of the city of culture.£100-300How do you think your idea will change the world?I want to change the world through the healing of its people! Childrenare our future? People of Northern Ireland have been waiting for the
  5. 5. future for the past 40 years, we need to stop living in a loop and educateour children about communication and reconciliation.I want to create a series of images that incorporate the field of art therapyinto photography in order for viewers to visualize and recognize theirunconscious state of mind in conflict trauma resolution, specific to Derryor Northern Ireland. Leading to further research into art therapydeveloping a type of ‘Photo-Therapy’, PhD research, photographicexhibitions, published work and recognition from the British Associationof Art Therapists (BAAT) and the NHS.