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Totem Pole PowerPoint


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Totem Pole powerpoint to accompany art lesson.

Published in: Education

Totem Pole PowerPoint

  1. 1. Totem Poles Art of the Pacific Northwest Natives
  2. 2. What is a totem pole? • A totem pole is a piece of artwork that was originally created by the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.
  3. 3. What is a totem pole? • Totem poles were carved out of giant cedar trees by the Northwest Coastal Indians. • A totem pole is kind of like a book you could read, but instead of using words it uses symbols of animals/birds. • Totem poles were used as a way of passing down stories.
  4. 4. What is a totem pole? • Totem poles were used to represent a tribe, clan, family, or person. • Having a totem pole was a great honor and often families would trade all their possessions to have one.
  5. 5. How were they carved? • After a tree was cut down, carvers would begin at the top and work their way down. • A totem pole could be big or small. A large totem pole might be more than 60 feet high and could take two to three years to carve! • Once carved, poles were painted with natural paints and were most often black, red, blue, green, and white.
  6. 6. Your totem pole piece • Together we will create a set of class totem poles! • Each student will select an animal that they think best represents themselves. • They will create a stylized drawing of the animal, and then paint their own piece of the pole!
  7. 7. Eagle
  8. 8. Killer Whale
  9. 9. Salmon
  10. 10. Bear
  11. 11. Owl
  12. 12. Wolf
  13. 13. Raven and Moon
  14. 14. Owl