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Brand architecture toolbox

  1. 1. Brand Architecture Toolbox1August 2009 Communication & DesignBrand Architecture Toolbox
  2. 2. Brand Architecture Toolbox2August 2009 Communication & DesignWhy Brand Architecture in COWI?Our brand is the window through whichthe market sees COWI. It is the way wepresent our services to our customers.This means that our brand is not justsomething we say, it is something we do.The Brand Architecture supports COWI’sStrategy 2010, which is to integrate allCOWI even more into the One CompanyNetwork.Our goals are to• Strengthen the cooperationwithin our organisational network• Make our customers perceive us asOne Company Network
  3. 3. Brand Architecture Toolbox3August 2009 Communication & DesignBrand Architecture AdvantagesOur brand is a result of all our stakeholdersviews on COWI. It stems from our solutions,people and communication – and it couldvery well be our most important asset.A solid Brand Architecture clarifies thenature of our organisation and its offer tothe market. It shows a logical and coherentconnection between the different companiesin COWI, and thereby the BrandArchitecture maximises COWIs impact onthe market. A consistent and logical BrandArchitecture is good communication,because neither employees nor customersare left to wonder why the brands arehandled the way they are.Key advantages• Focus and maintenance on onebrand reduces expenses in thelong run• A coherent Brand Architecturemakes it easier for large,international customers to findand recognize us• It ensures a stronger commonidentity in the whole COWInetwork
  4. 4. Brand Architecture Toolbox4August 2009 Communication & DesignOverviewBrand Architecture MapsDecision TreeDogma RulesTo make a swiftdecision when thecase is clearWhen further clarificationis neededTo ensure the rightpositioning within thebrand family
  5. 5. Brand Architecture Toolbox5August 2009 Communication & DesignDogma Rules1. If COWI is the majority owner of acompany the company must adopt ourbrand identity over a suitable period oftime depending on the result of the BrandArchitecture assessment process2. For all acquired companies placed in aninterim phase a specific tagline is used:“A COWI Company”3. All acquired Regional Market Leader(RML) companies must adopt the COWIbrand name over time4. Only companies in which COWI ownsless than 50% of the shares can keeptheir original name5. If the COWI brand name is to become partof the name of the acquired company,COWI’s visual identity guidelines mustbe followed
  6. 6. Brand Architecture Toolbox6August 2009 Communication & DesignDecision TreeIntroductionThe Brand Architecture Decision Tree is onlyused for acquisitions of Regional MarketLeader (RML) companies. If the DogmaRules have not already defined thetransition time, and further clarification isneeded, COWI and the acquired companygo through the following steps:1. The strategic rationale for the acquisition isrevisited and described in brief2. COWI and the acquired company answera number of balanced, scorecard-relatedquestions:FinancialProfit leadership, top line growth etc.MarketMarket share development, Brand equity etcCulture and CompetenciesFits and gapsProcessesFinancial, IT, HR procedures and ProjectExecution Process3. The clarification leads to a suggested solutionfor brand name and speed of transition
  7. 7. Brand Architecture Toolbox7August 2009 Communication & DesignDecision TreeBriefly describe the strategic rationale for the acquisition:
  8. 8. Brand Architecture Toolbox8August 2009 Communication & DesignExplanation of parametersFinancialWhat: When the primary market of a company isgrowing there are simply more customers buying orthe same clients buying more. The volume of the marketincreases. This can be identified by higher turnovers or morecompetitors appearing up.Where to find: Annual reports, Local industry benchmarks,industry associations, the company’s own analyses etc.What: When acompany is profitleader it provesbetter at gaining profitthan its competitorsWhere to find:Annual reports, Localindustry benchmarks,Industry associations,the company’s ownanalyses etc.What: When a companyis gaining brand equityit improves its awareness andrecognition amongst clientsand key stakeholders relativeto its competitorsWhere to find: Industrybenchmarks, local/regionalindustry associations, thecompany’s own analyses etc.
  9. 9. Brand Architecture Toolbox9August 2009 Communication & DesignExplanation of parametersMarketWhat: When a companyfits with the COWIMasterbrandpositioning andpromise the company’svision and missionconforms with that ofCOWI. Its customersuse the same valuesand keywords todescribe the companyas COWI’s clients use todescribe COWI.Where to find: Mission,vision and valuestatements from bothCOWI and the acquiredcompany, client surveyform both COWI and theacquired company,analysis of thecompany’scommunication andmarketing material vis-à-vis COWI.What: When a company is gaining market share itimproves its competitiveness and acquire clients orprojects that would otherwise be handled by competingcompanies. It takes a greater share of the total volumein the market.Where to find: Annual reports, local industrybenchmarks, industry associations, the company’sown analyses etc.
  10. 10. Brand Architecture Toolbox10August 2009 Communication & DesignExplanation of parametersCulture and CompetenciesWhat: When a companyfits with COWI’sculture its managersand employees usekeywords and values todescribe the companysimilar to the wayCOWI’s managers andemployees describeCOWI.Where to find:Employee and managersurveys from both COWIand the acquiredcompany. Interviewsand dialogue with topmanagement.What: When a company has been acquired to fill acompetence gap it has not only been acquired becauseof its presence in the regional/local market but alsobecause COWI wants to use the company’s expertise inother regional markets. If that is the case, this may callfor a more moderate transition period into COWI.Where to find: Revise the strategic rationale for theacquisition.
  11. 11. Brand Architecture Toolbox11August 2009 Communication & DesignExplanation of parametersProcessesWhat: Sharing the same systems and procedures makesthe integration of two companies easier. Itis an often overlooked dimension with company and brandintegration. It is, for example, easier for employees to ‘live ashared brand’ if they know that they have access to the same HRtools and competencies and use the same client folders onshared fileservers etc. It also makes it easier to use the samemarketing and communication templates.Where to find: Consult the due diligence report and the firstversion of the integration plan.
  12. 12. Brand Architecture Toolbox12August 2009 Communication & DesignBrand Architecture MapRegional Market Leader (RML) – fast track
  13. 13. Brand Architecture Toolbox13August 2009 Communication & DesignBrand Architecture MapRegional Market Leader (RML) – moderate track
  14. 14. Brand Architecture Toolbox14August 2009 Communication & DesignBrand Architecture MapInternational Specialist Leader (ISL)