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World's First Medical Networking & Resource Portal by DreamWeavers InfoCom

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. I am the DreamWeavers child whose birth is awaited by millions of people across the nation. I am the hope that rests in the eyes of all, the sensation that keeps the world alive. I am the Man….I am the Machine!
  2. 3. Diastolic or Systolic, Fever or Malaria? I have the knowledge & I know it better! ‘ I am the Doctor’
  3. 9. I can provide everything from simple medication to intensive care & technically equipped to even operate you under the same roof. ‘ I am the Hospital’
  4. 13. I have been working with forceps, microscopes & highly sophisticated machines for donkeys years & today I can even deliver medical reports online. ‘ I am the Diagnostic Center’
  5. 17. Need medicines in the middle of the night? Problems in tracing a specific drug? Relax, I am just a call away. ‘ I am the Chemist’
  6. 19. Differentiating between day & night is a bit difficult for me. Even at 4 am I am on my toes & literally working for everything. ‘ I am the Emergency Service Provider’
  7. 22. My life has been in an absolute mess. I am not only ailing but struggling as well, carrying the weight of medical papers on my shoulder from one medical center to the other. Is someone listening? ‘ I am the Patient’
  8. 27. The story is not over yet… Articles, News, Drug Encyclopedia, Professional Interactions, E-Mailing, Blogging, Chat & Discussion Forums. ‘ I am the Network’
  9. 35. Register, Login, Start Your World & Be Known Globally! ‘ It is Simple, Fast & Easy’
  10. 38. At ‘India HeartBeat’, there is much more to discover. Do visit the website address for more details. Copyright © 2007-2008. All Rights Reserved india heartbeat .com TM