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A New Social Business Model to Actualize, Demonstrate and Amplify our COLLECTIVE POTENTIAL!

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  • What makes HUB unique, different, able to really make a difference - total care - give and receive - total care
  • What makes HUB unique, different, able to really make a difference - total care - give and receive - total care
  • Possibly put You in blue at the top...our “YOUR business Opportunity (rather then HUB
  • Massage exercise - room in half. one person massages everyone. the other half one massages one and then they massage and they massage
  • Humanity Unites Brilliance

    1. 1. Are you ready to fulfill, even exceed, your dream?
    2. 2. Humanity Unites Brilliance A Member-Owned Social Enterprise Since 2007
    3. 3. Enriching the Lives and Financial Opportunities of Our Members at the Same Time.
    4. 4. WHILE We’re here to support you in being the best you can be, to launch or expand your important projects that serve society, and help you contribute to world impact within a powerful, supportive community. Fair Trade Goodwill Marketplace Collaborative Community Micro-loans Leading Edge Education Education Business Support Water Exponential Income Food
    5. 5. WHILE HUB helps you fulfill YOUR DREAM by providing you education, resources, connections and income while you contribute to humanitarian impact. Goodwill Collaborative Community Leading Edge Education Business Support Exponential Income
    6. 6. Goodwill Market place Community Micro- loans Education Education Business Support Water Income Food
    7. 7. Goodwill Market place Community Micro- loans Education Education Business Support Water Income Food Doing Well
    8. 8. Goodwill Market place Community Micro- loans The world’s greatest visionaries, trainers and Education Education humanitarians are united in HUB to support you to Business Support Water reach your dreams. Income Food HUB members reach their highest potential with help from HUB Faculty Members like: Doing Well •  Michael Beckwith, Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life” •  Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, co-creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul •  Janet Bray Attwood, creator of The Passion Test •  Marie Diamond, Spiritual Business Building Expert •  Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder of the Conscious Evolution Movement
    9. 9. Goodwill Market place Community Micro- loans Our HUBeAcademy’s Interactive, Virtual Education Education Mentoring helps you: •  Create Enlightened WEALTH Marketing Water •  Expand your WISDOM Income Food •  Enhance your WORLD Impact Doing Well And provides you Life Enhancement Tools and Business Building Resources: •  The Passion Test •  Wealth Dynamics Profile •  Support and Training to grow your own Home-Based Social Enterprise
    10. 10. Goodwill Market place Community Micro- loans Education Education •  Network your business and projects through Water HUB Community and HUB Circle •  Profile your products and services in HUB Circle Business Support Income Food •  Network with Global Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs changing the world at our events Doing Well •  Meet Heads of State and Business Leaders from Developing Nations while you participate in Hands-On Humanitarian Projects by attending International VolunTour Trips
    11. 11. Doing Well while Doing Good Fair Trade Marketplace Goodwill Micro-loans Collaborative Community Leading Edge You Education Education Business Support Water Exponential Food Income You and your HUB Home-Based Social Enterprise!
    12. 12. World Impact
    13. 13. Volunteering on our own streets, addressing homelessness and poverty Doing Good
    14. 14. Doing Good Partnership with Pachamama Alliance to uphold natural rights of Indigenous peoples in preserving rainforests, and providing environmental sustainability education to the world By Circulating Resources We Transform Lives!
    15. 15. Your Home-Based HUB Social Enterprise supports financial flow to humanitarian efforts, to all Members of HUB, and to YOU simultaneously through monthly Fair Trade product purchases. Your HUB Benefits include: Community, Education, Humanitarian Impact and Income/Resource Circulation
    16. 16. Market
 Place Goodwill Micro Community loans Education Education Business Water Support Income Food
    17. 17. Provides Recipients of our Social Enterprise Programs Fair Market Prices for Their Products.
    18. 18. Empower artisans to earn a living, while you support a cause that appeals to you! Melissa Njenga, a member of Imani Workshops She wants to earn a Fair Wage for producing quality products. She does not want charity. Fair Wage helps her pay for her own food, medication, water and the education of her children.
    19. 19. World Impact
    20. 20. HUB logo glasses are made by previously incarcerated Idaho women, from old wine bottles.
    21. 21. The purchases you make here are GIFTED to support a group or individual. Water Filter Products that remove 99.9999% of contaminants Solar Power for a family or entrepreneur
    22. 22. Your purchases help fund HUB Impact programs that provide food, water, education, eco land- sustainment, and/or microloan financing. Indigenous trees for the rainforest, fruit trees for South Africa Goats for families in Rwanda Chickens for families in Bolivia
    23. 23. Empowerment Scholarships for girls and young women We have 600+ teachers waiting to be sponsored Books and Backpacks for Children ‘Pacific Dome’ Nursing Wards
    24. 24. Purchase products made by HUB’s Microloan Recipients. They receive financial literacy training, a loan to start a business and training to create fair trade products. Kenya: •  The Hope Bank •  Korogocho Women’s Group Liberia: •  Women’s Empowerment Center/YAI •  Former Child War Victims/YAI
    25. 25. Consumer Products produced by socially responsible companies meeting HUB’s “Triple Sustainable” Seal of Approval and are compassionate about improving lives of others. •  Nutritional Products •  Cosmetics and Skin Care •  Moringa-based Products •  Probiotics, Detoxifiers •  Dental Care •  Natural Honey •  Tableware, Kitchenware •  Personal Hygiene •  Micro-Filtration Bottle •  Fair Trade Coffee & Tea •  Chocolate, Nutrition Bars •  Natural Oils & Butters And so much more!
    26. 26. These are HUB logo products to help you promote HUB, identify you as a HUB member, and assist you in growing HUB Social Enterprise. HUB logo glasses made from recycled bottles by incarcerated women Fused Glass Pendants
    27. 27. 30% to 40%to our impact our members partners 30% to HUB The more INCOME you generate, the more IMPACT you co-create!
    28. 28. •  Replace the current fund-raising model with predictable monthly giving to Impact non-profit partners, and invest in social businesses that generate socio-economic change •  Circulate the Flow of money that grows exponentially in a fair and transparent manner •  Help us Learn how important it is to receive while giving to the world •  Create a large focused Community of passionate social entrepreneurs and humanitarians
    29. 29. When you sponsor members, who in turn sponsor members, your world impact and your personal income increase exponentially You Reach 3 We Help You Teach 3 and help them do the same!
    30. 30. Your Initial Success Team can be THREE friends in your first ring, expanding to a much wider community, expanding through all NINE rings of your Matrix.
    31. 31. How can I earn an Income through HUB?
    32. 32. How do I earn Affiliate Commissions? Affiliate Commissions: (from Direct Sales Online or through Home Parties) •  You earn up to 10% Affiliate Commissions from retail customers who shop at the Global MarketPlace. •  You earn up to 50% Affiliate Commissions when you enroll new members and share Business Packages and Impact Patron.
    33. 33. How do I earn Affiliate plus Residual Commissions? Referral Marketing Commissions: •  You earn up to 40% commission on all product purchases made each month from all members within your 3x9 matrix. •  You earn a $10 bonus immediately when you enroll a HUB Ambassador. •  You earn a $50 bonus immediately when you enroll a HUB Builder. •  You earn a $100 bonus immediately when you enroll 3 HUB Community Builders in your first 45 days. First 45 Days (or sooner!): Earn up to $250 in Bonuses!
    34. 34. When your team has expanded to NINE RINGS through each member Reaching 3 and Teaching 3 You could be both earning and giving over $58,000* per month *Commissions and Impact are paid on Bonus Volume (BV). Although this represents possible income, HUB makes no representations as to your potential income as individual results will vary. Please review our Income Disclosure Statement on our website.”
    35. 35. ...and when you help others to grow their team by Reaching 3 and Teaching 3, HUB gifts you a new Impact Center Now, you are able to Earn Unlimited Income, and Generate Unlimited Impact You
    36. 36. How do I start earning Income from my own Home-Based Social Enterprise? STEP ONE: Purchase a Business Welcome Kit with a one-time payment of $49 Includes: •  Jumpstart Training System •  Business Management Back Office •  Inspirational training videos •  Custom HUB Website URL •  Custom Global MarketPlace URL •  HUB email account •  Access to Business Training and Partnerships: GPN-Global Powered Networks, helps you grow your income and impact potential
    37. 37. How do I start earning Income from my own Home-Based Social Enterprise? STEP TWO: Choose which Business Model suites you best: •  HUB Ambassador •  HUB Community Builder
    38. 38. Qualifies you to earn: •  10% Commission on Global MarketPlace Customer Purchases •  10% Commission on all people in the first ring of your Matrix plus all Fast Start and Development Bonuses •  Upgrade anytime to a HUB Community Builder to earn through all 9 rings of your Matrix. Benefits of Membership: •  Access to Worldwide Community of Self-Motivated Social Entrepreneurs and The HUB Circle •  HUBeAdacemy Live Learning programs •  Contributing a minimum of $10/month toward Humanitarian Impact.
    39. 39. •  10% Commission on Global MarketPlace Customer Purchases •  All Fast Start & Development Bonuses. •  Up to 40% immediately through all 9 rings of your Matrix, as you enroll begin enrolling others You can also qualify to earn an extra: •  2% of Total Company Revenues •  2% of a Leadership Bonus Pool Benefits of Membership: •  Access to a Worldwide Community of Self-Motivated Social Entrepreneurs & HUB Circle •  HUBeAcademy Live and Archived Learning programs •  Passion Test Online & Wealth Dynamics Profile •  Faculty Product Rebates or Discounts •  Contributes a miminum of $33 per month toward Humanitarian Impact Programs.
    40. 40. You Can Begin Today… Doing Well While You’re Doing Good! Ready to join us? Please let the person who invited you here know that you’re ready, and insert their name as your Sponsor when you click “Join Now”.
    41. 41. Once you begin your Social Enterprise, your Sponsor will share… Product and Business Builder Packages you may choose to purchase that provide you value-added discounts and additional bonuses in growing a successful enterprise!