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Ihab Anwar - Visiting lisbon


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Visiting the Port of Lisbon was perhaps one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of the Fall 2014 Semester at Sea adventure, at least for program participant Ihab Anwar. With such beautiful historical sites as the Monument to the Discoveries, the Belem Tower and the Cristo Rei statue, the Port of Lisbon provides each new and returning visitor the chance to experience what was perhaps one of the major centers of the Portuguese Empire; a historical shipping and military hub that was of great significance to the empire for centuries. Anwar recommends putting the port city on your European itinerary.

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Ihab Anwar - Visiting lisbon

  1. 1. Ihab Anwar : A Tour of Lisbon
  2. 2. One of the most memorable and perhaps even most profound experiences of young Ihab Anwar’s life was the opportunity to participate in his school’s Semester at Sea program; a semester long cruise that provided both Ihab Anwar and his fellow students the opportunity to explore, learn and experience a variety of places, cultures and peoples throughout Europe and the Caribbean. The study abroad program, which is managed by the Institute for Shipboard Education, continues to provide students a wonderful opportunity to learn about the world in ways just not possible in a classroom setting.
  3. 3. Ihab Anwar, along with hundreds of other aspiring academics, shared in the Fall 2014 Semester at Sea experience, which included stops at 17 total ports located in 15 different countries. Each port, as part of a major internationally- known city, offered students a wonderful opportunity to gain perspective on a new place, a new set of customs and architecture and scenic beauty only available in each unique destination.
  4. 4. One of the best stops, at least according to Ihab Anwar, was the port of Lisbon, Portugal, a vast cultural hub that has earned international fame, and acclaim, for its incredible array of historic cathedrals, castles and breathtaking layout. Mr. Lodge, the cruise Director, filled the students in on Lisbon’s unique history over the last millennium, including a 17th century earthquake that almost completely destroyed the city for good.
  5. 5. Ihab Anwar and his fellow travelers, eager for adventure, were split into small groups and given the opportunity to explore the several unique sections of the city, including some of the many quaint cafes and charming inns Lisbon is famous for.
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