Why you don't need a CXM platform


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With so many buzzwords in our industry — like CXM, CEM, WCXM, WEM — it is no wonder that many technology buyers are confused, and many technology vendors exploit that to their advantage.

In this session Irina Guseva will talk about what exactly is CXM and how it applies and, more importantly, doesn’t apply to the discipline of content management. You will learn what differentiates CMSs that have experience management capabilities, and why you should stay away from the so-called “CXM platforms and ”leading CXM vendors”.

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Why you don't need a CXM platform

  1. 1. Why You Don’t Need a CXM Platform!Research and advisory services to help you make theright technology and strategy decisions.!Specific advice. Best-practice approaches. The Real Story.! Irina Guseva Senior Analyst @irina_guseva
  2. 2. Real Story Group: What We DoAnalyze weaknessesand strengths of thetools....and vendorsAdvise on successfultechnology selectionand implementationbest practices•  Over 3,000 customers in 60+ countries•  Analysts on 3 continents•  We consult only to end-users, never to vendors we evaluate Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  3. 3. What Independence Means To UsCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  4. 4. Finding Your Way...Copyright © 2010 Real Story Group Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group www.realstorygroup.com
  5. 5. What is CXM?•  CXM (Customer eXperience Management) is a strategy and practice for managing customer experiences online (including web, email, social and mobile) and offline (including print, call centers and branches) + to acquire, retain and turn customers into satisfied, loyal brand advocates and ambassadors.•  CXM is *not*: –  UX/UI –  Technology –  Platform/suite Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group 5
  6. 6. Example of a CXM ApproachCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  7. 7. Example of a CXM ApproachCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  8. 8. Example of a CXM ApproachCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  9. 9. XCMS and CXM Are RelatedContent Management is not dead! Core CMSfunctionalities are more critical than ever!Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  10. 10. CMS Vendors Go After the Latest Buzzwords 2000- 2011-? 2011 CMS WEM WCM WXM WCMS WCXMCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  11. 11. WCXM Is Part of CXM WCXM Mobile Digital Marketing eCommerce DAM Social Intelligence CXM CRM Profiling & Personalization Call Centers & Kiosks Analytics & OptimizationCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  12. 12. Example of a CXM “Suite”/”Platform”Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  13. 13. Example of a CXM “Suite”/”Platform”Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  14. 14. Addressing Different Key ChallengesWeb Publishing Customer eXperience(WCM, CMS, WCXM, etc.) Management (CXM)•  Basic web publishing •  Customer eXperience•  Multichannel delivery Management strategy•  Mobile delivery •  Customer service•  Web Experience Management •  Maintenance and•  Routing workflow and optimization of a CEM approvals practice•  Potential social channel •  Brand loyalty management •  Increased revenue Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  15. 15. What You Need to Remember •  It’s OK to source separate CXM components instead of a “suite/platform” •  Evaluate “suits” and “platforms” carefully •  WCXM is not dead •  Don’t forget about content strategy •  Invest into integrations & do homework on best-of-breed solutions •  Before investing in technology, think about your goals and use cases •  CXM is not a technology, but a strategyCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  16. 16. Thank you!•  Please visit our web site: www.realstorygroup.com/ –  Vendor/product evaluations –  Analyst advisory papers –  Webinars –  Education courses –  One-on-one analyst advice•  Download a free WCXM research sample:www.realstorygroup.com/SampleCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  17. 17. Let’s Continue the Conversation...
 ! ! @irina_guseva! irina@realstorygroup.com! !