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YOUTH SHARED VALUESOver 750 area youth participated in Phase 1 of the IGT process through community conversations and surv...
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IGTucson_Youth_values_summary.may 2011


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Youth shared values summary

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IGTucson_Youth_values_summary.may 2011

  1. 1. YOUTH SHARED VALUESOver 750 area youth participated in Phase 1 of the IGT process through community conversations and surveys. Thefollowing six topics and summary values emerged as the dominant themes expressed by participants themselves. Thelist below is arranged in alphabetical order.COMMUNITY & NEIGHBORHOODSYouth value the diversity and friendliness of people here.  “It’s nice that the city is so diverse because it makes the city more unique.”  “I think the community should have more people helping and supporting each other.”  “Our community has compassion, creativity, cooperation, and communication.”EDUCATIONYouth value high quality K-12 schools and the University of Arizona.  “We should have better high schools because our futures depend on it.”  “Schools should get more money so that they can have sports teams, music classes, etc.”  “We need better technology and equipment in our schools.”  “The University of Arizona is a great university and it brings a lot of people to Tucson.”NATURAL ENVIRONMENTYouth value the desert landscape, local parks and sustainability efforts.  “The parks should be cleaner and there should be more of them.”  “Awesome sunsets and mountains!”  “We should limit our water use, recycle more, and use solar energy.”SAFETY & QUALITY OF LIFEYouth value the safety and quality of life available to people in their community.  “I would like to change Tucson into a clean place.”  “The graffiti should be cleaned up because it makes our community ugly.”  “There should be more street lights so that I feel safer.”  “I don’t like gangs because it gets youth in trouble, and the violence makes the community less safe.”SOCIAL & CULTURAL ENVIRONMENTYouth value activities and events to participate in.  “There should be more things to do after school for teens.”  “It would be nice to have more parks and pools and places to go to hang out.”  “There should be more community centers.”TRANSPORTATIONYouth value well-maintained roads and access to a variety of transportation options, including public transit andbicycling.  “I want more public transportation to all outer-lying areas of Tucson.”  “The buses should be cleaner and safer.”  “The pot holes in the roads are dangerous.” Contact to learn more and get involved.