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Imagine Greater Tucson: Shared Regional Values

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  • My neighborhood, west of I-10, east of Starr Pass with a great view of Tumamoc Hill has a nice interface with the desert, and the homeowners are great about using regional or drought tolerant vegetation. I like the diversity of ages, backgrounds, educations, and income classes within 5 mi of us. I wish there was better connectivity with downtown Tucson. We're close, but I-10 is such a big divide of concrete and asphalt, and there seems to be a lack of larger meeting spaces or community places. The new Mercardo has opened nearby, and the Santa Cruz Farmers market is opening there -- it will be good to see if that creates some good community space. It would be nice to see some of that downtown energy move to the west bank of the Santa Cruz, as well. It would also be nice to have some safer feeling pedestrian/bike corridors that go from this western area into the city center.
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IGTucson Shared-Regional-Values

  1. 1. Shared Regional ValuesSince October 2010, through Community Conversations and open and random sample surveys, Imagine Greater Tucson has been gathering public comments to identify the values that we share in common across our region. The list below is arranged by topics in alphabetical order. Details of each topic and value can be found on our website ImagineGreaterTucson.org or by requesting more information from our office at 700 N. Stone (tel: 209-2448). Business and the Economy Land Use and Urban Design We value growth of well-paid, high quality jobs resulting from We value a strong sense of community and connectivity a business friendly environment, a well educated workforce, between neighborhoods and activity centers. We appreciate the new business development and expansion, a diversified need for a thriving downtown that attracts diverse groups of economy, and thriving small and local businesses. people with a variety of activities, beauty and cleanliness in the built environment, accessibility to parks and other recreational opportunities, and we support infill and mixed-use development Cultural Diversity and Regional Character that helps reduce urban sprawl, yet preserves our existing We value our culture that is based on our unique geography, neighborhoods. We want well-planned land uses and managed history and ethnic diversity. We value our small town feel, growth that considers our natural resources and environment, as well as our strong sense of volunteerism. Our character and encourages economic development. is defined by a belief in respect and tolerance, friendliness, and support for opportunities for our youth. We appreciate our strong arts and music scenes, and professional and semi- Natural Resources, Environment & Outdoor Recreation professional sports. We value the region’s unique and beautiful weather and natural environment as one of our best and most defining assets. We Governance and Leadership want to sustain our clean air and water resources and explore our renewable energy potential. Physical access to the natural We value effective, efficient, and accountable local environment, outdoor recreational opportunities and views of governments and other public institutions. This encompasses the mountains, skies, Sonoran Desert, and our native plant and regional and intergovernmental collaboration, support animal life are important to our sense of place. for dynamic, effective, visionary leaders and interest in establishing a regional vision and a fair and stable tax rate and structure that adequately pays for necessary services. Transportation and Accessibility We value a variety of convenient transportation options for everyone. We want accessibility to desired destinations, cross- K-12 Education town mobility, expanded regional mass transit, safe bicycle We value quality education and high performing schools in the and pedestrian options and reduced travel times. region; consisting of adequate funding at all levels, building quality and effective curricula, hiring and retaining good teachers, ensuring administrative effectiveness, and providing University of Arizona and Its Role in the Region the necessary layers of family, community and governmental We value the University of Arizona for the quality of education support. it provides, its positive impact on the local economy, its varied cultural, athletic and social offerings and its relationship with the community and surrounding neighborhoods. Well Being and Safety We value a community where our children will choose to live, a community that offers a safe environment, affordable and accessible housing and health care, and other social services for all. ImagineGreaterTucson.org • Twitter.com/IGTucson • Facebook.com/IGTucson