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  1. 1. We make children’s dreams come true rights catalogue toddler & Picture Books INTERNATIONAL RIGHTS AND LICENSING DEPARTMENT: CONTACTS An Rutten Clavis Publishing an@clavisbooks.com Vooruitzichtstraat 42 T +32 11 28 67 62 3500 Hasselt Belgium Irina Gribanova T +32 11 28 68 68 irina@clavisbooks.com F +32 11 28 68 69 T +32 11 28 68 62 Tina Troonbeeckx tina@clavisbooks.com T +32 11 28 67 65 WWW.CLAVISBOOKS.COM
  2. 2. clavis baby books 2 BUGGY BOOKS BY GUIDO VAN GENECHTEN Fetch Nicely Wave Sweetly Riding Horseback Making Rows These lovely cloth books in bright colours about jolly animals, Titles: Fetch Nicely – stimulate the senses of babies. To hang on the buggy, the car seat Wave Sweetly – or the playpen. Riding Horseback – Making Rows Packed individually in a transparent plastic bag with Cloth book a cardboard top card. 90 x 90 mm 10 pages + cover For babies • Next to Clavis Toddler, now also Clavis Baby for the youngest ones WORLD RIGHTS • These baby books are made with great precision • In vivid colours, by top illustrator Guido van Genechten AVAILABLE Coedition planning & prices upon request OTHER CLOTH BOOKS BY GUIDO VAN GENECHTEN: Titles: Crinkle Animals: Jungle – Garden – Titles: Shining Sun – Water – Farm Sweet Little Animal soft cloth books with Cloth book Cloth book crinkle paper. 140 x 140 mm 140 x 140 mm 8 pages 8 pages Packed individually For babies For babies in a transparent plastic bag with a cardboard top card. WORLD RIGHTS WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE AVAILABLE Coedition planning & prices upon request Coedition planning & prices upon request
  3. 3. clavis baby books 3 CLAVIS TODDLER BOOKS - A STRONG AND CLEAR CONCEPT Books specifically designed for toddlers are the perfect companions for raising your child PHILIPPE WERCK Each life phase, each new skill, each new environment can be explored with a book in the safe surroundings of parents and tutors. Babies and toddlers learn by exploring their surroundings and by imitating the things they discover. These surroundings can be presented easily to children through books. Not just any books, of course, but books in which the child’s environment, first skills and emotions are displayed, explained and contextualised in a way that is recognisable to the child. Images and words for the youngest must be selected with near scientific precision. That is why we create specific books for each age and about all the important topics. We differentiate between five age categories: babies, ages 12 months up, ages 18 months up, ages 24 months © 2006, Clavis Publishing up and ages 30 months up. There are five main topics: everyday subjects, new skills, emo- tions, the world surrounding the child and language development. This practical wooden table display is used to present the Clavis Toddler books in bookstores. www.clavisbooks.com Ca. 70 cm H x 40 cm Ø
  4. 4. clavis toddler books 4 DO YOU SEE ME? DO YOU SEE US? do You see Me? do You see us? By Elly van der Linden & Liesbeth Bernaerts By Liesbeth Bernaerts An endearing little book with photographs of a sweet baby’s Quietly looking at faces can be nice and very instructive. little eyes, ears, legs and toes. With inviting rhymes full of Mummy and daddy, grandma and grandpa, brother and sister, sound and rhythm. family, friends and pets, their faces speak volumes. For toddlers ages 12 months and up, with a focus on the A warm book of photographs in which the pleasure of watching child’s linguistic development. is central. Bring on those pretty little faces! • Exquisite pictures made by a professional photographer • By looking, toddlers become acquainted with the world surrounding them • The rhymes of Elly van der Linden enrich the vocabulary and stimulate the child’s language development OTHER BOARD BOOKS FOR 12 MONHS AND UP: Fien & Milo – Party Home By Pauline Oud By Leen Van Durme Titles: Do You See Me? – Do You See Us? Board Book 160 x 160 mm 12 pages + cover Ages 12 months and up SOLD TO: Italy Have a Nice Meal, Pip Broommm! Coedition planning & prices upon request By Mack By Leo Timmers