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Immigration day 2019


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This presentation is prepared in honor of "Yom Aliyah" - Immigration Day in Israel. It shows the various files found in the collection of the Israel Genealogy Research Association which contain information indicating when a person immigrated to Palestine/Eretz Israel/Israel. It spans the period from before World War One to after the founding of the State of Israel. The documents that the files were compiled from are from various archives both inside Israel and outside of Israel. It does not include all the lists of immigrants in the Central Zionist Archives or the Israel State Archives yet.

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Immigration day 2019

  1. 1. The Israel Genealogy Research Association presents its “Immigration Collection” in Honor of Aliyah Day Nov. 5, 2019 ‫בישראל‬ ‫גנאלוגי‬ ‫למחקר‬ ‫העמותה‬ ‫שלה‬ ‫העלייה‬ ‫מאגרי‬ ‫אוסף‬ ‫את‬ ‫מציגה‬ ‫העלייה‬ ‫יום‬ ‫לכבוד‬ ‫ז‬'‫חשון‬‫תש‬"‫פ‬
  2. 2. ‫מאז‬2011‫מאגרים‬ ‫בונה‬ ‫בישראל‬ ‫גנאלוגי‬ ‫למחקר‬ ‫העמותה‬ ‫ש‬-14%‫ישראל‬ ‫לארץ‬ ‫לעליה‬ ‫קשורים‬ ‫מהם‬.‫כוללים‬ ‫הם‬ ‫כ‬-211,548‫רשומות‬.‫את‬ ‫בפניכם‬ ‫להציג‬ ‫גאה‬ ‫העמותה‬ ‫אלה‬ ‫המאגרים‬. Since 2011 the Israel Genealogy Research Association [IGRA] has been building databases of which 14% deal with immigration to Eretz Israel. This includes 211,548 listings. IGRA is proud to present them to you.
  3. 3. Immigration Before WWI ‫הראשונה‬ ‫העולם‬ ‫מלחמת‬ ‫לפני‬ ‫הגירה‬
  4. 4. ‫לתולדות‬ ‫הארכיון‬‫זכרון‬‫יעקב‬ Historical Archive of Zichron Ya’akov ‫מהגרים‬ ‫רשימת‬1882‫יעקב‬ ‫זכרון‬ List of Immigrants 1882 Zichron Ya’akov
  5. 5. 1914-1915 USS Tennessee Palestine to Alexandria 1,858 listings ‫לאלכסנדריה‬ ‫ישראל‬ ‫מארץ‬ ‫אנשים‬ ‫פנוי‬1914-1915 ‫הספינה‬ ‫גבי‬ ‫על‬USS Tennessee 1,858‫רשומות‬
  6. 6. Lists of those expelled in Alexandria 1915 446 listings ‫באלכסנדריה‬ ‫מגורשים‬ ‫של‬ ‫רשימות‬1915 446‫רשומות‬
  7. 7. Immigration After WWI (1919) ‫הראשונה‬ ‫העולם‬ ‫מלחמת‬ ‫אחרי‬ ‫הגירה‬
  8. 8. ‫רוסלן‬ ‫ספינת‬,‫הראשונות‬ ‫הספינות‬ ‫אחת‬ ‫לא‬ ‫מרוסים‬ ‫מהגרים‬ ‫להביא‬"‫אחרי‬ ‫י‬ ‫הראשונה‬ ‫העולם‬ ‫מלחמת‬ The Ruslan – One of the first ships to bring immigrants from Russia to Eretz Israel after WWI
  9. 9. IGRA is working with the CZA to index the individual names in various documents ‫משתפת‬ ‫העמותה‬ ‫עם‬ ‫פעולה‬ ‫הציוני‬ ‫הארכיון‬ ‫אינדקסים‬ ‫להכין‬ ‫שונים‬ ‫ממסמכים‬
  10. 10. Immigrants returning ‫מהגרים‬ ‫חוזרים‬
  11. 11. Immigrants returning ‫מהגרים‬ ‫חוזרים‬
  12. 12. Immigrants returning ‫מהגרים‬ ‫חוזרים‬
  13. 13. Immigrants returning ‫מהגרים‬ ‫חוזרים‬
  14. 14. The database was not included in this book. The information was collected from archives in Russia and Israel. ‫בספר‬ ‫נכלל‬ ‫לא‬ ‫המאגר‬. ‫בארכיונים‬ ‫נאסף‬ ‫המידע‬ ‫וישראל‬ ‫ברוסיה‬.
  15. 15. Exiled to Palestine: The Emigration of Zionist Convicts from the Soviet Union, 1924-1934 1,768 persons listed Num Surname Other_Surname Given_Name Additional_Given_ Names Fathers_Name Mothers_Name Birth_Date Birth_Place 1 Abramovich NULL Lev Kh Eguda-Arie NULL NULL 1898 Minsk gub. 2 Agranov Aaronov Ilia Eliahu Shevel NULL 1898 Zhlobin (Bobruisk okr) 3 Ainbinder NULL David NULL Borukh NULL 1908 NULL 4 Ais NULL Moshe NULL NULL NULL circa 1909 NULL 5 Aizenberg NULL Nukhim NULL NULL NULL circa 1900 NULL 6 Aizenberg NULL Shlema NULL Zevel NULL NULL NULL 7 Aizenberg NULL Iakov NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL Num Surname Affiliation Destination Date_of_Immigration Year Comments 1 Abramovich member of TsK - General Zionists of TsTs - Tze'irei TzionKirgizia 1925 ?, proved 1925 Sentence of OSO - Osoboe Soveshchanie (Tribunal) - 2 years exile; 2 Agranov GH - Hehalutz (Gehalutz) vil.Pozheg, Ust'-Kulomskii 1928-Jun-23 1928 Sentence of OSO - Osoboe Soveshchanie (Tribunal) - 3 years exile to Zyrianskii krai /5/1926; Procedure of Zamena - Visa 3319 (Until 13/9/28); 3 Ainbinder HSHTS - Hashomer Hatzair Khiva, Ashkhabad 1929-Jan-24, proved 1929 Sentence of OSO - Osoboe Soveshchanie (Tribunal) - exile; Procedure of Zamena - Visa 5525; 4 Ais NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL 5 Aizenberg NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL 6 Aizenberg NULL Verkhneural'sk p/izoliator, NULL NULL Sentence of OSO - Osoboe Soveshchanie (Tribunal) - 3 years of prison 16/7/26; Procedure of Zamena - Permission To Leave For P. - Letter; 7 Aizenberg NULL Aktiubinsk NULL NULL Sentence of OSO - Osoboe Soveshchanie (Tribunal) - exile; Procedure of Zamena - 24/9/1926 - Letter, Permission To;
  16. 16. British Passport Applications Warsaw 1934 131 listings ‫בקשות‬‫לדרכון‬‫בריטי‬‫מוורשא‬ 1934 131‫רשומות‬
  17. 17. ‫מגליציה‬ ‫עליה‬ ‫מבקשי‬ ‫איכרים‬ ‫רשימת‬1935 List of Farmers from Galicia Requesting Aliyah 1935 The Pinhas Lavon Institute for Labour Movement Research ‫ע‬ ‫העבודה‬ ‫תנועת‬ ‫לחקר‬ ‫המכון‬"‫ש‬‫פנחס‬‫לבון‬ Name Age/Year Status Address Funds
  18. 18. ‫תעודות‬‫נשואין‬‫המנדט‬ ‫מתקופת‬ Marriage Certificates British Mandate Period Baghdad RussiaPolish Forces Anders’ Army Poland Bukhara, Uzbekistan Alexandria Round about way of getting info
  19. 19. ‫המנדט‬ ‫בתקופת‬ ‫ממשלתי‬ ‫פרסום‬ Government Publication – British Mandate Round about way of getting info
  20. 20. ‫העולם‬ ‫במלחמת‬ ‫הבריטי‬ ‫בצבא‬ ‫ששרתו‬ ‫ההסתדרות‬ ‫חברי‬ ‫פנקסי‬ ‫השנייה‬ Book of Army Volunteers, Members of the Histadrut in British Army WWII Came From Year of Aliyah Status Father’s Name Given Name Surname Round about way of getting info
  21. 21. Immigration During World War II ‫השנייה‬ ‫העולם‬ ‫מלחמת‬ ‫במשך‬ ‫הגירה‬
  22. 22. 1942
  23. 23. 1942
  24. 24. 1942
  25. 25. 1942
  26. 26. 1942
  27. 27. Immigrants from Romania and Hungary to Palestine 1942 181 listings ‫עולים‬‫מרומניה‬‫והונגריה‬‫לארץ‬‫ישראל‬ 1942 181‫רשומות‬
  28. 28. Certificates to Residents Now in Occupied Territories 1943 69 listings ‫תעודות‬‫לאנשים‬‫שנמצאים‬ ‫כעת‬‫בשטחים‬‫כבושים‬ 1943 69‫רשומות‬
  29. 29. Passenger List of the Kazbek 1944 725 listings ‫רשימת‬‫הנוסעים‬‫על‬‫אונית‬‫קזבק‬ 1944 725‫רשומות‬
  30. 30. Immigrants listed in the Aliyah Department, Haifa 1943 6,264 listings ‫בלשכת‬ ‫שנרשמו‬ ‫עולים‬ ‫רשימות‬‫העליה‬, ‫חיפה‬1943 6,264‫רשומות‬
  31. 31. Immigration After World War II ‫השנייה‬ ‫העולם‬ ‫מלחמת‬ ‫אחרי‬ ‫הגירה‬
  32. 32. Immigrants 1944 via North Africa 138 listings ‫עולים‬1944‫אפריקה‬ ‫צפון‬ ‫דרך‬ 138‫רשומות‬
  33. 33. Immigrants 1945 7,772 listings ‫עולים‬1945 7,772‫רשומות‬
  34. 34. First Children’s Convoy to Palestine from Paris 1945 374 listings ‫מפריז‬ ‫לארץ‬ ‫ילדים‬ ‫של‬ ‫ראשונה‬ ‫סיירה‬1945 374‫רשומות‬
  35. 35. Deportation Rescinded 1946 267 listings ‫ביטול‬‫צווי‬‫גירוש‬ 1946 267‫רשומות‬
  36. 36. Demobilization of Jewish Polish Soldiers in Eretz Israel 272 listings ‫שחרור‬‫חיילים‬‫פולנים‬‫יהודים‬‫בארץ‬‫ישראל‬ 272‫רשומות‬
  37. 37. ‫משוויץ‬ ‫לעליה‬ ‫בקשות‬1948 Swiss Aliyah Requests 1948
  38. 38. ‫מהונגריה‬ ‫לעליה‬ ‫בקשות‬1947–1,210‫נוער‬ ‫בני‬ Aliyah Requests from Hungary 1947 – 1,210 youths
  39. 39. ‫לוי‬ ‫בערך‬34,000 ‫מהונגריה‬ ‫מבוגרים‬ Approx. 34,000 Adults from Hungary
  40. 40. ‫לגאלית‬ ‫בלתי‬ ‫הגירה‬ Illegal Immigration
  41. 41. Name Age Parents Where from ‫ספינת‬ ‫על‬ ‫ילדים‬ ‫גרוש‬‫טיגר‬‫ע‬ ‫היל‬"‫הבריטים‬ ‫י‬1939 Deportation of Children on the S.S. Tiger Hill by British 1939
  42. 42. ‫גירוש‬‫מאריצה‬‫ע‬"‫הבריטים‬ ‫י‬–‫יולי‬1939 Deportation of the S.S. Marsis by British 2 July 1939
  43. 43. ‫החופשי‬ ‫מהעיר‬ ‫דרכונים‬ ‫עם‬ ‫לגאלים‬ ‫בלתי‬ ‫מהגרים‬‫דנציג‬ ‫למאוריציוס‬ ‫שגורשו‬ Illegal Immigrants Deported to Mauritius with Free State Danzig Passports Name Age Gender Place of Birth Passport # Issued on At
  44. 44. ‫החופשי‬ ‫העיר‬ ‫של‬ ‫אזרחים‬ ‫שהם‬ ‫שטענו‬ ‫במאוריציוס‬ ‫פליטים‬‫דנציג‬ Refugees in Mauritius who considered themselves citizens of the Free City of Danzig Name Place of Birth Date of Birth
  45. 45. ‫פולין‬ ‫של‬ ‫אזרחים‬ ‫שהם‬ ‫שטענו‬ ‫במאוריציוס‬ ‫פליטים‬ Refugees in Mauritius who considered themselves Polish Nationals Name Place of Birth Date of Birth
  46. 46. ‫הציוני‬ ‫בארכיון‬ ‫תיקים‬ ‫מתוך‬ ‫לגאלים‬ ‫בלתי‬ ‫מהגרים‬ Illegal Immigrant files from CZA Central Zionist Archives – scans not available on internet Amount of information available varies Name Transportation Birth Date Age Citizenship Year of Document Avram Mendel Toros 1928 Romanian 1944 Heinz Mendel 22 German Locksmith 1944 Hans Mendel Patria 39 1941 Sara Alkalay Transylvania 1925 Bulgarian Child of Aron 1946 Sara Bromberg 1933 Poland 1947 Moses Allerhand 30 Polish Physician
  47. 47. ‫לגאלית‬ ‫בלתי‬ ‫הגירה‬–‫דוגמא‬1 Illegal Immigration – Example #1 NameFatherProfessionBirthdate Birth CountryShip
  48. 48. NameFather Birth dateProfessionShip ‫לגאלית‬ ‫בלתי‬ ‫הגירה‬–‫דוגמא‬2 Illegal Immigration – Example #2
  49. 49. ‫ע‬ ‫הפטריה‬ ‫של‬ ‫לגאלים‬ ‫הבלתי‬ ‫המהגרים‬ ‫גירוש‬"‫י‬ ‫הבריטים‬–1941 Deportation of the Ilegal Immigrants on the S.S. Patria by British 1941
  50. 50. Not everything translated yet
  51. 51. Immigration after the founding of the State of Israel ‫המדינה‬ ‫קום‬ ‫אחרי‬ ‫הגירה‬
  52. 52. Altalena 1948 1,363 listings ‫אלטלנה‬1948 1,363‫רשומות‬
  53. 53. ‫נשרים‬ ‫כנפי‬ ‫על‬(‫הקסמים‬ ‫מרבד‬) ‫יוני‬1949‫ספטמבר‬ ‫עד‬1950–50,000‫תימן‬ ‫יהודי‬ Operation On Eagles Wings (Operation Magic Carpet) June 1949 - September 1950-50,000 Yemenite Jews 15,000 names in the collection as of today 15,000 ‫באוסף‬ ‫שמות‬ ‫היום‬ ‫עד‬
  54. 54. JDC Partners with Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) The JDC Archives is providing IGRA with the primary names from each index record, which IGRA will translate from English to Hebrew. IGRA will add these names to its database with a direct link to the complete record and document in the JDC Names Index. The Hebrew translations will be especially valuable for the Operation Magic Carpet lists, as many Yemenite Jewish names were spelled inconsistently in the original English-language lists. This collaboration will help raise further awareness of JDC’s archival resources in Israel and throughout the world, increasing both their discoverability and their accessibility to diverse research communities.
  55. 55. From South African Jewry 1976-77 ‫יהודים‬ ‫על‬ ‫מהספר‬ ‫אפריקה‬ ‫מדרום‬ 1976-77
  56. 56. Now is the time to join IGRA! Join IGRA in the coming days and enjoy membership through the end of 2018! Why not begin your search through more than one million records, avail yourselves of our many valuable resource aids plus articles and recorded lectures on a variety of genealogical topics? The IGRA membership dues remain the same for 2018 – 150 NIS ($45 overseas) for a single membership and 200 NIS ($60 overseas) for a couples membership. To join you must first be registered on the IGRA website. Once you are logged in you can follow the About IGRA – Join IGRA Now menus or click this link. Our connection to PayPal makes your membership payment quick and easy. You can either use your PayPal account or look for the option of using a credit card on their form. After payment you should have member status and be able to access all sections of the IGRA website. If you choose to mail in a check to our Israel address know that your benefits will take effect only following receipt of the check. Only those with paid membership can see the scanned images that accompany many of our records in the All Israel Database section. Additional records are added to our collection regularly. This benefit is for NEW members only. (Renewing members will have their membership extended through the end of 2018.) We look forward to welcoming you and having you as part of our worldwide membership.
  57. 57. Visit IGRA's website: Register for FREE access! ‫של‬ ‫לאתר‬ ‫בחינם‬ ‫הרשמה‬IGRA