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Cold War


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Cold War

  1. 1. Cold War (1945 – 1990)Diego Ulloa
  2. 2. Outline Introduction Causes Main events The Berlin Blockade NATO & Warsaw Pact The Berlin crisis Cuban missile crisis Chile during the period of the Cold War Space race End of the cold war Conclusion
  3. 3. What was the Cold War?Political conflict + proxy wars +economic competition + military tension= Soviet Union v/s United States
  4. 4. This wasthe sceneduring theCold War,after theWorld WarII
  5. 5. Ideological Cause (in government terms) Soviet Union •Communist party •No different political parties •No assembly nor speechUnited States • Elected by free elections. • Different political parties • Assembly and speech
  6. 6. Ideological Cause Soviet Union Wanted their own sphere from international commerce.United StatesWanted free trade around the world.
  7. 7. Power RivalryBoth the Soviet Union and the United States wanted to dominate each other.
  8. 8. Extension of Russia in Europe Red Army in action
  9. 9. The reaction of the United StatesPolicy of strong resistance against Russia.An Atomic bomb exploded by United Sates.
  10. 10. Poor relation between both powersLand-Lease was abruptly terminated bythe United States. Churchill’ speech at Fulton (Click the image)
  11. 11. The Berlin Blockade Germany was divided into 4 zones as shown in the picture.
  12. 12. NATO It was a military alliance in order to contain communist expanssion.
  13. 13. Warsaw PactIt the Soviet Unions answer to NATO
  14. 14. Cuban Missile crisisIt was the most seriousevent of the Cold Waroccurred in 1962.US President, J.F.Kennedy supported aninvasion of Cuba, the Bay ofPigs.Fidel Castro approved thebuilt of missile installation inCuba by the Soviet Union.
  15. 15. Chile during the Cold War•Chile became a part of the Alliance for Progress.•The alliance was meant as a way to keep socialisticrevolutions from taking hold in Latin America•The more industrialized Chile became, the more LaborUnions asked for higher wages.•Socialist Party won the presidency with Salvador Allende(1970).•Nixon wanted Allende out of power.
  16. 16. Space Race•Explorer I•1958•The NASA•Dwight Eisenhower•First man in the moon (US)
  17. 17. Conclusion During the Cold War period, there were many regional conflicts and wars. However, the much- feared “World War Three” never happenedA so called “new world order” was established. TheUnited States held supreme power and dominance Capitalism has become the economic model for all countries.