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Physical therapy for acl injury


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ACL tears are commonly reported in athletes. Physical therapy is an effective treatment option for this injury.

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Physical therapy for acl injury

  1. 1. 1-718-769-2521 Physical Therapy for ACL Injury ACL tears are commonly reported in athletes. Physical therapy is an effective treatment option for this injury. The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is a major ligament which connects the thigh bone and the shin bone. It can get torn if you get your knee twisted while you’re standing, jump with your knee straightened, stop all of a sudden while running, shift your weight from leg to leg, stretch the knee excessively, or get hit directly on your knee. Physical Therapy is Effective Physical therapy is the chosen means of rehabilitation for ACL tears. While immediate treatment revolves around reducing the pain and inflammation in the knee caused by the ACL tear, the focus later shifts to getting the individual back to routine activity as quickly and as safely as possible. It also involves making the knee and the ligaments stronger so as to reduce the chances of such injuries occurring. This is where physical therapy programs are proving beneficial. The physical therapy program that is recommended would depends on the extent of the injury of the anterior cruciate ligament, the physical fitness of the patient, and his/her regular activity level such as the kind of sports the person plays or the intensity of the workouts and practice. 1-718-769-2521
  2. 2. 1-718-769-2521 Strengthening, flexibility, coordination and endurance are the major points of focus of a physical therapy rehabilitation program. The aim is to help return to routine activity and to prevent injuries from occurring again. Physical therapy programs begin at the therapy center under the guidance of a physical therapist, but can be continued at home. Relief for Patients who do Not Need Surgery According to research, some ACL tear patients can resolve the condition without surgery. The physical therapist will rely on tests such as the global knee function rating and knee outcomes survey to identify whether the patient comes under this category. A physical therapy program is then be devised which would involve cardiovascular strengthening, quadriceps muscle electrical stimulation, balance training, and conventional muscle strengthening procedures. Physical Therapy in Surgical Treatment Physical therapy also helps in cases where surgery is required. The patient will be referred to a physical therapist for reducing the swelling, strengthening the thigh muscles, and increasing the range of motion of the knee before the surgery. This helps increase the chances of success following the surgery. It would also be instrumental in healing quadriceps lag, a condition where the patient can raise his/her leg in the air but cannot extend the knee. Treatment may also involve electrical stimulation. 1-718-769-2521
  3. 3. 1-718-769-2521 Rehabilitation after Surgery Physical therapy exercises are a vital element of post- surgical rehabilitation as well. The focus is on improving knee stability as well as improving movement. Procedures would include weight bearing using crutches, compression and icing, bracing, and specific strength and movement enhancing exercises. In the final stage, the focus would shift to getting the individual back to his sport or routine physical activity. The procedures at this stage would vary depending on individual conditions and may include sport-specific exercises and balance exercises as well as activities such as running, hopping and jumping. Physical therapy is a truly safe and effective treatment modality for ACL tear in athletes. Posted by HealthQuest 1-718-769-2521