Pain fiber nerve_conduction-the_solution_to_your_nagging_pain


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Pain fiber nerve_conduction-the_solution_to_your_nagging_pain

  1. 1. 718-769-2521 Pain Fiber Nerve Conduction - the Solution to Your Nagging PainPain fiber nerve conduction study is anadvanced but non-invasive testing procedure.The accurate nerve pinpointing capabilities ofthis advanced test help physicians to providepatients with the right treatment for pain. Painfiber nerve conduction study is offered atadvanced healthcare centers.Pain fiber nerve conductionstudy (pf-NCS) is set torevolutionize painmanagement for the simplereason that it adds a great deal of certaintyand precision to the treatment process.Pain is a strange sensation. It is a uniquefeeling that just cannot be seen or imaged,unlike a sprain or fracture, but it’s therealright. Pain is a symptom rather than acondition. It gives an indication of a disorderrather than being a disorder itself. So when anindividual goes through pain, testing anddetection modalities are used to identify theroot cause of the pain. 718-769-2521
  2. 2. 718-769-2521Why Conventional Pain DetectionIsn’t Always SuccessfulMRI scans and X-rays cannot always determinethe cause of the pain. EMG (Electrical MuscleGraph) and NCV (Nerve Conduction Velocity)tests also have their limitations. More than 50percent of the pain diagnoses are unclear andcannot identify the nerve that is primarilycausing the pain. All this makes painmanagement less effective and sometimes,totally ineffective. In many cases, patients areturned away on the grounds that their paincannot be resolved. Pain fiber nerve conductionstudy or pf-NCS testing has changed all this.How pf-NCS Testing is UniqueThis unconventional and innovative test cannot only determine the nerves that are causingthe pain but also identify the level of pain youare going through. This is important since thesite where the pain occurs is quite distinct fromthe nerve pathology that causes the pain.So how does pf-NCS testing work? It measuresthe sensory threshold. It can localize the painsource all the way to the exact nerve root 718-769-2521
  3. 3. 718-769-2521level, comparing right to left andindividualizing the nerve root lesions. The areais pinpointed so that the right treatment can beprecisely targeted. High and unusual NCSlevels indicate significant loss in nerveconduction. Low NCS levels indicate ahyperesthetic condition which causes inflamed,irritated or regenerating nerves.This unique modality is successful because itprecisely identifies the nerve or nerves thatcause the pain, allowing the physicians toadminister proper treatment to resolve it.Patients suffering from pain should find anadvanced healthcare center that offers the painfiber nerve conduction study. This functionalmeasurement helps to detect pathology in itsinitial stages when conventional treatment canhelp avoid the onset of chronic symptoms. Byproviding positive results and avoiding theneed for expensive pain management, the pf-NCS test is proving an invaluable diagnosticmodality.AdvantagesPain fiber nerve conduction study is non-invasive, pain-free and objective. The otheradvantages of pf-NCS testing include: 718-769-2521
  4. 4. 718-769-2521 • Greater precision in quantifying the intensity of the lesion numerically from severe to slight • Rules out malingering • Neuropathy and radiculopathy can be detected earlier with pf-NCS that with NCV, EMG and SSEP. EMG relies on nerve degeneration or demyelization which could take months or weeks to detect. Even following detection, only a fifth of the tests is positive • Pain fiber nerve conduction study is safe and user-friendlyConsult a trained and qualified physician at anadvanced healthcare center that offers pf-NCStesting to see if you are a candidate for thetreatment.Posted By: HealthQuest 718-769-2521