Importance of physical therapy and treatment methods


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Physical therapy focuses on pain relief, promotes healing and restores normal function and movement related to a specific injury.

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Importance of physical therapy and treatment methods

  1. 1.                                                                1­718­769­2521 Importance of Physical Therapy and Treatment Methods Physical therapy focuses on pain relief, promotes healing and restores normal function and movement related to a specific injury. Physical therapy is a traditional treatment method that involves exercises to treat debilitating orthopedic conditions and to help recover from musculoskeletal disorders. It mainly focuses on pain management, promotes healing and restores normal function and movement after injury. Physical therapy plays a prominent role in assisting people with permanent disabilities. It is also advised for people who have suffered serious injuries, and accident survivors who are currently in the stage of recuperation. People with crippling diseases such as arthritis, low back pain, or even cerebral palsy can benefit from this option. Many people believe that with proper physical exercise they can effectively manage their pain and rehabilitation. But this may not be true in all cases. Physical therapists are specialists trained and educated specifically in different                                                                1­718­769­2521
  2. 2.                                                                1­718­769­2521 rehabilitation methods. They work closely with the patient’s referring physician to develop an individual plan suitable for each patient. Physical Therapy - Treatment Methods As an initial step in the treatment process, a physical therapist makes a thorough evaluation about how a specific injury came about. Unless and until the therapist understands the root cause of the problem, he/she may not be able to offer permanent pain relief. Reliable healthcare centers offer physical therapy services for treating different types of injuries such as low back pain, knee pain, muscle and joint disorders, foot injuries, and sprains. The different methods for physical therapy treatment are mentioned below – • Ice – This treatment method is an effective way to reduce muscle spasm and prevent inflammation following injury. Cold therapy will make the joint more mobile and enhance the effect of manual therapy. • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) - This method helps to restore muscular function following a traumatic injury. It uses low- voltage electrical current for relief from acute pain; the treatment relieves stiffness, and improves mobility. Physical therapists apply a minor but steady electrical                                                                1­718­769­2521
  3. 3.                                                                1­718­769­2521 stimulus that can cause contractions from muscles (that may otherwise remain dormant). • Ultrasound – Ultrasound is an ideal option for treating connective tissue injuries. It utilizes sound waves (undetectable to the human ear) to generate heat deep in the body. A wand is used to directly and safely apply the sound waves to the skin, the heat of which helps in the healing process, reducing the inflammation and swelling. • Traction – This method separates the vertebrae to give more space for the nerves and less compression on disc cartilage. Research has proven that this method is useful for reducing pain and enhancing the quality of life of patients with a herniated lumbar disc. • Massage and Myofascial Release – This therapy is suitable for people with soft tissue problems. Fascia is the tissue that covers muscle fibers. Hence, any specific injury to this muscle fiber leads to tightening of the surrounding fascia and fibers. This causes acute pain and other symptoms. Apart from the above mentioned methods, reliable healthcare centers also provide rehabilitation services and injury prevention education as well.                                                                1­718­769­2521