Health quest offering-quality-neurology-services-for-a-variety-of-disorders


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This multi-specialty healthcare center is providing expert neurology services to treat several complex neurological disorders.

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Health quest offering-quality-neurology-services-for-a-variety-of-disorders

  1. 1. 1-718-769-2521 HealthQuest Offering Quality Neurology Services for a Variety of Disorders This multi-specialty healthcare center is providing expert neurology services to treat several complex neurological disorders. Located in Brooklyn, New York, HealthQuest is offering competent neurology services for patients with complex disorders of the nervous system. The neurology specialists at this established healthcare center offer both short- term and long-term treatment protocols for various disorders of the central, autonomic and peripheral nervous system. With years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of neuromuscular and acute and chronic pain management, the center provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for a wide range of issues such as: 1-718-769-2521
  2. 2. 1-718-769-2521 • Parkinson's disease • Primary and secondary headaches • Ataxia • Movement disorders • Myasthenia Gravis • Slipped disc • Syringohydromyelia • Multiple sclerosis • Epilepsy and epileptic seizures • Peripheral neuropathy • Strokes • Muscle diseases • Loss of nerve functions • Ischemic myelopathy • Various forms of pain • Carpal tunnel syndrome Patients of all ages benefit from the neurology services that this healthcare center provides. Treatment is focused on helping restore lost function, enhancing mobility, and improving the overall quality of life. Each patient is first thoroughly evaluated to diagnose the true 1-718-769-2521
  3. 3. 1-718-769-2521 cause of their neurological issue and determine the proper course of treatment. The center is well-equipped with the sophisticated diagnostic techniques such as X-ray, MRI scan, videonystagmography, EMG, blood tests, muscle and joint range of motion testing, and trigger point and tensilon testing. The team at HealthQuest includes specialists in physical therapy, rehabilitation, pain management, and more. This ensures a collaborative approach to neurology treatment. The extensive experience of these specialists combined with the latest advances in the field of neurology ensures that patients get the best treatment and care. The competent team at this healthcare center work together to provide each patient with a comfortable and fruitful experience in a professional environment. Neurology services are covered by most major medical insurance plans, No-Fault, Workers Compensation and Medicare accepted here. 1-718-769-2521
  4. 4. 1-718-769-2521 About HealthQuest Located in Brooklyn, NYC, HealthQuest is a multi-specialty healthcare center offering a wide range of specialty treatments such as Neurology, Pain Management, Orthopedics, Chiropractic care, Spinal Decompression, Physical Therapy, and Rehabilitation. Details are available at Contact Information 3500 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11229 Ph: (718) 769-2521 Email: 1-718-769-2521