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Back pain therapy-and_treatment


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Back pain therapy-and_treatment

  1. 1. 718-769-2521 Back Pain - Therapy and TreatmentBack pain can badly affect regular function. You canget effective therapy and treatment for the problem atan established pain management center.Back pain is one of the most common issues affectingpeople all over the world. It cancause great pain and discomfort,and affect daily living byhampering freedom of movement.Factors responsible for back paininclude muscle strain, heavy orstrenuous work, incorrect posture,sports injuries, accidents,sedentary lifestyle, weightproblems, and ageing. A properand timely medical diagnosisfollowed by the right therapy and treatment is a viablesolution.A reliable pain management center can provide youwith a customized treatment plan to help you restoregood posture and general well being. Establishedfacilities offer therapies for lumber muscle strain,ruptured discs, discogenic back pain, spinal stenosis,lumber spine arthritis, spondylolisthisis andosteoporosis. 718-769-2521
  2. 2. 718-769-2521Treatment begins with a thorough evaluation by anexpert physician to determine the cause of the pain.X-rays, MRI scans and other diagnostic measuresmay be necessary. Based on the diagnosis andpatient’s condition and severity, the physician willrecommend an appropriate back pain managementprogram using non-invasive techniques. Treatmentwould be specifically aimed at addressing the rootcause of backache and providing lasting relief.A back pain treatment program may include:ProlotherapyThe treatment involves the injection of a dextrosesolution into the tendon or ligament where it joins thebone. This would increase the blood supply and flowof nutrients to stimulate self-repair of the affectedtissues.InjectionsEpidural steroid injections are usually recommendedwhen other non-surgical approaches have failed torelieve severe leg pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis.They can provide relief from chronic pain as well.Utilizing a combination of anti-inflammatory medicinesand local anesthetic, these injections can provideimmediate relief. 718-769-2521
  3. 3. 718-769-2521Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation(TENS)This treatment uses low voltage electrical current toreduce the perception of pain by blocking the nervesignals that send pain messages to the brain. Lowfrequencies stimulate the production of endorphins ornatural pain-relieving hormones.Manual TechniquesTrained and qualified therapists apply pressure onmuscle tissue and manipulate the joints to decreaseback pain caused by spasm, muscle tension and jointdysfunction.Physical TherapyPhysical therapy can provide relief for back pain withvarious types of exercises. Massage, ice or heattreatment, ultrasound and traction are often includedin physical therapy treatment.Spinal DecompressionIn spinal decompression therapy, negative pressure isapplied to the affected discs which pulls back theherniated disc and stimulates the blood supply. Thiscan provide quick and effective healing of thedegenerated discs. 718-769-2521
  4. 4. 718-769-2521NSAIDs, oral medications, and chiropractic care mayalso form part of your treatment program. Aspecialized pain management center would provideyou with a customized back pain relief plan to helprestore your health and optimal function.Posted by: HealthQuest 718-769-2521