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Technopark Skolkovo

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Technopark Skolkovo

  1. 1. Technopark unit for Skolkovo<br />Outline of the project for 2011-2015<br />
  2. 2. Mission Statement<br />Technopark unit of Skolkovo commits itself to assist innovative companies, tenants of the entire Skolkovo project, to develop successfully their technological assets and corporate structure in order to gain the stable positions in domestic and global markets. Technopark unit of Skolkovo achieves this goal by taking resources, infrastructure and facilities of Skolkovo and its partners and converting them into set of effective services focused over requirements of the tenant companies.<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Main objective to reach by 2015<br />The main objective is to launch and develop the Technopark unit as an integrated part of Skolkovo project, that:<br />Mozhajskoe<br />Moscow<br />MKAD<br />Skolkovo<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Main functions of the Technopark<br />Technopark operates as an instrument that provides effective interaction of the tenant companies, startup teams or business incubators with all the structures and resources of Skolkovo by means of:<br />Managing the specialized spaces adjusted for incubatory processes;<br />Providing the access to the research equipment at the command of Skolkovo units and external partners of the project;<br />Offering access to the scientific and technological expertise of the STI and assistance in cooperation with other academic and research institutions;<br />Organizing interactions with Skolkovo venture funds, local and international investment community, including setting up a set of introductory events on a regular basis;<br />Rendering the full-range complex of services for business incubation (consulting, coaching, assistance in setting up the core business and managerial processes, networking etc.) in close cooperation with incubators-residents and Skolkovo Administration; <br />4<br />
  5. 5. Main functions of the Technopark<br />Technopark operates as an instrument that provides effective interaction of the tenant companies, startup teams or business incubators with all the structures and resources of Skolkovo by means of:<br />Providing all the necessary support in IP registration and development;<br />Assisting the tenant companies in establishing and maintaining Investment Relations on the international level;<br />In special cases – setting up the sustained activities focusing towards providing the tenant companies with the access to the system of government contractual work and consulting them while they are preparing for participation in tenders;<br />Assisting the tenant companies in integration with global innovative community and environment (participation in the technological chains, access to the international expertise and markets, exchange of experience and ideas) through participation of the Technopark in the global “Technopark Alliance”.<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Technopark Skolkovo model<br />6<br />Skolkovo Foundation with different private investors<br />“Venture kick”<br />“Mezzanine financing”<br />“Technopark Invest”<br />“Global initiative start”<br />“IP grant”, “IMC grant”<br />T e c h n o p a r k<br />Coaching and development<br />Europe<br />Spin-off plug & play center<br />Spin-off & TP Label<br />Technopark <br />Universities<br />USA<br />Technopark <br />TP Label<br />Mature projects<br />Asia<br />Technopark <br />Innovation management course “going global”<br />IM & TP Label<br />Competition of business-plans<br />Foundation council<br />Russian industrial majors<br />TPS activity<br />Source of projects<br />Financing<br />Partner<br />
  7. 7. Technopark Skolkovo operational model/Services<br /><ul><li>Accounting, tax calculations, financial planning and HR support;
  8. 8. IP support;
  9. 9. Legal advice;
  10. 10. Wide range of consulting and coaching services.</li></ul>Technopark Skolkovo will face with three types of tenants – start-up teams, early growth stage companies and incubators or companies of the serial entrepreneurs in technological markets. Each of them will use different set of services. <br />Incubators<br />Tenant companies<br />Start-up teams<br />7<br />
  11. 11. Stakeholders value proposition<br />“Baby-sitting” services;<br />Maintain services;<br />Access to venture funding;<br />Environment and team spirit;<br />Pipeline of projects;<br />Risks decreasing by “baby-sitting” function;<br />Access to the scientific expertise;<br />Syndication opportunities (incl. state investments).<br />Increase the number of innovative companies;<br />New jobs in technological industries;<br />Managerial training for innovations (Technopark Academy);<br />Development of the Technopark model that could be duplicated in regions.<br />Technopark unit of Skolkovo <br />Maintain services;<br />Access to venture funding;<br />Access to scientific expertise;<br />Environment and team spirit;<br />Educational programs (Technopark Academy);<br />Access to international expertise and markets (Technopark Alliance).<br />“Baby-sitting” and maintain services for clusters research teams and companies;<br />Access to innovative management educational program (Technopark Academy);<br />Access to technological international community (Technopark Alliance”);<br />Maintain of some specific procedures for each cluster.<br />Sustained pipeline of clients and orders;<br />Predictable workload;<br />Reputation of certified Skolkovo partner.<br />8<br />
  12. 12. Strategy of networking with global technological community<br />Technopark Skolkovo will cooperate with the most successful Technoparks and Centers of commercialization of the latest innovations worldwide in terms of searching of the best practices and constructing the network of free exchange of ideas, technologies and venture capital. <br />9<br />
  13. 13. Main deliverables by 2015<br />250 tenant companies are using the facilities of Technopark creating more than 2000 jobs;<br />The rate of surviving among the tenant companies is equal or more than 50%;<br />The regional network of sub-franchisees comprises of more than 25 Technoparks;<br /> At least 50 tenant companies have been relocated within the “Technopark-Alliance” global network.<br />10<br />