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  1. 1. Mandate of the non-profit organization "Fund for Developmentof the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies" for performing the functions of the management company
  2. 2. 1. Preamble1.1 The present Mandate (hereinafter referred to as the Mandate) is developed in furtherance of thedecisions of the Committee for the Modernization and Technological Development of the RussianEconomy under the President of the Russian Federation and in furtherance of the Order from thePresident of the Russian Federation No. 446-rp dated July 02, 2010.1.2 The Mandate defines primary objectives, sphere of activities and authorities of the non-profitorganization "Fund for Development of the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of NewTechnologies" (hereinafter referred to as the Skolkovo Fund) within the framework of itsperforming the functions of the management company of the Skolkovo Innovation Center(hereinafter referred to as the Skolkovo Center).2. Objectives of the Skolkovo Fund’s activities2.1 2.1 The primary objective of the Skolkovo Center, vested with a special legal status by thelegislation of the Russian Federation, is to create and maintain globally competitive conditions andenvironment for advanced research and development activities with subsequent commercializationof their results, as well as for forming a new generation of first class specialists in the priority areasof technological development.2.2 The Skolkovo Fund ensures the formation of a full cycle innovation process within the SkolkovoCenter, as well as on its territory, which includes educational, research and development activities,and the commercialization of the results. For the purpose of the present section of the Mandate, theSkolkovo Fund’s activities are limited neither by its territory nor by the Skolkovo Centerinfrastructure.2.3 The auxiliary functions of the Skolkovo Fund are the delivery of centralized services, connectedwith the organization of the innovation process, and participation in its financing.2.4 The Skolkovo Center innovation process focuses on the following principal directions(hereinafter referred to as the Principal Directions):2.4.1 Energy efficiency and energy savings (including the development of new energytechnologies);2.4.2 Computer technologies and software development;2.4.3 Biotechnologies and medical technologies (including development of medical supplies andequipment);2.4.4 Space technologies, principally in the sphere of telecommunications and navigation systems;2.4.5 Nuclear technologies (in the form of cooperation with organizations specializing in thissphere).3. Spheres of the Skolkovo Fund’s activities3.1 The key Skolkovo Fund spheres of activity, including those with the use of federal treasuryresources, are as follows:
  3. 3. 3.1.1 Organization and performance of work on the development of the Skolkovo Center and itsterritory;3.1.2 Skolkovo Center property complex management and utilization;3.1.3 Creation of educational systems and the carrying out of research and development activitiesin the Skolkovo Center;3.1.4 Assistance in the organization of development activities in the Skolkovo Center;3.1.5 Maintenance of a system of scientific achievements commercialization at the SkolkovoCenter;3.1.6 Provision of informational support of Skolkovo Center’s activities;3.1.7 Organization of interaction and cooperation with departments of governing authorities.4. Powers of the Skolkovo Fund in development of territories of the Skolkovo Center4.1 The Skolkovo Fund organizes the formation of and approves the Master Development Plan aswell as land-use recommendations and the rules of construction development of the SkolkovoCenter, taking into consideration the most advanced town-planning and architectural solutions.4.2 The Skolkovo Fund organizes (including with the assistance of external agencies chosen on acompetitive basis) the construction of Skolkovo Center’s infrastructure objects, in accordance withthe ‘Four E’ Principle: environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, economic efficiency andergonomic efficiency.4.3 The Skolkovo Fund ensures (including with the assistance of external agencies chosen on acompetitive basis) the effective functioning of the Skolkovo Center’s environmental support system,including the organization of health services, pre-school, elementary and secondary education,catering, leisure activities and physical culture and sports activities on the Center’s territory.5. Powers of the Skolkovo Fund for managing the property complex of Skolkovo Center5.1 The Skolkovo Fund develops documents regulating the procedures for the upkeep of buildings,constructions and infrastructural assets, connected to the Skolkovo Center.5.2 The Skolkovo Fund ensures the continuous use of objects connected to the Skolkovo Center bymeans of organizing (establishing) or engaging specialist companies, particularly on a competitivebasis.5.3 The Skolkovo Fund leases out or ensures the leasing of the Skolkovo Center properties to thirdparties.5.4 The Skolkovo Fund ensures the effective application of funds, obtained through the use of theSkolkovo Center objects, by directing them principally at renovation of the given objects and atrealization of objectives, stipulated in paragraphs 4.2 and 4.3 of this Mandate, and for other
  4. 4. purposes, stipulated in the standard acts of Skolkovo Center and in the Fund’s charterdocumentation.6. Powers of the Skolkovo Fund for creating an educational system and carrying out ofresearch and development activities in the Skolkovo Center6.1 The Skolkovo Fund ensures concept development, creation and securing the activities of the newInternational Technological University of Skolkovo Center (hereinafter referred to as the University)in the form of an independent educational and research organization, being created and developedwith the participation of leading Russian and foreign universities and research-and-developmentcenters, and implementing programs in the Principal Directions, including:6.1.1 Organizing interaction with the leading foreign and Russian universities and research-and-development centers in order to develop the concept of the University and to subsequently involveleading Russian and foreign professors and researchers in working there.6.1.2 Provides conditions and assists in involvement of research subdivisions (specializeddepartments, laboratories, etc.) in the University, as well as of top-ranked researchers of the leadingRussian and foreign higher education institutions and scientific centers;6.1.3 Develops and approves on the Fund Council level the constitutional documents regulating thespecific activities of the University within the territory of the Skolkovo Center, in particular thesources and mechanisms of its financing.6.2 The Skolkovo Fund develops the concepts of organizing the research-and-development work onthe Principal Directions in the Skolkovo Center and ensures their practical realization, in particularit:6.2.1 Creates or assists in creating laboratory objects with the necessary infrastructure (in particularthose for collective use);6.2.2 Organizes the creation and operations of a high-technology scientific and technical library,including the formation of electronic databases on the Principal Directions.7. Powers of the Skolkovo Fund in working on organizing the development activities in theSkolkovo Center7. Powers of the Skolkovo Fund in working on organizing the development activities in theSkolkovo Center.7.1 The Skolkovo Fund develops the concept of organizing the development activities in theSkolkovo Center and ensures their practical realization, in particular:7.1.1 Creates or assists in the creation of corporate testing centers, pilot-plant productions andprototyping centers, particularly in supplying these with consumable products and tools as well asproviding laboratory and other equipment;7.1.2 Assists in organizing interaction with industrial establishments in order to create models,preproduction prototypes, tools and equipment, necessary for ensuring the carrying out of research
  5. 5. and development;7.1.3 Creates and ensures the operations of the Intellectual Property Center for the purpose ofestablishing legal protection of the results of research and development activities, carried out in theSkolkovo Center;7.1.4 Creates and ensures the operations or assists in the creation and operations of business - andtechnology incubators for start-up companies (hereinafter referred to as Start-Ups) within theterritory of the Skolkovo Center;7.1.5 Attracts research and development centers of large corporation (including foreign ones), theactivities of which corresponds to the Principal Directions, to work at the Skolkovo Center;8. Powers of the Skolkovo Fund on ensuring the operations of a scientific achievementscommercialization system at the Skolkovo Center8.1 The Skolkovo Fund develops and implements the concept of commercialization of results ofsuccessful research and development activities.8.2 The Skolkovo Fund participates in creating venture investment funds, particularly with foreignpartners, through its structures.8.3 The Skolkovo Fund assists in the interaction between the groups of researchers and developersand industrial establishments (including foreign ones) for the purpose of getting orders for carryingout research and development activities.8.4 The Skolkovo Fund assists in promotion and distribution of innovative commercial products,developed at the Skolkovo Center, however the Skolkovo Fund and its subsidiaries are not entitledto carry out agency work.9. Powers of the Skolkovo Fund on information support of the Skolkovo Center’sactivities9.1 The Skolkovo Fund develops and implements the concept of the Skolkovo Center’s publicpositioning and holds other activities aimed at popularization of Skolkovo Center’s activities both inRussia and abroad.9.2 The Skolkovo Fund organizes and assists in organizing forums, conferences and other socialevents of the Skolkovo Center, corresponding to the Principal Directions.9.3 The Skolkovo Fund ensures the participation of the Skolkovo Center and the representatives ofthe Skolkovo Fund in specialized Russian and international exhibitions, conferences, symposiumsetc.9.4 The Skolkovo Fund organizes the operations of internal Mass Media systems, including in theInternet.10. Principles of granting the status of Skolkovo Center Participant and participation ofthe Skolkovo Fund in financing the Participants projects
  6. 6. 10.1 For the realization of goals and objectives, stipulated in the charter documentation and thisMandate, the Skolkovo Fund attracts both Russian and foreign participants (hereinafter referred toas the Participant).10.2 The status of the Participant can be granted only to legal entities - to already existing ones orones being created at the Skolkovo Center, particularly as Start-Ups.10.3 The Participant receives an opportunity to use the Skolkovo Center infrastructure and to accessthe financing, preferences and benefits system in accordance with legislation of the RussianFederation.10.4 The Participant carries out a significant portion of his activities at the Skolkovo Center. TheParticipant, being provided with the corresponding status during the period of designing andconstruction of the Skolkovo Center objects (hereinafter referred to as the Construction Period) is totransfer the significant portion of his activity to the Skolkovo Center within 3 months uponcompletion of the Construction Period.10.5 Only qualified investors have a right to file an application to receive status of Participant(hereinafter referred to as the Application). These investors are: venture and other investment funds,national or international institutes of development, strategic partners and cornerstone investors in theSkolkovo Fund, having signed the corresponding agreements with the Fund itself or its subsidiaries,business and technology incubators (including those working with the Skolkovo Center), as well asother legal entities satisfying the criteria, defined by the Skolkovo Fund.10. 6 The application must meet the following exhaustive list of requirements:10.6.1 Correspondence - the Application is to contain a project/projects corresponding to thePrincipal Directions and Innovative Priorities of the Skolkovo Center technological development,worked out and approved by the Skolkovo Fund Advisory Research Council (hereinafter referred toas the Priorities);10.6.2 Innovativeness - the Application is to contain a project/projects, which is/are carried out inthe direction or by some means, accepted to be in accordance with the promising Priorities andhaving the probability of achieving principally new (particularly breakthrough) results, and which is/are to lead to the creation of a new object of intellectual property;10.6.3 Practical feasibility - availability at the Skolkovo Center of research and/or design andexperimental facilities for working on the project/projects or else continued possibilities of theapplicant to provide himself with the necessary facilities using his own resources;10.6.4 Involvement of educational and scientific institutions into the project - direct participation inworking on the project/projects of staff members from at least one Russian higher learninginstitution or scientific organization having significant proven experience in teaching activitiesand/or scientific work as well as articles on the Principal Directions printed in scientificpublications, or at least two postgraduates working under the guidance of such a staff member;10.6.5 International cooperation - direct participation in working on the project/projects of at leastone foreign specialist having significant proven experience in teaching activities and/or scientific
  7. 7. work as well as articles on the Principal Directions printed in scientific publications or possessingthe intellectual property right in the Principal Directions, confirmed in one of the countries -members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Therequirements specified in this paragraph are not compulsory for Start-Ups.10.7 The procedure for filing and evaluation of an Application are defined by the proceduralRegulations, worked out and approved by the Skolkovo Fund.10.8 The evaluation of Applications concerning their conformance to requirements stipulated inparagraphs 10.6.1 - 10.6.5 of this Mandate is performed on the basis of the dual system ("YES" -"NO") by an Expert Board in each of the Principal Directions. The composition of the Expert Boardis formed and approved by the Skolkovo Fund, taking into consideration the recommendations ofthe Advisory Research Council. Expansion of the list of questions being the subject of evaluation byan Expert Board or implementation of an evaluation system, different from the one described in thepresent paragraph, are prohibited.10.9 Investment attractiveness of the Application is evaluated independently by the Investor whenmaking a decision on his participation in financing and advancement of the Application.10.10 The Skolkovo Fund guarantees the provision of initial financing only to Start-Ups in the formof grants by means of specialized seed funds - business and technology incubators, in which thestructures of the Skolkovo Fund can act as co-investors.10.11 Provision of direct financial support to other Participants is performed selectively by thestructures of the Skolkovo Fund on the basis of the Priorities and in a co-financing manner.10.12 The representatives of the Fund do not take part in making decisions on investment matters ofthose Participants that are recipients of funding from the Skolkovo Fund or its structures, in order toavoid conflict of interests.10.13. Preferences and benefits, stipulated for the Skolkovo Center by the legislation, are vestedonly to the legal entities that are Participants registered on the territory of the Skolkovo Center andperforming a significant portion of their activities within this territory.11. Specifics of operations of this Mandate during the Construction Period of the SkolkovoCenter11.1 During the Construction Period, the Skolkovo Fund is entitled to grant the status of Participantto legal entities, not registered on the territory of the Skolkovo Center and not performing asignificant portion of their activities on this territory.11.2 The duration of the Construction Period is defined by the legislation in force concerning theSkolkovo Center.11.3 All the Participants provided with the corresponding status during the Construction Period mustbe registered in the unified authorized taxation body and shall present their statements to this bodyin accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.11.4 All the Participants provided with the relevant status during the Construction Period shall enjoy
  8. 8. all the advantages, preferences and benefits stipulated in the legislation concerning Skolkovo CenterParticipants.