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  • Перевести фонд коллективного пользования – Shared Fund???
    Venture investments || Venture Capital???
  • VICMF – скорее всего неверно: спросить у Алины
  • Презентация Вячеслава Солоницына

    1. 1. Skolkovo Early Investments and RulesSSkolkovo k CIO Service
    2. 2. Application for Skolkovo Residence1 Qualification of Investors2 Investment Procedure and Criteria3 Skolkovo Investment Instruments4 Contents Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k Introduction to CIO Service and its Functions5 Short-term Deliverables and Strategic Aim6
    3. 3. Startups Application process 3 Skolkovo Status Application Overview Innovative Companies R&D Business Incubators Qualified Investors Venture Funds Strategic Partners Anchor Investors Unqualified investors Preliminary automatic checking Startups Innovative companies R&D Certification board Startups <100% invest. Innov. Companies <50% Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    4. 4. 4 Application for the innovative project Online Application via web-site1 Preliminary automatic check2 Matching projects with investors3 Project roadmap development4 Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k Nomination of the project by Qualified investor5 Certification Board6 Legal registration7
    5. 5. 5 Applicants Types Startups1 Required investments < $US 1 mln Innovative companies 2 Required investments > or equal $US 1 mln 3 Initiated by Anchor investors of Skolkovo Foundation (agreement signed ) R&D centers Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    6. 6. Online Application Form Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    7. 7. 1. The qualified investor has no right to nominate 2. The necessary equipment is unavailable 3. No intellectual property (IP) rights are available 4. The IP has no opportunity for the world priority 5. The project lead has no profile industry experience 6. No documents insuring scientists involvement 7. No documents insuring international cooperation (for innovative companies) Filtering criteria Preliminary automatic check Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    8. 8. Matching Projects to Qualified Investors Distribution of project via qualified investors network Waiting for responses from investors for up to 5 days The project lead opts for the investor(s) on due- diligence for up to 45 days If rejected, one more investor can be chosen A Startup can be assigned for consideration to the incubator that was supported by the Foundation 1 2 3 4 5 Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    9. 9. 9 Qualified investor (1 only) nominates the chosen project1 The investor looks after the project via whole lifecycle2 The investor holds responsibility on the project activity3 The investor is obliged to invest or attract investment in 6 months after registration of the project 4 Nomination of the Project by Investor Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k The qualified investor endures regular compliance audit5
    10. 10. 10 Being developed by nominating investor and project team 1 The key benchmark for monitoring and audit. Should contain major deliverables and deadlines. 2 The job checks the level of team competence and investor engagement. 3 The project and investor will be required to follow the Roadmap with ability to update it every 6 months. 4 Project Roadmap development Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    11. 11. 11 Ability of the project to reach its goals (as per Roadmap)1 Reliability and validity of documents provided by Applicant2 Match to the Technology cluster3 Innovativeness (p. 10.6.2 of the Mandate)4 Practical feasibility (p. 10.6.3 of the Mandate)5 Certification Board Certification board evaluates: Scientists Involvement (p. 10.6.4 of the Mandate)6 International cooperation7 The Certification board is formed by clusters Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    12. 12. 12 1. Russian Managing Companies of Venture Funds. 2. Venture partners of RVC SIF. 3. Strategic partners (signed MoU). 4. Anchor investors (signed MoU). 5. Local and international governmental development institutions. 6. Managing companies of incubators and seed funds supported by Skolkovo Foundation (Skolkovo General Partners). 7. Foreign Venture Firms with proven track-record. 8. Other investors wishing to invest in projects meeting Skolkovo entrance criteria. Qualified investors can be: Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    13. 13. Qualified investors classification A+ A B C D Classes Classification by: 1. Reputation 2. Assets volume 3. Track record 4. Team Mobility Downgrading Upgrading Criteria 1. Activity 2. Transperency 3. Readiness to invest Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    14. 14. 4 major tools at launch 14 Skolkovo early investment instruments Innovative Infrastructure Development Fund Technology Clusters Development Fund Seed Investment Support Fund of Funds Venture investments support Fund (direct investments) Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    15. 15. 15 Unique Cap-intensive equip. rent 100% Skolkovo IIDF Key innovation infrastructure support Innovative Infrastructure Development Fund $ Technoparks Technology Centers for collective use(e.g. SVTC) $ $ $ Innovative Companies, Startups, Labs, Clusters, initiate ! Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k Access to equipment
    16. 16. 16 Technology Clusters 100% Skolkovo Technology Clusters Development Fund TCDF Prospective scientific researches support Laboratories Research teams initiate ! $ $ Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    17. 17. 17 “Seed investments support fund" VA Private Managing Companies (General partners) >25% private capital Seed investments support Fund Seed-stage investment funds creation and financing Qualified investors LLCs, CJSCs Venture closed- end mutual funds Parallel investments instruments (offshores + onshores) Startups $ $ $ initiate !$ * Qualified investors propose projects as potential Skolkovo participants and can also submit them for co-financing manage Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    18. 18. 18 “Venture investments support Fund" VA Venture investment closed-end mutual funds VICMF “Skolkovo Information Technologies” VICMF “Skolkovo Energy Efficiency” VICMF “Skolkovo Medical & Bio Technologies” Innovative companies investing 50% private capital 50% Skolkovo $ $ CJSC Managing Company “Skolkovo Venture Investments” Qualified investors Innovative Companies $ Venture Investments Support Fund * Qualified investors propose projects as potential Skolkovo participants and can also submit them for co-financing initiate ! Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k
    19. 19. 19 Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k CIO Service Key Functions 1. Development and maintenance of projects workflow. 2. Qualified investors net development and matching service. 3. Development and maintenance of Expert Network . 4. Investment Projects scoring system. 5. Due diligence (legal, tax and basic financials). 6. Project presentations preparations for the Investment Committee. 7. Deals structuring. 8. Projects follow-on support and monitoring.
    20. 20. Criteria for direct investments Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k Applicants only Second best (not ready to be supported by private investors) 2 1 The most of 5 criteria3 Credibility of Investors4 Cluster foresight focused5 Progress of the project (from application to Skolkovo)6
    21. 21. Thank you for your attention! Contacts: Vyacheslav Solonitsin + 7 (926) 532-3085 | VSolonitsin@corp.i-gorod.com Skolkovo CIO Service SSkolkovo k